Rules of Life of Ian Fleming

• Rules of Life of Ian Fleming

Rules of Life of Ian Fleming

everything that I write, had precedents in real life.

ME people identify with James Bond because I love scrambled eggs, shirt with short sleeves and many other things that love Bond. But I do not have his courage or his dubious appetites.

When I wrote my first novel about James Bond, I wanted to make it look unbearably boring person that is incredibly interesting things happen. One of the bibles of my childhood was the book "Birds of the West Indies," the famous ornithologist James Bond. I sat down to come up with the name of his hero, and suddenly it hit me: "Oh, James Bond - it's the most boring name I've ever heard." So the most boring name on earth was the most exciting.

I do not like four-letter word. I do not like when they come across on the page.

Repulsed TYPING ON TWO THOUSAND WORDS for three hours every morning, I created the "Casino Royale" (the first book of Bond, written in 1953 -. Esquire) record time. But so far I have not finished the book, I do not rule it and not copied. If I turned around and looked at what he had done the day before, I certainly would have fallen into despair.

I'm not one of Shakespeare DECK writer. I have no ambition.

Unfortunately, most ways to earn more money takes too much time. By the time you will be able to earn as much as you wanted, you almost certainly will be too old to spend. I do not intend to spend my life in the allotted attempts to make it longer.

HOPE write on my grave: "Here lies a man who died from too much lived."

YOU begin to die at a moment when there is the light. So what belongs to the easier death.

Surround yourself with good people. Fight for them better than to fight for principles.

PEOPLE - THIS ISLAND. They did not even touch. No matter how close they may seem, they are always separated from one another. Even if you have been married for fifty years.

Woman must always remain an illusion.

So it is usually the case: first, the tenderness, and then touch your hands, then kiss, then a passionate kiss, and then touch the bodies, then the culmination of a bed, then more than a bed, then less bed, then boredom, then tears, then bitterness.

SOLITUDE easily become lovers.

Most marriages are NOT folded two people. Rather, by subtracting one from the other.

Women's ability to TOLERATE with almost anything - just not with indifference.

RESULT fifty years of emancipation was that the feminine qualities in women began to die, turning to the men. Today around in excess of effeminate men, who, however, was not homosexual. They just do not know what were once the representatives of their sex. This has resulted in an abundance of non-conformities: women want to dominate, and men want to be taken care of. Men need women who can turn on and off - as the light in the room.

WOMEN IN THE CAR CAN NOT GO in silence, and when women talk, it is important to look into each other's eyes. Simple exchange of words, it is not enough: it is important to see the expression on the face companion - perhaps in order to understand what is hidden behind the spoken word, or in order to analyze the response to what was said. Two women sitting in front, constantly distract each other from the road, and four women in the car - a real danger, because those who sit in front of, not only want to see and hear each other, but they also want to see and hear those who sit behind.

I do not like horses. They are dangerous on both sides and very uncomfortable in the middle.

Once - it was an accident. Twice - it's a coincidence. Three times - this enemy intrigues.

There is a good book, telling about the good and about how to be virtuous, but there is no bad books about evil and about how to be cruel. The devil was not the prophets, that would have informed him the Ten Commandments, as there was no evangelists who would write his biography. It is covered with a veil of uncertainty we do not know anything about him, except for the fairy tales told by our parents and teachers. The devil is not a book that gives the opportunity to explore the nature of evil in all its manifestations, and that tells the legend of the people with an evil heart. All that we have - not the most vivid examples of good people, as well as our own ideas about evil. Entire history of mankind - it is love and violence.

Politicians still have failed to understand that the atomic age has created the most dangerous subversive in the history of the planet - a small man with a heavy suitcase.

THE ONE WHO DESERVES DEATH usually die that death, which deserves.

HISTORY TODAY rushes forward too quickly that the heroes and villains are increasingly reversed.

Ban - this is the main cause of all crimes.

Are you sure you are about to wake up, if in a dream you dream that you are sleeping.

HOPE - as breakfast. About it can not be forgotten and must have a lot of.