10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

Getting in unusual situations, the characters of the films always find a way out. At the same time they do not burn in the fire, and water do not sink, and generally cope with all the troubles are very nice and impressive. Located at the screen viewers used some techniques seem so simple that the mind involuntarily comes to mind: "if I were in his place, would have done well."

But the reality is not the case, like in the movies, and taken over from the beloved hero of the reception can be not just useless, but also harmful to health. Even if you were in a dust-, one to one resembling the one that happened to the famous film characters, do not rush to repeat the same thing he did in the film. It is better to gather his thoughts and poraskinte brains, what to do next. Amazing feats and clever tricks kinogeroi leave, because most of them likely will drive in the coffin than help to survive.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

Immunity to poison

In the movie "The Princess Bride" protagonist Westley satisfied with the villain Ned Vizzini intellectual duel: he needs to guess which of the two cups to pour poison. In the final match it turns out that they were both poisoned cup, and Westley only managed to survive because over the years he has developed immunity to the poison.

In reality, the regular consumption of small amounts of the poison will have no effect, other than lethal: the toxin will gradually destroy the body, or accumulate in it, which can eventually lead to death.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

The body as a shield

When the hero of the film is, suddenly, in the midst of a firefight to get out of it, he covered came to hand lifeless body, after which the hero safely leave the battlefield. Do not forget that in reality there are such bullets, which quickly pass through the human body and stuck only in the subsequent obstruction. If you prove to be on their way to the body to cover up, with high probability all have been fatal.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

to finish with a snake with bare hands

Only the tireless Jean-Claude Van Damme under force without any weapons, only bare hands to deal with hordes of enemies, and a snake. You Van Damme? Then you do not need to wave their fists at the meeting with the snake. In this situation, you have only one way out - lam faster and further.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well


survive a nuclear explosion in the refrigerator

In the film "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," Harrison Ford's character is saved from a nuclear explosion in leaded refrigerator.

In practice, such a plan of action during a nuclear disaster is suitable only for Indiana Jones. This improvised shelter is easy to be trapped under the rubble. Instructions for survival in a nuclear war on the civilian population to take refuge in the nearest recommends the most secure building.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

Emergency exit from the roof of

In an attempt to escape from his pursuers movie heroes are always on the roof. They descend from it as fast as it appeared, leaping into the next bush or in handy located at the bottom of the container to the brim full of garbage. In the fall, of course, in the worst case, all off with a minor injury.

If you run away from the baddies, then nearby there would be no suitable thickets or garbage cans. And if they will, then, believe me, landing in them so that the next point of your route will be the closest emergency room, and that's with the successful landing. Remember, trees and tanks - for movie stars to everyone else - the stairs!

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

Katana - the ultimate weapon

Sword Japanese samurai movie heroes can not only punish their enemies, but also to dodge it by a bullet - they are simply chop in the air.

Do this in reality is possible, but only a trained fighter for many years, has an enviable luck and reaction speed. For all other fatal number indeed be fatal.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

Escape through the window

When it is not possible to go through the door, movie heroes get out of it through the window of the room. If behind them at this moment still someone chases, the glass breaks is not some subject, and their own bodies. Of course, all of this without cuts and abrasions.

To do this trick without consequences they succeed because the window in the film is not made from the usual, but from sugar glass, which fragments fly effectively, but do not cause any harm. Decide you go out in a similar fashion through a standard window - without consequences will not do.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

Homemade ziplayn

If the hero was trapped, and with the object reaches at least some kind of rope or wire - he has every chance to get away. He deftly improvised nakinet thing on cable and slide down on a makeshift ziplayne.

Will it have to do this and do not cripple? Most probably not. Even if it will not be the live wire, it is likely that it is not designed for such loads and can not withstand the weight of the human body.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

in the head blow

Whether you're a villain or hysterical beauty is in trouble, the protagonist often do not come up with anything better than to hit him or her with something heavy on the head, in order to neutralize at a time, or simply appease so. Stunned characters come to life for a couple of minutes later, feeling a little dizzy.

In reality, like ways to bring down the opponent run out for him at least a concussion, in the worst case - irreversible brain injury and head.

10 cinema myth of survival that do not bode well

Through the flames

The protagonist of the fact and the main, so a second before the explosion, he knows exactly in what direction and where to jump. Door, window - whether near at least some doorway, he'll come out unscathed from the building.

In practice, the blast wave moves faster than a human. Mere mortals should not rely on that to evade it can only react quickly and jumped aside.