Celebrities who have complex relationships with parents

• Celebrities who have difficult relationships with their parents

While some celebrities during each of his public appearance to thank the parents for their support, while others prefer not to remember relatives and in no way with them not to associate. Those who can not communicate with relatives - in our material.

Nastassja Sambursky

Celebrities who have complex relationships with parents

Nastassja Sambursky said many times, that does not support the relationship with her mother, father and brother.

"Mom and Dad gave me nothing. In his younger years, I have not received the proper education and training, - said one Nastasya. - As a child I was left to itself, for me nobody watched. Could in 12 years at three o'clock in the morning to go to the street, there to meet with someone and walk. For me, the parents are not there. My life began with 16 years in Moscow, and that was before, I do not even want to remember, "- said Sambursky.

At the same time, it is worth to pay tribute to Nastase, who, despite their relationship with their parents, helping them financially.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Celebrities who have complex relationships with parents

Svetlana Hodchenkova does not communicate with his own father. The actress has said repeatedly that his upbringing she owes the mother only. 'Biological parents, I can only be grateful for his appearance in the world. Mom raised me alone, "- said it in an interview. Father Victor Khodchenko Svetlana has taken more than one attempt to reconcile with his daughter, but they were all unsuccessful: Svetlana did not want to even talk to him.

Leighton Meester

Celebrities who have complex relationships with parents

Star "Gossip Girl" was born in the prison hospital: her mother Connie was serving a sentence for trafficking in marijuana. The woman was released early and began raising Leighton and her younger brother, Lex. Relationships in the family almost improved, but the main conflict was ahead.

Starting to earn Leighton monthly allocated mother a large sum for medical treatment and helped her brother, who was in poor health. However, it later emerged that the mother of the actress spent thousands of dollars for personal needs. As a result, Leighton stopped to chat with her.

Anna Shulgin

Celebrities who have complex relationships with parents

The daughter from his first marriage to Valeria admitted that she does not feel toward his father Alexander Shulgin absolutely no sense. In an interview, Anna said she once accidentally bumped into him - and this meeting has not caused her positive emotions.

His father, the girl said current husband producer Valerie Joseph Prigogine.


Celebrities who have complex relationships with parents

At Adele and her father Mark Evans always had a very strained relationship, and at some point they had decided to put a fat point: Mr Evans for a tidy sum told reporters the truth about the life of his mother Adele, which brought his daughter from herself. According to the man, his wife Penny Adkins became pregnant at age 17. Father of the future star survived only three years of family life, and then fled. The singer said that all told - the lies, and no longer communicate with the parent.

Macaulay Culkin

Celebrities who have complex relationships with parents

Comedy Star of "Home Alone" also does not communicate with their parents. At one time they were divorced because they could not decide who would get the royalties son. As an adult, the actor chose not to communicate with relatives, which was more interested in his income than family relationships.

Halle Berry

Celebrities who have complex relationships with parents

The actress has never supported relationship with his father Jerome Berry. Holly accuses him that he was not involved in her upbringing. According to the Star said, then it is very much reflected in its relations with the opposite sex.