Sukharev Tower, "the worst place" in Moscow

• Sukharev Tower, "the worst place" in Moscow

Sukharev Tower,

I guess, in every city there are places that people call "black." In Moscow, up to 30-ies of the XX century, this place was the Sukharev Tower.

Sukharev Tower,

Once on the earthworks stretched Musketeers District, where quartered urban security guards, which is engaged in service and trade in crafts. About Sretenskii gate in the XVII century located Sukharev Regiment, named after Colonel Lawrence Sukharev it. It was in that place a tower was built, called Sukharevskaya. The tower's height was more than 60 meters. Although tradition calls Lefort architect of this monument, but there is a version that the tower was built according to the plans of Peter I.

Neptune Society

In Sukharev tower located so called rapier room, where it can be assumed taught fencing. The legend says, if there were secret meetings of a community of Neptune, whose chairman was Lefort, and the first supervisor - Peter I. The history of our origins and concealed the true purpose of this secret society. However, there was a rumor among the people, as if there was kept a black book, guarded 12 spirits and "after zakladennaya the wall, where he boarded Altyn nails."

The Ring of Power

According to legend, in the Sukharev Tower was kept "Solomon's seal on the ring with the words SATOR, AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS. "You can do different sim ring: to transform itself printing, invisible will, by itself ward off all the charm is destroyed, authority over Satan get ...".

The Tower of sorcerer

Sukharev Tower,

The story goes that some time in the tower located alchemy lab of James Bruce, one of the closest associates of Peter I, who had the reputation of magician. Here Bruce allegedly involved in drawing up the elixir of live and dead water. Before his death, he allegedly gave a bottle of living water to his valet and told her to pour herself shortly after the death. When the valet began to execute such orders, the deceased began to stir; Performer scared and dropped his hands from the bottle, broke it. Bruce and was not meant to "rise again".

The sign for Bonaparte

Sukharev Tower,

The day before the entry of Napoleonic troops in Moscow, a hawk, with shackles on their feet entangled in the wings of the two-headed eagle on the steeple copper Sukharev Tower. The bird fluttered long until izdohla. The people watching this, interpreted, "That's the way we see and get confused in Bonaparte Russian wings of an eagle."


Sukharev Tower,

The Moscow legend has it that Stalin decided to destroy the Sukharev Tower in order to find some treasure. Therefore, the tower dismantled very carefully, brick by brick.

Tower is not to be!

Sukharev Tower,

In 1982, the executive committee of the city of Moscow decided to restore the Sukharev Tower. design competition was announced, but none of them has not been adopted, and recovery will not take place. Apparently, at this, the authorities have been more compelling reasons than mere dissatisfaction with the proposed project.