Keane will not be: how ceremony of "Oscars" became a place for scandals

For more than 80 years of existence of the award "Oscar" has experienced more than one scandal. The reason for it became and racial discrimination, and political statements of participants of the ceremony and extravagant behavior. Forbes remembered ten high-profile stories of different years, when the stage to receive the award was used as a platform for all sorts of applications.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

The first in the history of rejection of the "Oscar" Dudley Nichols

When: 1936

The history of the "Oscar" remembers the three cases of failure of the laureates of the award of statuettes. The first "objector" was a former reporter for the newspaper New York World Dudley Nichols. In 1935, he was to receive the award for best screenplay for the film "The Informant." But I decided igonorirovat 8th film awards ceremony in solidarity with colleagues from the guild of writers, directors and actors.

A few days before the "Oscar" the leaders of the guild of actors James Cagney and Gary Cooper sent a telegram colleagues to boycott the award ceremony. And the president of Writers Guild Ernest Pascal said in an interview with Los Angeles Times, that "our members should not have anything to do with the Academy." Members of the Academy, in turn, sent in response to his telegrams and finally stated that the boycott guild exhausted. The winners received their awards. All but Dudley Nichols. After the ceremony, winning screenwriter twice sent by post, but principal Nichols sent it back.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

Racial discrimination Hattie McDaniel

When: 1940

Hattie McDaniel became the first black actress to be nominated for "Oscar" and the award-winning. The best performer of its second plan recognized for her role as Mammy in "Gone With the Wind." For the right to play Mammy fought dozens of actresses, and the then US first lady Eleanor Roosevelt even tried to put in a good word for her maid. Role in "Gone With the Wind" brought McDaniel all-American glory, but in spite of that the actress has faced harassment because of skin color. Hattie could not go to the premiere of the picture to Atlanta because of the guest list were removed all African-American performers. At the ceremony were invited McDaniel, but the actress was forced to sit in a separate part of the hall "for color." But after the announcement of his name Hattie made its way to the scene by the table, behind which were placed white guests. In his acceptance speech McDaniel called his success a victory throughout the black race.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

Refusal of "Oscar" Marlon Brando because of discrimination of indigenous peoples of America

When: 1973

In 1973, the Film Academy awarded the prize for best actor Marlon Brando, who played Vito Corleone in "The Godfather." But in the hall during the ceremony the actor has not appeared. Instead, he came to the stage an unknown representative of a tribe of Indians Apaches nicknamed Sasha Light Pen. Take the statue from Roger Moore, she refused, and in his hands he held a letter from Brando, addressed to members of the Academy and a fellow actor on kinotsehu. Sasha explained that the reason for the refusal of the award Brando was biased film to American Indians. Play themselves in the movie they did not trust, preferring white actors.

The day after the ceremony, the full text of the letter Brando published in the newspaper New York Times. "Our film industry has the same responsibility for the humiliation of the Indians, as well as society as a whole. We mock them, present them savages, enemies and represents evil, "- said the actor. His act was perceived ambiguously. Some supported Brando and others have criticized for contempt of the Academy and colleagues. In the history of the ceremonies 'Oscar' Brando he entered as the last winner to date, refused the prestigious award.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of


It Vanessa Redgrave in support of the Palestinians

When: 1978

Jubilee, the 50th award ceremony "Oscar", remember the scandalous speech actress Vanessa Redgrave. On stage she went to receive the statuette for Best Supporting Actress for the film "Julia". But instead of thanks family, crew and the Lord God broke fiery speech against the "bunch of Zionist hoodlums" and all forms of totalitarianism.

A year earlier, in 1977, Redgrave made a producer and screenwriter of the documentary "The Palestinians". In an interview after the shooting, she said that her mission - "to help people and to resist oppression" and that "it is possible with the help of art." Such statements have caused outrage in the organization Jewish Defense League. They accused the actress in support of an independent Palestinian state and picketed the awards ceremony. Redgrave from the scene said that the behavior of the Jewish Defense League "offends the dignity of all the Jews," and like her and members of the Academy will not be intimidated.

