Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

Alas, few can beat cancer. Let us remember the celebrities who took the disease in the prime of life ...

Alan Rickman

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

January 14, 2016 in the 69th year after a long battle with cancer at his home in London died a British actor Alan Rickman, is particularly known for his roles of Professor Severus Spain in the "Harry Potter" and terrorist Hans Gruber in "Die Hard" . Surprisingly, except close relatives, I did not know about his illness no. Until the last days of his life, Alan and his wife Rima Horton appeared in public (which looked very good for his age, and physical condition), as well as a lot of work. A year before his death, he had to voice the caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland" and the narrator to speak in the series' embedding someone. " Also released drama "All Seeing Eye" in 2015, where Rickman played a major role. And the last in his life.

David Bowie

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

On the morning of January 11 representatives David Bowie said on his official page on Facebook, which did not become a musician, "January 10, 2016 David Bowie died surrounded by his family after a 18-month battle with cancer." The news plunged the community into shock. The fact that he was sick, nobody knew ... Moreover, in his 69 th birthday January 8, 2016 the singer released 25th studio album, entitled "Blackstar". Fans and colleagues Bowie and could not think that the anniversary will be the last record ...

artist death shocked even the UK government. Prime Minister David Cameron admitted that Bowie personally care for him - a huge loss.

"I grew up listening to pop genius of David Bowie and watching him. He was a master of transformation "- Cameron wrote on his page on Twitter.

The singer left two children - 44-year-old son Duncan Zowie Haywood Jones from his first marriage with model Angela Barnett and 15-year-old daughter, Alexandria Zahra from his second marriage with the actor model Iman Abdulmajid.

Rene Angelil, Celine Dion's husband and manager

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

Rene struggled with laryngeal cancer 16 years! Three times it seemed that the disease has receded, but the respite afforded not for long.

The singer canceled a tour of Asia and took indefinite leave. Renee needed care. At that time, the disease returned for the third time.

- I am very afraid of losing him - Celine Dion has admitted to journalists. - So I decided to be the only time wife and mother.

After surgery on the throat of her husband could not speak, and after chemotherapy and still I could not hear.

- I played the role of a nurse. Renee could not take their own food, so eat only through a special tube three times a day, - said the singer in an interview. Nearby were their children - 14-year-old Rene-Charles and the four-year twins Eddy and Nelson.

Celine has interrupted his career in 1999. Then the doctors first discovered her husband's tumor. When there was an improvement, she again came on the scene. And soon she gave birth and first son. So this time the husband, who until recently was also the manager of Dion, very much like that Celine was back on the scene.

Once the singer admitted to reporters:

- We have talked a lot with him over these last few months. Once I asked him: "Are you afraid? I understand. You can tell me all about what you feel. " And Rene said: "I want to die in your arms." I agreed and promised that I would be next, and it is his wish will come true.

Zhanna Friske

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

For the first time about the illness of the singer and actress Zhanna Friske started talking at the end of 2013, when it ceased to appear in public and has canceled all concerts. January 20, 2014 on the official website of celebrity video message appeared her husband presenter Dmitry Shepeleva, in which he reported that Joan was diagnosed with cancer. Then close celebrities gathered in the program Andrei Malakhov "Let them talk." Jeanne Father Vladimir Borisovich said that the fourth stage of a brain tumor at his daughter found more June 24, 2013 - shortly after she gave birth to a son of Plato. The first time they coped with the disease on their own, but the funds are not enough, and they are forced to ask for help to all caring people.

"On 24/06/13 Jeanne received treatment at the American hospital, where the cost of treatment was $ 104,555, - said Vladimir Borisovich. - 29.07.2013 it was decided to continue treatment in a German clinic, where the cost of treatment was 170 083, 68 euros. Due to the complex diagnosis and long-term treatment plan funds for medical care have been exhausted, and I ask you to help pay for medical care for my daughter. "

In just a few days of treatment Zhanna Friske collected more than 48 million rubles. Artist of the money transferred to the Save the Children with cancer. And she personally ring up the parents kids, I gave advice, kept in touch with them.

In the spring of 2013 close Joan said that she is recovering, We can walk independently and feels much better. In summer the singer after a rehabilitation course in America went on vacation in Latvia, the same place in the family environment it celebrated its 40th anniversary. In autumn Friske continued treatment in Russia, and even gave a telephone interview. She thanked everyone for their support, spoke about his son and promised to return to the scene as soon recover completely.

