Ukraine won the "Eurovision-2016"

• Ukraine has won the "Eurovision-2016"

Ukraine won the

Ukrainian singer Jamala with the song "1944", which tells about the fate of the Crimean Tatars during the Stalinist repression in 1944, won first place at the "Eurovision-2016".

Second place went to Australian Demi Him.

Third - Russian Sergey Lazarev.

The winner was determined by the results of two polls: professional jury in each country and viewers. In the former case the leader is Australia, and the second - Russia. After counting all the votes, a contest won Ukraine.

At the maximum 12 points from Ukraine appreciated the jury members from San Marino, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Moldova, Latvia, Israel, Serbia, Macedonia, Poland and Slovenia. After scoring Ukraine remained in second place, but in view of the audience voting, she came out on top.

Russian highest score - 12 points - put the jury representatives from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Belarus, Greece. After the announcement of the jury evaluations Russia took fifth place. After the announcement of the results of the audience voting, Lazarev went up to the third place. During the audience voting Russia gave Ukraine 10 points, while Ukraine Russia - 12. The jury of both countries did not give each other at all points - on 0.

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