That eating Czechs

• What do the Czechs eat

Right from the computer dopit almost a bottle of vodka, left the remains of orange juice and the last slice of Czech cheese ...

Half past three in the morning

Yeah .. Even I never wrote a post about the food at this time ...

So, about Czech cuisine.

It is and it is quite authentic. And not all dishes are linked with beer, as some believe.

Of course, two days is difficult enough to try anything that is symbolic and extremely local, but I tried my best. However, I have to say to the shank in beer with stewed sauerkraut is not reached - local dissuaded themselves.

- Why do you, Sergei, try this sharpened by tourists shnyaga? Bold, not particularly nazhoristo expensive ... Whether business or roast suckling pig ribs? A smazheny cheese? I Tried? And dumplings? A goulash soup?

In general, the extra kilos I brought myself from Prague ...

That eating Czechs

You probably should not allocate any national dishes in the main or secondary, to talk about the some as the most important thing. They are all interesting in their own way and sometimes unusual. But one thing I would put alone, ie. A. In different variations we ordered it a few times and each time were very happy with the taste and serve.

Smazheny cheese. The dish is very tasty and very easy to prepare. Czechs use it to cheese "Hermelin", just obzharivaya it in a pan, breaded or without it. Obtained simply breathtakingly! Here, without any! It is served in a mass of options - with greens, carrots, fresh vegetables or no nothing ...

That eating Czechs

If you google "Czech cuisine" on the first page of the search engine will give you several options of dishes - self-shin and necessarily dumplings. It is such a kind of balls of dough and potatoes, steamed.

Served them or a separate dish or as a supplement to something meat.

Honestly, I did not understand dumplings. A kind of a strange substance that bites very gently and just a little and then move back to the plate.

- Honey, just try to tell me what you think?

... and in response to silence.

That eating Czechs

But the Czechs are amazing sausages!

This is acknowledged even vegetarinki girl who manages to persuade to "try a piece."

Once they try it, your portion of a catastrophic melting before our eyes ... We have ordered more

That eating Czechs

From the shank to dissuade me, but the beer is to drink one night you need? Need to!

And when you're in the monastery brewery? Especially! And what a bite?

Pork ribs with sauerkraut.

This wonderfully tasty, though bold! And cabbage saves. At some point you even know what stopped drinking beer and just eat meat with cabbage ....

That eating Czechs

Goulash soup. Czech version Polish Zurek. Well, as an option ... just sometimes it is also served in the bread, as well as Polish Zurek. But he's quite different in taste and composition.

Tasty or not? Rather no Zhurek better.

But the goulash soup is the place to be! And the rich, and not expensive. The restaurants in the Old Town is less than 10 euros per serving

That eating Czechs

In one of the restaurants had a chance to try a very interesting grilled vegetables. They served not familiar, laid out on a plate with flower arrangements and cheese Hermelin and hot pumpkin sauce. Very tasty and unusual!

That eating Czechs

The chicken in Czech cuisine can be found very rarely, but the duck - without any problems.

It can life and leg confit, stewed and in some breast sauce.

That eating Czechs

Another version of goulash, but now is not the soup.

The second dish - a goulash with bread. By and large, the usual stew with conventional warm white bread.

Nothing special and the second time it I would not have ordered

That eating Czechs

At the end of this review of the national dishes - rabbit with cheese sauce.

In fact, I do not know why these slices of rabbit look like nano-pig, but it happened.

Cook put it that way, than not a little amused our table.

But it was delicious! Here are just a cheese sauce completely negates all the benefits of dietary rabbit meat.

Although Czechs are not particularly bother on the diet, according to the menu in restaurants ...

That eating Czechs

Yes, well and still have beer in restaurants is cheaper than water ...