But alas ... In March 2015 Jeanne fell into a coma. June 15 at 22:00 she died in a country house of his parents in Balashikha. Next to it were the mother, sister and close friend singer Olga Orlova and Xenia.

Steve Jobs

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

In mid-2004, 49-year-old founder of Apple has announced to its employees that he had pancreatic cancer. Forecast of development of this form of cancer is usually very unfavorable, but the Jobs proved to be very rare, amenable to surgical treatment of the type of disease, known as islet cell neuroendocrine tumor.

However, despite the advice of doctors, for nine months, Jobs flatly refused to go to the surgery, because they do not want his body autopsied. He tried to prevent the disease alternative medicine means: try a vegan diet, acupuncture, herbal medicine, even turned to the medium. In July 2004, Jobs agreed to pankreatoduodenektomii operation ( "Whipple operation"), in which the tumor was successfully removed, but at the same time there were metastases in the liver. Jobs announced that he was cured of cancer, and he secretly began to undergo chemotherapy.

The next three years gives a very nervous for Apple and its shareholders. Jobs's health gradually deteriorated, he was extremely emaciated, but continued to make presentations before his appearance did not say more than that about the submitted product. Jobs tried to convince others that he is a simple viral infection, the hormonal imbalance. In reality, things were much worse: the cancer has metastasized, because anesthetics and immunosuppressants in Jobs almost no appetite, he was subject to frequent depressions, from which not want to be treated.

In January 2009, Jobs has publicly acknowledged the problem and has gone on leave, handing over the case to Tim Cook. In April, he underwent surgery for a liver transplant in the Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, and then lived another two years.

Steve Jobs died at about 3 pm October 5, 2011 at his home in California due to complications leading to respiratory arrest.

Alexander Abdulov

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

At the end of August 2007 the actor had surgery in the Sevastopol clinic to remove perforated ulcer. However, immediately after the operation Abdulov had serious heart problems. Six days the actor spent in intensive care, after which he was sent to Moscow Cardiology Bakulev. Flight negative impact on the body of the actor, and after a sharp deterioration came three days.

In early September, Abdulov arrived in Israel, where the hospital "Ichilov" he was diagnosed with a fourth, incurable stage lung cancer.

January 3rd, 2008 at 7:20 am Moscow time at the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery Bakulev Alexander Abdulov died at the age of 54 years.

Audrey Hepburn

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

The actress lot of time to the work of UNICEF, tried to improve the fate of the children living in the poorest countries of the world. But the next trip to Somalia and Kenya from 19 to 24 September 1992 was the last for her. There Audrey began abdominal pain. African doctors were unable to diagnose, because to them it was not the appropriate equipment. However, they suggested that health problems can be serious, and proposed to interrupt the trip, but Hepburn refused.

In mid-October, Audrey Hepburn with actor Uoldersom went to Los Angeles to be examined. The result was disappointing: the tumor in the colon. November 1, 1992 was held an operation to remove the tumor. But failed. Three weeks later, the actress again hospitalized with acute abdominal pain. Analyzes showed that the tumor cells again captured the large intestine and surrounding tissues. This indicated that the actress to live only a few months.

Last Christmas she spent with children and Uoldersom. She called it the happiest Christmas of her life. Audrey Hepburn died on the evening of January 20, 1993 at the age of 63, surrounded by family.

Oleg Yankovsky

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

The first time the actor became ill in July 2008. Jankowski then taken to the ambulance straight from rehearsal to the emergency department of cardiology of one of the capital's hospitals. Doctors diagnosed coronary heart disease, have appointed a course of treatment. After leaving the hospital, Oleg Yankovsky returned to their former way of life, starred in the movie, played in the play "Jester Balakirev", often taking before going on stage potent drugs that stabilize heart function.

In late 2008, the state Jankowski has deteriorated, and he again turned to the doctors. The actor complained of constant pain in the stomach, nausea, aversion to fatty foods, it is much thinner. Only then was diagnosed with "pancreatic cancer". Unfortunately, the disease was detected at a late stage. At the end of January 2009 Jankowski took off in German Essen for the treatment of a German oncologist Professor Martin Schuler, a specialist in therapeutic methods of treating cancer. But the treatment did not help, and Jankowski returned to Moscow.

At the end of April 2009 the actor's condition worsened, he revealed internal bleeding. On the morning of May 20, 2009 Oleg Yankovsky died in a Moscow clinic.

