12 ways to use essential oils instead of household chemistry

• 12 ways to use essential oils instead of household chemistry

12 ways to use essential oils instead of household chemistry

Essential oils are often used in order to cope with various diseases, added to cosmetics, but other than that, they can be used for all sorts of household needs, replacing harmful chemicals with them.

We know of at least 10 variants of the use of essential oils to clean the house.

For a vacuum cleaner

To eliminate the smell of dust from the vacuum cleaner is necessary to apply a couple of drops of ylang-ylang on a small piece of cotton wool and drag it with a vacuum cleaner.

For the refrigerator.

Rag with a few drops of lavender oil and mandarin, laid in a refrigerator, perfectly eliminates odors. From time to time the procedure must be repeated.

For bin

Drip 1 drop of orange oil and tea tree on a cotton pad and put into a pre-washed bin.

For microwave.

Dripping 4-5 drops of lemon oil in a glass of water, and then put it in the microwave for 3 to 4 minutes at the maximum temperature.

For toilet

Use of air fresheners in the form of a spray is very unhealthy. Instead, you can put in a small closet 2 aromokamnya, dripped on them sandalwood or any pine oil. If repeating this every week, the toilet will always be fresh scent.


Gently mix in a bowl half liter of water with one glass vinegar 9%, and 250 grams of baking soda. The mixture should get a "pop." Add to the prepared mixture of five drops of essential oils of geranium and lavender, mixed thoroughly and air conditioning with a pleasant smell - is ready. Cooked conditioner should be poured into a clean plastic bottle and close the lid.

For shoes

Mix two - three tablespoons of baking soda with essential oils of tea tree, peppermint, rosemary and lavender (one - two drops). Apply the mixture on a sock and put it in shoes for the whole night. Such a nice and gentle smell of shoes will continue throughout the day.

For furniture and descaling

Dilute 10-12 drops of sage oil, tea tree and lemon in a liter of vinegar. Shake well. This is a simple and economical means great cleans and disinfects. You can also pour the solution into the kettle or saucepan and boil for a bit to remove the scum.

for a room freshener

Add a few drops of any oil in a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the room this means. Likewise, you can spray the upholstery, using eucalyptus oil. This tool will help to get rid of dust mites. Against tobacco smoke suit coniferous or citrus oil.

For windows

Add a spray bottle 1 cup of 9% solution of vinegar and the same amount of water. Then - 11-13 drops of essential oil of lemon. Shake well. Spray on glass and dry lint-free cloth or paper towel.


It will be an excellent spot removing sweat and oil - Eucalyptus essential oil. Moisten the oil cloth or a cotton pad and apply to the stain - it is important to apply from the edges to the center spot. When the stain disappears need to rinse clothes from oil residues.

In order to combat moth

Mix a teaspoon of rosemary oil, lemon, lavender and cloves, apply the mixture on a wet sponge and wipe the empty cupboard - and moths do not dwell in it ever, and your stuff will smell nice. To enhance the effect can be left in the closet a cotton ball soaked in this mixture.