Useful life hacking at home

We resourceful hostess always have in stock a few useful tips to simplify your life. And to learn about them, others are thinking, how they never occurred and repeat. We collected 17 uncomplicated life hacking, that once in your life so useful.

1. Primitive pressing

Useful life hacking at home

Ironing without iron. | Photo:

If you suddenly find that your clothes are badly folded, and the hand is not iron, helps you to pan. Fill it with water, boil, and then move a pan of hot things, smoothing wrinkles.

2. Nuggets on skewers

Useful life hacking at home

Chicken nuggets in a toaster. | Photo: Pinterest.

The easiest and fastest way to cook chicken nuggets - put them on skewers and bake in a conventional toaster.

3. Safe

Useful life hacking at home

Safe for valuable things. | Photos: pets-expert ru.

There is a little trick that will help keep some things from household abuse. For this purpose, you can use an empty plastic box of cake. It simply can not be opened silently, so you'll always know what your thing is safe.

4. Plant protection

Useful life hacking at home

from the cat protection. | Photo: eBaum's World.

Certainly, many owners of cats face the problem of sabotage in relation to indoor plants. To make sure your pet does not continue to climb on pots and certainly not umostil his bulk on a flower, to slide to the ground, as much as possible toothpicks.

5. Filled bucket

Useful life hacking at home

How do I fill a bucket in the sink. | Photo: BACA.

To gain a bucket in the sink is very easy, but what if there is no alternative? In this situation, handy plastic scoop. Put it in the sink and let the water drain directly into the bucket handle.

6. Lock cover

Useful life hacking at home

Fixing the pot lid. | Photo: LP-Yaem.

You can use a rubber band to firmly secure the lid of the pan. This trick is useful when transporting pots with soup or garnish.

7. Notebook Stand

Useful life hacking at home

Notebook Stand. | Photo: Ta Obvio.

Most people are aware that overheating notebook can be fraught with serious breakdowns. Do not worry if you do not stand, just use the conventional forks.

8. The retainer cord

Useful life hacking at home

Lock cords on the table. | Photo: AdMe.

Use the usual binders, to keep all the necessary cables at your fingertips, not to climb every time for them under the table.

9. The valve in the cabin

Useful life hacking at home

The valve in the toilet stall. | Photo:

Some people always catch with a sugar sticks, toothpicks and chopsticks. So the last one can do a good job. Use them instead of valves if toilet stall, in which you have gone, it's broken.

10. Stand paste

Useful life hacking at home

stand for the toothpaste. | Photo:

Stand, which allows to squeeze the entire contents of a tube of toothpaste - another way of alternative use of office binders.

11. clothespin curtain

Useful life hacking at home

clip for curtains. | Photo: Fun01.

The light coming through the crack between the curtains, can greatly annoying in the morning. If such trouble overtook you at the hotel and at your fingertips no pegs, use hangers with clips.

12. Tumble dryer

Useful life hacking at home

Homemade dryer. | Photo: Peekaboo.

The absence of the dryer - it does not matter, put two chairs as shown in the picture and hang her underwear.

13. The holder for your phone

Useful life hacking at home

Suspended holder for your phone. | Photo: Mega Curioso.

Fashionable nowadays gum-springs are good not only because it does not get tangled in your hair, but also its versatility. For example, it can be used to lock the phone when it is on charge.

14. headphone Marking

Useful life hacking at home

The identification marks. | Photo: Criatives.

Every music lover have every day at random to determine where the right earpiece, and where the left and intuition does not always work in the right direction. In order not to waste time on such a trifle, use rubber bands of different colors.

15. Asparagus

Useful life hacking at home

Cutting asparagus. | Photo: Reddit.

Actually chop the asparagus is very easy, most importantly, well-fixed stems. Just attach them with rubber bands and they will not crawl around.

16. Secure nails

Is it safe to hammer a nail. | Photo: Find The Way.

It is not necessary to expose your fingers at risk of scoring another nail. For this fixing nail by means of pegs or ridge.