Brazilian about how Russian changed his life

• Brazilian about how Russian changed his life

Marcos Currie - seasoned traveler. He has already visited more than 60 countries and is not going to stop. But Russia remains one of his favorite destinations.

Brazilian about how Russian changed his life

If a dispute with Russian, speak louder, and you can win. This method always works. How do I know? Listen ...

I went to Irkutsks Baikal Olkhon. The bus was almost empty - a driver, a Russian woman, I and another traveler. The driver stopped at a gas station, and we decided to buy a companion for something to eat. We are definitely not going to zdesostavatsya, but when they came out of the store, they saw in the distance uezzhayuschy bus!

Brazilian about how Russian changed his life

Just imagine the situation: we are in the midst of a snow-covered Siberia. All my belongings and documents were in the bus. The second guy was not even a jacket. We went back to the store. People inside will not remain indifferent to our trouble. They did not speak in English, but we tried to cheer. My traveling companion was ready to cry. Store employees helped me to call the hotel on the island, where I was staying. He is small, so that everyone knows each other. The hotel manager called the driver and asked him to come back for us. When he came back, I immediately began to shout at me. In response, I began to scream even louder. Only then he realized that I was more angry and went back down. Survive in the cold

However, the most difficult obstacle in my journey were low temperatures. In Ulan-Ude I experienced myself -32C. The main rule - to wear a lot of clothes layers. Having learned it, I was able to walk even at -20C.

Brazilian about how Russian changed his life

In addition, more willing to come to the rescue in the cold lyudiv Russia. Anyway, my ability to survive have increased, and I'm not afraid of the cold anymore. I still want to visit a place where never was - Yakutsk, Kamchatka, Arctic settlements.

It may sound cliche, but if you want to survive in Russia, you have to be good at drinking. You just can not refuse the offer to drink - an important part of Russian etiquette. On the other hand, the Russian drink not so much as one might think, and in the nightclubs most sober. Rather, it is has to do with the hospitality and the desire to help guests relax, feel with them on the same wavelength, although they speak a different language.

How to know the true Russia

Brazilian about how Russian changed his life

Most of his Russian experience I got at the cottage near the lake. We ate homemade sushi with omul and went to the bath. It was surprisingly hot. It is assumed that you are not wearing nothing but a hat. The whole ritual of visiting the baths, including bito birch brooms, driving you so mad state, you're ready to ride naked through the snow. It's amazing! We drank only beer, but after a few hours I was pretty drunk.

Brazilian about how Russian changed his life

Another unique russkoepriklyuchenie - a trip to second-class train (third class). In contrast to the luxury coupe or where you are all the way you divide a small booth with strangers, journey into full beds car is much cheaper and gives a lot of opportunities for dialogue. Here you are sure to meet interesting Russian.

It should be noted that the conductors I really helped. Every time I wanted to charge the phone, everything I needed - just smile.


Regardless of profession, an unofficial motto of the Brazilians: "We are done! Let's celebrate it! "But the Russian really want to be the best in the business.

Another difference is that the Russian is very patriotic. They know their history and are proud of it. In contrast to the individualistic Brazilians, they have a strong sense of community, a unified country. In every town you can find a statue of Lenin. Even in the center of Ulan-Ude is his big head. The first nuclear icebreaker located in Murmansk, bears his name. Russian singing the national anthem in the New Year's Eve! It really surprised me! Most Brazilians already drunk by midnight.