Things for which no one has to be justified

Things for which no one has to be justified

Your choices and decisions

You're a grown man with his lifestyle, preferences and hobbies, so she has the right to decide how to live and what to do. And if, instead of meeting with friends you prefer to go out of town or to retire at home, do not go all out to explain his decision. Just tell me honestly that she was tired, feeling bad or just want to be alone.

But, for God's sake, do not lie. It's even worse than make excuses, apologizing or promising classical "but the next time I am always with you ...". The same applies to the selection. If you with all my heart love black clothes, pop music and tearful drama, do not hide it, and certainly not to make excuses, that's not true, hiding from acquaintances your playlist.

privacy and your partner

We all understand that in adult life without problems and embarrassing situations in any way. And, of course, if your loved one in a fit of anger he shouted at her friend, to apologize for the incident as possible. At least, it is a human being. But do not ask forgiveness for his behavior. You feel the difference? Especially, do not explain his actions fatigue, problems and a loss of their favorite team in the Champions League. Worse than this is only added at the end: "Well, you know, I have it good." If this is indeed true, your friend, and so he will understand.

Another case - explaining why you even start with someone to meet and slept, or why did not. Here, double-edged sword. On the one hand, to talk about it with a friend can be. On the other, to endure her reproaches and accusations you into irrationality just not worth it!

Preferences from the clothes and makeup

If short skirts or dresses in you feel like the queen of the floor, wear them with head held high. Who cares that in your wardrobe? And especially do not respond to the phrase: "at your age is not worn," "such a figure is impossible" and "it is not fashionable." But if you feel that some things you do not really go or complete, consult a good stylist to choose clothes that will surely be to the face.

Worse disturbances from others just about clothes: "You are no make-up?". Yes, without make-up! Or, on the contrary, with red lipstick without cause. Only you decide how to look your lips, eyebrows and eyes. But, of course, we agree that go with smoky ice on fitness - not a good idea. Appropriateness first.

The absence of any knowledge and skills

Show us just one person, which boasts almost encyclopedic knowledge in all areas and at the same time possession of four or five foreign languages. There's no such thing! In addition, the modern realities dictate their own rules - to possess all the information simply impossible. But every day we get new knowledge and skills while working, watching the news, and even relax with friends. Therefore, we must not be ashamed if you have something you do not know or do not know how. By the way, even now blamed for this - partly mauvais ton. Sure your interlocutor is not too Elon Musk. But this rule does not apply to a job. Write in a resume that you have excellent English, and does not translate into reality a few sentences without a dictionary - a sad story, for which still need to be justified and explained to the leadership.

to turn off the phone and timely response in social networks

No matter what happened - tired, ill, resting or just wanted to - and the phone was switched off, it is not necessary to explain why you did it. Especially, work colleague or any other person on the call that you did not expect, and a conversation with whom you do not agree. Same goes missing. If we can not avoid an explanation, tell me that I could not answer or was busy, but not exactly invent a hundred reasons nervously sighed into the phone.

Social networks - this is, of course, is another story. But let's say right away that the jokes in the style of "He answered in an hour - it changes me" has long passed into oblivion. Stop to think so, and certainly do not worry about it herself. In other cases, act as the calls: agreed - answer time, did not agree - no complaints.