Strange and unusual sights of Canada

The country, which we want to tell you today, combining French and American, survives at temperatures that necessitate shivered even penguins, and is a place where you can see one of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery in the world! We're talking of course about Canada, and the tour guide will lead you through the most bizarre places of this northern country!

10. "Habitat 67" (Habitat 67), Montreal

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

"Habitat 67" - a strange-looking apartment complex, designed by Canadian architect Moshe Safdie (Moshe Safdie). The complex was built by 1967 World's Fair, it is at the moment one of the largest international exhibitions.

The basis of this brutal structure is a cube, which "built up" 354 cube. All this formed a residential complex with a 146-Tew apartments, most of which has its own garden, located on the roof of the neighbor's apartment below. It is hard to imagine in what a nightmare he could quirks such an idea!

9. Ripley Museum of "Believe It or Not", Niagara Falls

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

Ripley "Believe It or Not" Museum ( "Do you want to - believe it or - no") - a house-museum created on a plan of Robert Ripley (Robert Ripley), known in the US cartoonist, collector and traveler.

The museum is made in the form of falling buildings Empire State Building with King Kong on top of it. It is the second oldest museum Ripley and one of two located in Canada. Even the beauty of Niagara Falls will not be able to tear your attention away from this museum amusing oddities and curiosities!

8. "large collection" (The Grand Gathering), Quebec

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

A look at the serene beach St. Lawrence River is interrupted by a rather eerie and strange collection of more than 100 human figures that seem to rise from the waves.

This large-scale art project called "Le Grand Rassemblement" (from the French. "A great collection") is the work of Canadian artist-sculptor Marcel Gagnon (Marcel Gagnon), began to carve wood and stone figures of people, studying the human body for painting pictures.

Making more than 80 pieces and place them along the shore at different depths so that they come and go with the tide, he continued to create these impressionistic statue with an increasingly diverse postures and faces, until the number exceeded 100.

This walk to the bizarre and unusual art project someone will cause admiration, and someone - the rejection, but she will not leave indifferent anybody.

7. "Crooked bush" (Crooked Bush), Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

"Crooked bush" - a aspen grove, located on private land in the biosphere reserve "Redberry Lake" to the north-west of Hufford. Grove area of ​​1, 21 hectares creates almost mythical feeling: every tree in it twisted and twirled around. It looks as though it is a picture painted by Salvador Dali!

6. "Free Spirit Spheres" (The Free Spirit Spheres), Kualikum Bay (Qualicum Bay), BC

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

"Free Spirit Spheres" are located on private land near the Bay Kualikum on the west coast of Vancouver Island. "Eva" (Eve), "Erin" (Eryn) and "Melodia" (Melody) - Three spherical houses that hang among the tall trees. Unusual homes built guy named Tom Chudleigh (Tom Chudleigh). Spheres made of a wooden frame, the tightened skin covered with epoxy. And yes, it is possible to live in them. In each spherical house electricity, bed, sink, refrigerator and microwave.

5. Moose Mac, Saskatchewan

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

Elk Mak - a moose sculpture of steel and concrete, located in Moose Jaw (Moose Jaw) in Saskatchewan. Being a height of 9, 8 meters and weighing 10 tons, it is considered the world's largest elk figure. His name is Mac (Mac).

4. The Glass House in Boswell (Boswell Glass House)

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

This unusual glass house is located on the eastern shore of Lake Kootenay (Kootenay Lake) near the village of Bothwell in British Columbia.

Boswell Glass House is located on a solid rock with a beautiful view of the lake and is built of 500,000 empty bottles of embalming solution weight of 250 tons.

House built David Brown (David H. Brown), is not only surprising but also slightly eerie spectacle if reflect on the purposes for which such a solution is usually used.

3. Crater Lake Pingualuit (Pingualuit Crater Lake)

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

This is a huge crater lake, located on the Ungava Peninsula in northern Quebec, has a diameter of 3, 44 km and attracts tourists for more than 50 years. According to the calculations of scientists, its age is approximately 1, 4 million years old, and, according to many, it was formed by meteorite. Pingualuit Crater Lake is considered one of the cleanest lakes in the world, and so many mysteries associated with it, that about it you can write a separate article!

2. Inverted Church Ramsay

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

This art object called "Device for the eradication of evil", created by Dennis Oppenheim (Dennis Oppenheim), once the park was in Vancouver, but in 2014 moved to a new location in Calgary.

1. Lake Spotted Lake, or the Spotted Lake (The Spotted Lake), BC

Strange and unusual sights of Canada

Spotted Lake - a body of water, located near the small town of Osoyoos (Osoyoos) in British Columbia. It is saturated with a variety of minerals and has the largest concentration of magnesium sulfate, sodium, calcium, silver, and titanium.

With its many colorful small lakes, this place is one of the most amazing tourist attractions in Canada. Lake Spotted Lake, undoubtedly, should be in the list of strange places that are worth seeing!

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