The audience accepted the performance of public Redgrave indignantly, and rising behind her on stage screenwriter Paddy Chayefsky noted that simple gratitude for the prize would have been enough.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

It Richard Gere condemning Chinese policies in Tibet

When: 1993

Richard Gere for his acting career has never been nominated for "Oscar". And since 1993, inviting him to become wary Awards. The actor then gave a scandalous speech, condemning China's policy towards Tibet, and demanded the end of the occupation - rather than to congratulate the winner in the nomination "Best Art Direction". Since Gere did not call more than the winner. Actor opposes China's policy in Tibet for decades, he led an international committee in support of it. In the same year at the same ceremony from the stage sounded another political speech. Its authors are the couple Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon. They demanded that the US authorities to let in the country infected with AIDS, refugees from Haiti. For this couple two years excluded from the Oscar ceremony.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

The scandal with the stolen statues

When: 2000

Presentation of awards "Oscar" in 2000 ventured to make history as the ceremony without statuettes. For a week before the event, the gold pieces were stolen from the warehouse Roadway Express transportation company located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. A few days later "Oscars" were found. A homeless man named Willie Faldzhir found them in the trash. He reported the find to the police and received an award of $ 50,000.

Later it was established and the names of the kidnappers. They were employees of Roadway Express - Anthony Hart and Lawrence Ledent. Sell ​​statues they could not, and decided to get rid of them.

Famous "Oscar", the weight of which is 3, 85 kg, is cast at the company R.S. Owens and Company in Chicago in 1983. Annually smelted 50 figurines with its own serial number.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

Speech against Michael Moore's war in Iraq

When: 2003

The 75th ceremony of "Oscars" held on March 23, three days after the US sent troops to Iraq. In this regard, the organizers abandoned the traditional red carpet, and the airspace above Hollywood was closed for security reasons.

Participants of the ceremony before it began were asked to refrain from political statements, but the request is not followed by all. Director Michael Moore, who won the nomination "Best documentary feature film" with the film "Bowling for Columbine", spoke against the invasion of Iraq. "We are against this war, George Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush! "- said Moore with the theater scene" Kodak ".

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

Eddie Murphy's refusal to carry out the ceremony "Oscar"

When: 2011

The 84th ceremony of "Oscars" a few months before the date of the lost first producer, and then the master. The first post left Brett Ratner - had to leave after his careless remarks about sexual minorities. Later, the producer apologized. "I called the president of the Academy, Tom Šerák, and said that I was leaving. Invitation to participate in the creation of the show - is the greatest moment of my career. Very painful to give up all of this, but it would be much worse if I said the word destroy high ideals, which represents the Academy ", - said Ratner.

Following the ceremony producer remained without master. On his refusal to carry out "Oscar," said the comedian Eddie Murphy. His decision to the actor, who was offered to become the leading Ratner explained strong friendly relations with Ratner and a desire to support him in this way. As a result, instead of Murphy's "Oscar" led the actor Billy Crystal. For him, the ceremony became the ninth.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

Sacha Baron Cohen and the urn with the ashes on the red carpet

When: 2012

On the red carpet before the beginning of the 84th ceremony of "Oscars" Sasha Baron Cohen had to withdraw protection. The actor appeared before the public in the form of the protagonist picture "The Dictator", released in 2012 in the rental, but in the hands holding the urn with the ashes of the alleged former head of North Korea's Kim Jong-il. "It was his dream - to be at the ceremony," Oscar and be dispelled on the red carpet and Halle Berry's chest "- Cohen told reporters. However, the latest actor tipped "ashes of Kim Jong Il" to suit television presenter Ryan Seacrest. After that, the security guard asked Cohen to retire.

Keane will not be: how ceremony of

The racist scandal and the lack of African-American nominees

When: 2016

Loud racist scandal on account of which even US President Barack Obama spoke, broke out around the "Oscar" in January 2016. The reason for it was the statement by the director's Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, that in acting categories are not represented none of the black actor, and the like is repeated for the second year in a row.

Lee and Pinkett-Smith called for a boycott "lily-white" awards ceremony "Oscars". But the views of their colleagues on the shop floor is divided. Director Michael Moore, already distinguished in the "Oscar" scandalous speech in 2003 and it joined Lee and Smith, saying he did not attend neither the show nor the one of Oscar parties. "The idea that they can pass two years in a row, they can be nominated by 40 actors, among them a single black man, it's just crazy. So if you add my name to that make Spike and Jada can help, I hope to become a member of this symbolic "- said Moore. Fuel to the fire poured businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump, in response remembering Award BET Awards, which are exclusively black actors, musicians and athletes. "Estrada and cinema for black. White is also there are no nominations. I never realized that position "- protested Trump. He responded to the scandal, and the American Film Academy. Its President Cheryl Boone Isaacs, the first in the history of African-American woman in office, has promised that in the future will change the composition of the Academy and the principle of selection of nominees.