5 French ways to improve self-esteem

5 French ways to improve self-esteem

While American is calculated on what date to invite the gentleman home, but Russian girls are not released from the hands of the phone, so as not to miss a message from her boyfriend, the French go about their business, while around them always hovering fans.

We have found the secrets of these extraordinary women charm in the book by J. Callan "French women do not sleep alone."

Method number 1: Secret Garden

From time to time we all feel emotionally exhausted, minor troubles and issues like "bite off" a piece of our sense of "I". Instead of seeking comfort in sweets, alcohol, or in the arms of her former lover, communication with whom we have often hurt, take their fatigue with respect.

Secret Garden - a place where you can restore a sense of independence and power. It nourishes and supports the psyche. "When the outside world is deprived of its forces, the Frenchwoman can retire to your bedroom, draw the curtains and sit down and read a novel, or do yoga - shares observations Jamie Cat Callan. - It may just lie down and think about Jean-Claude - on the day when they were kissing in Chamonix ... Her walk will gain a new facility, and it will be up to the brim full of feelings of their own desires ... "

Secret garden can be just an interesting book that she found in the library. Woman chooses a cafe where every day goes to read, and there is the house an hour later than usual, "some not so" - this book has affected her. It returns to his everyday life with a new sense of self in the world, separate from her lover, husband, children. Returning to the real world, it carries a piece of mystery. This is very useful for self-assessment. No, do not say a word about his secret garden, but the fact that she has one, she adds mystery and power.

Method number 2: Beautiful things

We are used to day-to-day use inconspicuous "normal" things, and our self-esteem because of this falls. We forget that we all have beautiful things. The French will never forget about his grandmother donated a silver tea set - it will show off her desk every day, not just on holidays.

The method № 3: Nurturing its uniqueness

A secret key to the beauty of the French: she was happy with him. The only thing that allows you to look and feel beautiful, - own unique "I" that expresses your heart and mind. So the main thing in any relationship - to keep a person live their life and not the life of her husband, children, friends. You can love a man, to make various "deeds" and enjoy it for him, but you can not live for him, and he can not live for you. What is your favorite love you for who you are, and you need to keep it, "what you have" always ...

"The French know that it was her femininity, her other than her husband drew her attention to it, - said Madame Callan. - These are the qualities challenged him. If we do our beloved twins, always agreeing with them, wearing the same clothes with them - life will be completely fresh, "It is therefore important to maintain their individuality and" Excellent! ". If a woman does not bring their individuality to sacrifice relationships, but remains a separate person, a man knows that it is spiritually free, even when they are together.

The method № 4: Moderation around

Dress for a date - or dress in the gym, people go - or stay at home. The same principle is "black and white" is manifested in us, that when we overeat, you're sitting on a diet. So in love that we indulge in sensuality, and then become anxious, lose confidence and as a result of sleeping with a man who does not fit us perfectly: a kind of emotional equivalent of a large packet of crisps.

Strive for moderation in all things. Think of love as a piece of very good dark chocolate. Do not try to buy the cheap stuff. I really enjoy this delicacy - sensuality.

Begin to seduce (how to understand the meaning of the word French) and all. Practice the fine art of flirting. It's not about to lasso a man or force her husband to pay more attention to you. Treat each day, each moment of his life as an opportunity to feel the force of his desire. Cultivate a sense of "I" and take care of the health of your libido, dressing well, looking after the body and wearing beautiful clothes.

The method № 5: Inspire other

Although we do not often realize, every day we have the opportunity for someone to inspire, change someone's life for the better. We - an example of how to live in this world. Even without realizing it, you can be a mentor, a model for men and women of younger age. Therefore, if you do not feel the desire to look good to yourself or even for the sake of her husband, do it for the sake of the next generation. "If we start with a simple walking and allow yourself a treat" others to see and be seen ", it will discover the charm of the man who is waiting for us at the local post office - gives an example from the life of French Madame Callan. - We will stop to try exciting new perfume in the nearest gift shop, head of the habit of rummaging through the shelves of the bookstore on the next street. By doing all this, we are "grounding", begin to develop a sense of the elbow, revealing a common interest with the owners of local shops, flirting with a handsome salesman in the shop office supplies, discussing urban policy Woman Stock Center. As a result of our presence in the world do not just improve our lives, but it can make a better world. "