Rules of Life of Charlie Chaplin

• Rules of Life of Charlie Chaplin

Rules of Life of Charlie Chaplin

LIFE - a great thing, even for the jellyfish.

I'm not afraid of clichés. All life - is sheer cliché. We all live and die, we eat three times a day, fall in love and stop loving.

Who never was a child, I will never be an adult.

MAMA, so gay and careless as she could go mad? I had a feeling that she lost her mind on purpose, so as not to think about us.

I SPENT MANY TIME IN THE CIRCUS. And always very worried about high-wire.

It all happened by chance. The operator asked me to put some make-up. I walked to the costumers and the path of thinking needs to be done so that one contradicted the other, baggy pants and a tight jacket, a large head and a small hat, this whole shabby, but a gentleman.

SIMPLICITY - not an easy thing.

IT IS THE sincere. The old man slipped on a banana peel and fell - we do not laugh. But if the same thing happens with a pompous rich gentleman - we are laughing.

Unlike Freud, I do not believe that sex is a determining factor in human behavior. It seems to me, cold, hunger and poverty is much deeper determine his psychology.

My pain can be a cause SOMEONE laugh, but my laughter should never be the reason for someone's pain.

TO MAKE comedy, I only need a park, a policeman and a pretty girl. When the era of sound film, my character, Charlie came to an end. I had no idea what his voice.

I want my viewers and cried, and laughed, and no matter what anyone may think, I did it.

EVENING - It's lonely time in California, especially in Hollywood.

Real character person shows when he gets drunk.

MIRROR - my best friend, because when I cry it never laughs.

Killing ONCE, one becomes a rascal, a thousand times - the hero.

The ability to think like playing the violin or piano, it requires daily practice.

Procreation - the main law of nature, and every man, young and old, when he met a woman, appreciates the opportunity to have sex with her.

MANY handyman mistaken for geniuses.

AMERICA me more for anything not necessary, I would not return there, even if the President was Jesus Christ.

PATRIOTISM - the more madness from which ever suffered the world.

Life - a play that never rehearse. Therefore, sing, cry, dance, laugh and live to the fullest as long as the curtain falls and the scene is over, without any applause.

Nothing is forever in OUR wicked world, not even our troubles.