100 things which should get rid of as quickly as possible

• 100 things which should get rid of as quickly as possible

100 things which should get rid of as quickly as possible

Our house - a continuation of ourselves, our reflection. If you want to change - first of all loans to their housing. When the house is clean, then the mind comes into order, and things are improving.

Here is a list of things that you need to throw away, donate or simply give as soon as possible. We decided to start getting rid of them soon.

The remnants of wrapping paper.

Business cards unwanted person.

Old tickets.

Holey socks.

Unnecessary prescriptions.

Old t-shirts.

Dried flowers.

Unwanted CDs.

Stretching elastic bands for hair.

Old magazines.

Shoes that do not fit or that you do not wear.

Small trinkets.

Cooking utensils, which you do not use.

Worn bras.

Unwanted hair accessories.

The remaining single earrings.

Scarves, you never wear.

Clothes, from which you grew up, or that you small.

Unwanted gifts.

Old towels.

The old cosmetics.

Old hangers.

Overdue sauces.

Toys pets with whom they play.

Expired medicines.

Dried nail polish.

Expired coupons.

Old documents.

DVD-drives that you are not looking.

Pet food, those who do not eat.

Old shampoos, creams and lotions.

Spoiled clothes that can not be repaired. Clothing that you can not clean.

Old dresses prom.

Scratched non-stick cookware.

Old underwear or swimwear.

Obsolete and broken electrical engineering.

Rusty jewelry.

Stockings with arrows.

Nepishuschie handle.

Necklaces and bracelets with broken clasps.

Cables and wires, you do not use.

Old linens.

Empty bottles of cleaning products.

Spare riveting and buttons for clothing, which you have not.

Worn bath mats.

Purses that you are not using.

Cutlery, plates and glasses, which were on the set.

Old pillows.

Worn shoes.

Old wedding invitation.

Old service.

Unnecessary parts of furniture.

Guide to the collection of furniture.


Vase, which you will never use.

Old letters.

Travel brochures.

Unnecessary clips.

Old crayons and markers that do not write.

Containers without lids.

Unused stationery, labels and stickers.

Ripped jeans.

Broken or old cases for your phone.

Old unused chargers.

Old spice.

Worn sponges.

Ribbons and bows on gift packages.

Cards and unneeded gifts from colleagues.

Discount cards of the stores, which will never come.

Empty matchboxes.

Old bags. Old calendars.

Old folder.

Stupid magnets.

Clothing that is outdated.

Broken Christmas toys.

Broken garlands.

Worn towels.

Spoil the food.

USB-cable, and other computer cords that you do not use.

Old software.


Old mobile phones.

Shoes that you do not wear a second season.

T-shirts with prints advertising that you never wear.

Older cereals.

Old checks.

Old bills for the apartment.

Unsubscribe from unwanted websites.

Clean the mailbox of letters.

Remove unnecessary music from your phone or computer.

Spare buttons purchased from the once new clothes.

Games in which the lack of chips or cards.

Old textbooks, which you will never use again.

Remove the backup copies of documents that are no longer needed.

Books that you have read and that you no longer want to reread.

Home phone that you no longer use.

The old guide to electrical engineering.

Accessories for cell phones that you no longer use.