Patrick Swayze

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

March 5, 2008 physician stars "Dirty Dancing" actor said with the consent of that Swayze had cancer of the pancreas.

In June 2008, 56-year-old Patrick was among the first in the world tried to imagine radiosurgical treatment "CyberKnife" and then officially announced that "due to the treatment of tumor growth is stopped." The actor admitted that he would be happy if he could live at least another five years ...

However, January 9, 2009, Patrick Swayze was hospitalized with a diagnosis of "pneumonia", and doctors told the actor that was found in his liver metastases on 19 April. September 14, 2009 Patrick Swayze has died at the age of 57 years.

Lyubov Polishchuk

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

November 25, 2006 relatives were unable to wake the actress, she fell into a coma and was taken to hospital. Three days later, November 28, 2006, Polishchuk has died after a long illness - spine sarcoma - in Moscow.

On when the actress began back problems, it is still not exactly known. There is a theory that the disease appeared during the filming of "12 chairs", where her character Ostap Bender threw during the dance, one of the doubles was unsuccessful, and the actress injured spine. However, the film's director Mark Zakharov categorically denies this version and as a possible cause of the disease is called a car accident in which Lyubov Polishchuk came in 2000. Then she smashed spinal discs, and it was then that the actress started having problems with his back.

George Harrison

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

The legendary guitarist of The Beatles learned that he had lung cancer in August 1997. In the same year he removed a cancerous tumor of the larynx and part of the lung, and in May 2001 he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor that could not be operated.

George took a course of chemotherapy and radiation therapy in Switzerland and then continued treatment in the United States. Held in New York, a course of treatment has not helped. George was only a few days to say goodbye to all the people close to him. He called her elder sister Louise, who had not spoken the last 10 years, and she immediately flew him to New York. November 12, 17 days before the death of George in a New York hospital, visited Paul McCartney.

Harrison died on October 1, 2001 at the age of 58 years.

Anna Samokhin

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

At the end of November 2009 the actress because of sudden stomach pains decided to undergo gastroscopy. November 26, 2009, doctors diagnosed stomach cancer in Samokhina last terminal (IV) stage. Presumably the cause of the disease become questionable long-term diet, including Atkins system, which greatly undermined the health of the actress, as well as the so-called beauty shots - injections of stem cells. In addition, Samokhina a lot of smoke. Throughout December 2009 and January 2010 half Samokhina conducted at the clinic on the Fontanka. Since stage IV gastric cancer is inoperable, all they could do the St. Petersburg doctors - is to appoint a course of chemotherapy, which the actress took place in December. However, this led only to a deterioration - in Samokhina liver failure.

The disease develops rapidly. Send an actress for treatment abroad relatives do not have time. And most doctors, particularly specialists from Israel and Germany, refused treatment, believing that save Anna was too late.

February 8, 2010 at 2 am Anna Samokhina died on 48 th year of life.

Bob Marley

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

In July 1977, the musician was discovered a malignant melanoma on the big toe. He refused amputation, citing the fear of losing the opportunity to play football and lose plasticity on the stage, in addition, Rastafarians believe that the body should remain intact.

In 1980, after two concerts in Madison Square Garden singer fainted while jogging in Central Park in New York. In winter 1980, Bob Marley was treated in Munich specialist Josef Isselsa cancers, but to no avail. As a result of chemotherapy Marley dreadlocks began to fall, and they had to be cut off.

Bob Marley wanted to spend his last days in Jamaica, but because of health flight from Germany had to stop in Miami. Despite intensive treatment, May 11, 1981 Bob Marley died in a hospital. The last words he said to his son, were: Money can not buy life, which translates as "Money can not buy life."

Ilya Oleynikov

Rickman, Bowie and other celebrities who have failed to beat cancer

Lung cancer, the actor discovered in July 2012. Oleynikov underwent chemotherapy, but a positive result to no avail. In late October, he was hospitalized with a film set in the Clinical Hospital № 122 of them. LG Sokolov with a diagnosis of "pneumonia". After some time, Oleynikov entered into a state of artificial sleep that the body can cope with septic shock, acquired after chemotherapy, and hooked up to a ventilator. The situation is complicated by serious heart problems, as well as the fact that the actor smoked a lot. Without regaining consciousness, Oleynikov died at 4 am on 11 November 2012 at the 66th year of a life in the clinical hospital № 122 of them. LG Sokolova.