Taranis: is the secret weapon in the world

• Taranis: the most secret weapon in the world

Unmanned flying vehicles in a short time transformed from a fantastic invention in a very real phenomenon. Today, each of us can afford to purchase a small drone, equipped with a camera - just for fun. But not everyone knows that in the privacy of this technology comes from military laboratories, where the drones were developed as a powerful and almost invincible weapon.

Drones command allows to significantly reduce losses in personnel. drone operator is not at risk even their conscience: giving the order to open fire, he, nevertheless, did not he presses the trigger and does not see the results. A few days ago the British technology company BAE Systems introduced the fragmentary information about the new project. Unlike their counterparts, Taranis will be able to do at all without human guidance. But who, in this case, ensures control of this deadly machine?

Taranis: is the secret weapon in the world

What is the

The "Taranis" - one of the most advanced UAVs, which are already used in combat. At speeds exceeding 900 km / h, it just does not leave time for the reaction of the opponent. The presence of cotton drone outputs only when breaking the sound barrier. David Coates, representative of the manufacturer BAE Systems claims that the drone is almost imperceptible, and for modern radar systems.

Taranis: is the secret weapon in the world

Under the heading "Confidential"

Aptly named after the British god of thunder, Taranis is smashing his opponent accurate inevitable impact. According to the official version, the drone had not yet entered the Air Force: the representatives of the military structures are assured that do not plan to use it for combat purposes. This is somewhat in contrast with the shooting, in which a drone attack militants positions - but no documentary evidence, the military can continue to defend its position.

Taranis: is the secret weapon in the world

Legal notice

BAE Systems, the company says that the drone will be used only for surveillance, labeling purposes, intelligence gathering and other support operations. Control "Taranis" is the operator of the earth - but is provided and the function of autonomous flight on the set parameters. In addition, on this project for the first time (for drones) implemented by stealth.

Taranis: is the secret weapon in the world

The size and function of

"Taranis" turned out not very large, 11 meters long and a wingspan of 9 makes it remarkable purpose even at a considerable height. But manufacturers claim that the drone, though, remain unnoticed for any existing interception system. The operator can set the drone attack program, which will involve the implementation of a few specified tasks: overflew the area, sending information about detected and to attack, when receiving the confirmation from the operator.


That is, technically, "Taranis" could well do without a visual signal operator, attacking targets on their own initiative - as long as they fit the specified parameters. It is against such a function already performed the most prominent modern scholars and entrepreneurs, it is obviously afraid of the scenario of "Terminator." Open letter to the UN to ban these weapons, signed by CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk, physicist Stephen Hawking, and Director of Research Peter Norvig Google center.