Facts about love

Love - it's not all that we need. While no one would argue with the "Beatles", one love is still not enough. When it comes to a healthy relationship, we need much more: for example, similar beliefs, mutual respect and dialogue.

Facts about love

Love and compatibility is often wrongly perceived as one and the same. In fact, it is absolutely different things.

are very important circumstances

A man can truly love something, it is absolutely not suitable for him, and at times simply harmful. As an example, a friend of mine who loves pizza. Although he may love her and enjoy her absorption, a few hours later, he has to pay the bills (including those who are not lucky enough to be with him in the company when his gut began to ache), spending the remaining time until the morning in the bathroom.

It is unfortunate when the circumstance is a strong sense, but in this situation simply can not be helped. My friend would like to enjoy the pizza continuously, every day if he could. But alas, he knows what the result will be pain and misery.

The same can be said about personal relationships. The fact that you love someone, does not mean that you will not be unhappy.

and Love Compatibility - not the same thing

If you are a fan of the black magic practitioner, who is dating a Christian convert and your lover has just announced a campaign to seize Jerusalem, besides seriously intends to implement his plan, you will love it, as they say, "not in a good hour." All may seem nice, as long as you have a good time, traveling over the city on a broom and sipping wine for the sacrament, which he brought. But what happens when he starts to say that all of your friends should be immediately burned at the stake? You will find yourself in a state of ongoing conflict, and at some point you have to get away from their roller coaster or be in distress.

Love is not able to conquer all the world

My friend can not love pizza, as he pleases. He could love her so much, that his heart was just broken and he can not imagine life without her.

However, it does not matter. No matter how passionately he wants pizza was compatible with his gut, because the circumstances are such that they are incompatible. But he is not ready to be miserable for the sake of that from time to time to enjoy pizza.

And his love is not strong enough to defeat. Pizza just toxic for him, and he knows it. He knows, and therefore is forced to keep his distance.

Now take an intimate relationship. Of course, it is romantic - imagining themselves in love, born under an unlucky star that challenge all over the world, and love each other no matter what. But can you imagine that a compromise between you and your partner will require giving up part of what you have? You can tell that this is not true love. But stubbornness does not make love less valuable. Sometimes a compromise is not to be truthful with yourself. If you - anxious introvert, but your partner wants you with him were his way of life of the tireless party-goers, you can only for a little while to live with it. But if the main part of what is your partner makes you unhappy, and he wants you to take it, you expect a heavy and painful relationships.

Sooner or later there will come a time when love will be forced to surrender, recognizing their inability to win. And you have to choose between staying in an unhappy relationship or taking painful decisions to stop them.

It is not necessary that someone is to blame - love can fade away by itself. It is not necessary to have someone of the two was bad. Sometimes the two do their toxic relationship is not their fault, but because of the incompatibility. And it does not mean that there is no love between them.

Love is not necessarily only comes once in a lifetime

One of the good sides of love is that it does not necessarily come only once. The idea of ​​one true love - hopeless romantic myth. Most people love a few times before you find someone with whom things really work. Sometimes, after the collapse of the love we need a break, and that's fine. But we should not think that you will never love.

On the ground, there are more than 7 billion, and the subtraction of one man from the endless list of options - it's a sad story, but still much remains to be the best people. In fairness, even if there are only 0, 1 percent, it's still as much as 7 million people. It is ridiculous to think that you have to love only one of them.

In the song, Dionne Warwick said it best:

What do you get when you fall in love?

Only lies, pain and sadness.

But this is only until tomorrow, when you fall in love again.

Feel the pain that comes with the loss of love, take time out if you need it. But sooner or later, will come that same "tomorrow," and you'll love again.