The Italian town can work local resident

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Do you dream to work abroad, but do not have the popular profession? A small village in the south of Italy in need of local residents! Official website of the nonprofit organization Wonder Grottole accepts applications wishing to work local residents.

The Italian town can work local resident

The project's author is convinced that the involvement of foreigners will help breathe new life into a dying town. Get rid of the bustle of the city, soak up the healing touch of local culture. Four lucky winner will be able to plunge into the distinctive atmosphere of the picturesque town of Grottole for the entire summer season.

Features of the space

The Italian town can work local resident

The origins of Grottole lost in the Paleolithic period, when the first people settled on this place. When he was in a distant town famous for pottery. Masters of dried products in small caves, which are abundant in the mountain. Today bees are bred here, grow sage, olives, helped by the favorable climate.

The small town, once there are nearly three thousand inhabitants, was reduced to 300 people. Grottole can be called an open-air museum of ancient architecture. Gradually historical place is dying. Let nearly 600 homes. Unique, original settlement is about may disappear. The inhabitants of this place do not despair. They came up with a way to the revival of the village and opened an unusual job.

The essence of

The Italian town can work local resident

You have asked the question: "And what have to do"? Proposed job is hardly work. Rather, it is - an exciting adventure for the whole summer. Four lucky to be living in one of the empty houses with all amenities. Your accommodation is located on one of the cobblestone streets in the center of Grottole. Typical farmhouse wonderfully combines history and authenticity. You will not be bored. The locals do not know idleness. The first month will fly in training. Every morning, a local teacher will give Italian lessons to help beginners get started and quickly find a common language with the local population. Andrea, who is also the ideological inspirer of the project Wonder Grottole, learn to grow vegetables. By the way, Andrea lives in the next street. Forget about fast food and semi-finished products! Rose - a connoisseur of Italian cuisine. She was pleased to learn how to prepare traditional dishes using local produce.

The Italian town can work local resident

The tour will take the second half of the day. Virtuosic driver of a small truck will open the hidden gems of Basilicata. There is no guarantee that exploring the neighborhood, you can not fall in love with this place. The evening will take place in a friendly conversation with the neighbors for an aperitif. A typical working day of a local resident by our standards more like a nice vacation. While tourists will pay for the opportunity to visit the historic town, you will live in it, and get paid for it.

After three months time the citizens of the village will become true professionals. Wonder Grottole The idea is that the first four volunteers in three months will pass the baton to newcomer change. Please do not fall for Grottole! Otherwise, you will definitely want to return.

What to do in your spare time

The Italian town can work local resident

First of all, you will get acquainted with the inhabitants of the village who want to breathe new life into the historic village. Surrounding you with care, they will help open the obscure Italy. For three summer months they become support sabbatical temporary village citizens.

Grottole enough attractions for the whole summer, and even in excess. In the center there is a bar Zolleta, where the day is prepared fragrant akspresso and evening offer an aperitif. On the western outskirts, as well as a thousand years ago, in the caves housed the wine cellars. Many families are still engaged in the production of their own wines from local grapes. In a small town there is even own castle, which is located at the top of the hill. Castello di Sichinolfo dates back to the twentieth century. In those days ruled Grottole powerful families. After visiting the castle at sunset, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley.

Another ancient sites - the church Diruta dating back 1500 years. Relentless time has transformed the building in ruins. It maintains a high arch, which can be seen even from the outskirts of the village. Join the history of this place, which absorbed the old stones.

A few kilometers from Grottole, on the lake shores of San Giuliano hotel is located Bosco Coste. Surrounded by a nature reserve, it is the ideal place for recreation and togetherness wildlife. Where you can ride horses, soak up the sunshine, hold a picnic.

Small Italian village will captivate you with the unhurried way of life, clean air with the aroma of herbs, good food and plenty of sunny days. But the main thing is - the people. Open, kind, in need of assistance. Try "La dolce vita" (sweet life) in Grottole, working time a citizen of a small town.