"Friends do not buy" - a touching photo project about our smaller brothers

• "Friends do not buy" - a touching photo project about the brothers of our smaller

"We always have to think about our smaller brothers" - so say the participants of the photo project "Friends do not buy." These people are not afraid, and animal shelters, and yet among these there are the luckiest animals with disabilities. Galina Ovchinnikova, author of the project of Kazan, made a series of photographs of animals and their owners to show the others to take an animal from the street or from a shelter quite scary.

We believe that this is a wonderful project, and share with you pictures of happy pets and their owners no less happy.

Cat Semen was found in the store without the glazik. I stayed on the overexposure second seals.

The cat Rommie taken out koshkopritona tiny sick kitten with two brother.

They took in the Christmas village of the frozen ball, with a variety of infections and ringworm. Named Coco.

In October 2014 from the orphanage "Lyuska House" took the dog with an incurable eye disease. Dog quickly lost his sight, he is now completely blind.

Cat Sally found in September at the entrance with an eye infection and volvulus century, the operation is done.

Nyusha was found on the railroad the station in July 2015 with a rotting foot, leg could not be saved.

Lusine found with kittens on the street in September 2013. Cured of ICD, sterilized. Shove thrown into the street, after the death of her grandmother-old housewife.

The cat Shadow was abandoned by former owners as useless.

Marfusha found on the street with a docked tail and a broken foot