8 innovative devices that people are "pulled" by 2016

• 8 innovative devices on which people "arrived" in 2016

In the past year scientific and technical progress by means of start-ups brought to humanity an incredible amount of variety of devices. In our review of the "eight" most most iconic device of the year, which "brought up" people to the new 2016.

8 innovative devices that people are

1. WalkCar

8 innovative devices that people are

The Japanese businessman and inventor, owner of Cocoa Motors, presented his first invention in 2015 - WalkCar. Apparatus thickness laptop easily placed in the bag and can be used to navigate through a city at a speed of 10 km \ h. Thus, WalkCar already in 2016 can be a real boon for all pedestrians.

2. Stary

8 innovative devices that people are

Electric skateboard the Stary was also introduced in the past year. The apparatus is capable of acceleration to 30 km \ h, and the battery will be enough to continue for about 16 kilometers. In this skateboard it weighs 3.9 kilograms and fits easily in a bag.

3. Gogoro Smartscooter

8 innovative devices that people are

Individual transport Smartscooter from the company Gogoro was presented at CES back in January 2015. The apparatus was positioned as the electric urban transport. Important advantages Gogoro offspring were "intelligence" and impressive driving dynamics.

4. INU

8 innovative devices that people are

Electric Folding scooter INU was shown at Frankfurt motor. The device is expanded just 4.5 seconds without any difficulty. Accelerates the urban individual transport up to 25 km \ h and is able to pass on a full charge as much as 40 kilometers.

5. The Klepper Backyak

8 innovative devices that people are

It is not the urban mode of transport The Klepper Backyak - is essentially modular, mobile kayak that can be worn as a backpack. The boat weighs 10 kilograms and is designed for one person. In the set there are all for river travel.

6. Biski

8 innovative devices that people are

Hybrid bike amphibious Biski was shown in the middle of the year. Transport accelerates to 130 km \ h on land and 60 km \ h on water. The transition "in" and "out" amphibious mode is carried out in a few seconds automatically.

7. JB-9

8 innovative devices that people are

In the past year has been presented several projects "jetpacks," but a real Jetpack essentially became only the JB-9. To date, the device is able to fly for 10 minutes, and the speed can reach 200 km \ h.

8. Flike tricopter

At the beginning of 2015 it was also presented a pilot project until Flike tricopter. Engaged in the development Flike tricopter Hungarian inventors. At the moment the device is already flying and can hover in place.