Illusions, hidden in masterpieces of art

• The illusions, hidden in the artistic masterpieces of

Painting was created with the sole aim to delight and enthrall the beholder. To do this, in the course were any tricks - the choice of colors and subtleties to smear quite aware of illusions, which could shake the unusual spectator for his ability to deceive the eye. This guess and artists of the past, so the genre of visual illusions appeared in the painting for a long time.

Cataract 3

Bridget Riley


Illusions, hidden in masterpieces of art

British artist Bridget Riley painting created Cataract 3 with a clearly defined goal - to arouse the viewer's optical illusions using inducing line and the lack of a point of equilibrium. Bridget Riley, a child was fascinated by the art of pointillist. Their theory was the maximum displacement point of the composition and color balance. In the picture-print "Cataract 3" has been made notorious effect.

Rotorelefnye wheels

Marcel Duchamp


Illusions, hidden in masterpieces of art

Marcel Duchamp was a pioneer of avant-garde painting and cinema. In 1926 Duchamp made the film "Anemik Cinema", which contemporaries called "sophisticated jumble of geometric shapes and combinations of chess." Throughout the film succeeded each other circle, rotating with a certain speed. In his film, the illusion of Duchamp have used "rotorelefy" - attached to the reels the player cardboard discs with patterns that created the illusion of movement when the three-dimensional objects.

Galatea of ​​the Spheres

Salvador Dali


Illusions, hidden in masterpieces of art

The painting is inspired by the artist's fascination science and nuclear physics. The woman's face in the picture (as a model advocated wife Gala Dalí) form a sphere, which acquire an unusual perspective and three-dimensional look.

Drawing Hands

Maurits Escher


Illusions, hidden in masterpieces of art

"Drawing Hands" - a lithograph by the Dutch artist Maurits Escher. It shows two arms that are above the wrists materialized and are involved in the drawing process of each other. Lithography done a lot of noise and Asher brought the title of master of optical illusion.

All in vain

Charles Allan Gilbert


Illusions, hidden in masterpieces of art

Black-and-white drawing of Charles Allan Gilbert depicts a woman sitting in front of boudoir table and staring at his reflection in front. However, we should take a step back, the whole composition consists in silhouette spooky skull. Charles Allan Gilbert was a talented illustrator who once became interested in mysticism and produced a series of works titled "Memento Mori."

Camera degli Sposi

Andrea Mantegna


Illusions, hidden in masterpieces of art

Camera degli Sposi - room in an Italian castle Palazzo Ducale, frescoed by Andrea Mantegna. Room is famous above all thanks to the skillful use of visual illusions. A room with a canopy seems high, though in reality it does not exceed the height of 7 meters. The main illusion is a round window through which one can see the blue sky, and pouring out of it throws light glare and shadows on the figure at the balustrade.

Fruit Basket

Giuseppe Arcimboldo


Illusions, hidden in masterpieces of art

The creative legacy of Giuseppe Arcimboldo poorly preserved - only remained about a couple of dozen paintings, but lost much more. The best known is preserved "Fruit basket," which is a classic illusion - when rotated 180 degrees fruit basket into a person's head.