Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes

In the kitchen of Madrid reflect developments centuries-old city - from the bloody battles to religious holidays. We will tell you about the dishes worthy of special attention.

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes

IN-Madrid Cocido

(Cocido madrileno) - stewed meat in a pot with vegetables. It is known from the XVI century. Translated "Cocido" means "cooked dish". According to the method of preparation, it is somewhat reminiscent of Moroccan couscous, referring to Moorish roots of Madrid: the city was founded by the Arabs in the X century, near the River Manzanares. As well as for the Arab couscous, Cocido for different types of meat tantalized in a clay pot with vegetables and chickpeas four hours. To the table served in several stages. First rich broth, which is charged fine noodles, then on a separate plate meat, vegetables and chickpeas. What I could not eat right, warm up the next day by pouring egg or adding breadcrumbs. This dish came up with a special name: ropa vieja - "old clothes".

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes

scar ON-Madrid

(Los callos a la madrilena) - beef pickled in vinegar stomach as Cocido, quenched with a few hours choriso sausages and spices. Fat and satisfying, this dish has been around for centuries. Prepare it mainly in winter, and is supplied with hot or cold (as such resembles Russian jelly).

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes

Spanish omelette

(Tortilla espanola) - Mix the beaten eggs and fried potatoes - and the pan. It turns thick tortilla. Madrid eating her from the XVII century, at any time of the day. The dish has become one of the varieties of tapas (snacks) in Madrid advanced restaurants are not afraid to experiment with it: it is served in a cup finely grated potatoes in a protein foam, the baked potato slices with a poached egg.

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes


grouper PO-Madrid

(Besugo a la madrilena)

Baked perch rusks crumbs mainly at Christmas. Previously, it could afford only the aristocrats: the fish was expensive, the capital from the coast brought her in aquariums. It became a popular dish in the XVIII century, during the reign of King Charles III, who residents of Madrid called the best mayor the city. Today perch in Madrid can be purchased in gourmet departments of major department stores. Whole fish on a half kilogram will cost 30 euros.

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes

BOKADILO With Fried calamari

(Bocadillo de calamares)

Deep fried squid is sometimes referred to as squid and Latin (although in Rome this dish is unknown). According to one version, the snack invented Jesuits allegedly prefer to eat squid during Lent. Bokadilo served with squid mostly in small traditional bars and cafes located around the Plaza Mayor.

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes


(Soldaditos de Pavia)

is fried dried cod soaked with "sash" of red pepper. Dish has been known since the XVI century. It reminds one of the largest battles of the Italian war between the Spanish and French - the Battle of Pavia in 1525. Treat the sash of red pepper can be different: as a sash on which the soldiers wore a sword, and how wide sash of Spanish officers of the nobility.

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes

Donuts ST. Isidoro

(Rosquillas de San Isidro)

named in honor of the patron saint of Madrid, who died in the XII century. Donuts fried in olive oil and smeared with melted lard. Sweet, with sugar-sweet called "smart", and fresh - "stupid". Most often they are prepared before the party communication. Isidore (May 15), and during it. According to legend, the first donuts in the church of St. Isidore began selling to pilgrims in the XVIII century, some of Vincent's aunt. Her cooking was so popular that a woman has had many followers. They all pretended to be her relatives, arguing that preparing donuts family recipe. We citizens even appeared saying: "Aunt Vincents so many relatives that can populate the new Madrid".

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes



made from choux pastry and fried in deep fat. In Madrid, they prefer to eat for breakfast. According to one version, the fashion for churros with hot chocolate appeared in the XVIII century. Then the church tried to ban women that drink, believing it too exciting. A Spanish doctors were convinced that cocoa causes hysteria in women. As is often the case, the restrictions only provoked heightened interest.

Kitchen Madrid: 9 best dishes



Why are deep fried donuts filled with custard prepared during Holy Week, is not known. On the origin of the baking, the shape is more like dumplings, sprinkled with powdered sugar, historians do not have a single opinion. Some attribute their invention to the Romans, the other - the Arabs, and others - Catholic nuns. But the exact recipes bartolilos preserved only from the XIX century.

Nina Bednar