What aircraft produced automobile brands

The car company Honda introduced the aircraft of its own design in the spring of 2015. This is the first in the history of Japan's aircraft, built and assembled by a private company without state participation. Six-seater aircraft was created 20 years: in the automotive world for a period of time to come up with a machine, to mass-produce, to spend restyled, and then remove from the conveyor as obsolete. In the aviation industry a different pace. No airplane has not yet delivered to customers - but the first HondaJet hundred copies have been ordered.

Forbes collected ten stories about how automotive companies engaged in aircraft construction, from the pioneers of aeronautics and motor racing from Voisin to "aircraft-motor" division of Daimler, has evolved into the European Aeronautic Defense and Space group EADS.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Honda, Japan

Acting President of Honda Takanobu Ito explained the company: the creation of an aircraft under the brand Honda was the dream of founder Soichiro Honda. Before the dream Soichiro-san did not live - the founder died in 1991. The first experiments in aircraft Honda Motor began in the late eighties, the prototypes began to appear in the nineties, and the work on the current HA-420 HondaJet began in 1997. Especially for the completion of the project and mass-production business jet corporation organized subsidiary Honda Aircraft Company. Since 2006, the aviation unit is based in the US state of North Carolina - it seems that the company expects that the aircraft will fly primarily US residents.

The new HondaJet six seats, the top speed is 778 km / h, and can buy the plane for $ 4, 5 million. A distinctive feature of the business jet has become the location of the engine is not under, and over the wings. Due to custom design engineers have reduced air resistance and as a result, fuel consumption reduction achieved: compared with competitors HondaJet consumes 20% less fuel. Without refueling aircraft can fly up to 2,000 km - on the ocean this is not will cross, but to get from Moscow to Sochi and from Sapporo to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is possible. Not bad for a company that started with a motorized bicycle.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Hafei, China

Unlike Honda, Hafei Chinese stamp with a plane starts - and only 40 years later moved on to cars. Since 1951, the Harbin company designed warplanes and helicopters for the needs of the Chinese government. In the nineties, Hafei added to the conveyor minivans and light trucks under the brand Songhuajiang, and began producing a small car and vans under its own brand since 2002. design of machines ordered from the famous Italian atelier Pinifarina - this company has become famous for his work with Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

In 2009, the automotive and aviation Hafei line disconnected. On behalf of the Chinese government, which owns the company, Aircraft unit Hafei Aviation remains the responsibility of the state Aviation Corporation, while the automotive business Hafei Motor motorcar giant moved to Changan. the new owner was not interested in airplanes - so now sold under the brand Hafei cars only. However, Hafei Aviation engineering achievements enable the company to supply components for the aircraft Airbus and Boeing.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Rolls-Royce, United Kingdom

One of the most well-known symbioses automotive and aviation. Rolls-Royce produces luxury limousines since 1906, engines for aircraft appeared in the line of the company in 1915 - on direct orders from the armed forces of Great Britain. Contrary to popular belief, Rolls-Royce did not want to communicate with the aircraft: aviation company engaged caused the First World War. First, in the bombing of the country covered by fallen demand for limousines, and then the War Department of the United Kingdom to order from Rolls-Royce engines for fighter game. Since then the company has developed a parallel to the automobile and aviation business. Find Rolls-Royce engines in aircraft can now - for example, in the liner Airbus A380 or business jet Gulfstream G550.

What aircraft produced automobile brands


Voisin, France

Mark Voisin existed in France in the early twentieth century. While the difference between the car and the plane seemed to be small, and engineers to easily switch from one to another self-propelled carriage. In the history of world aviation company Voisin entered as the inventor of the first European manned airplane that was able to overcome 1 kilometer in controlled flight - talk about biplane Farman I 1907 construction. The company started with a light aircraft on order, in time of war switched to the bombers and fighters, and in 1919 the founder of the Gabriel Voisin firm began to produce sports and luxury cars.

In 1923 Voisin suffered the traditional concept of the monocoque aircraft carrier as a structural element in motor racing. The first car, built on this technology, became Voisin Laboratoire - now so build all the cars of Formula 1, but in the twenties of last century, a decision was Vuzena experiment. In engineering terms the car ahead of his time, at least 20 years, but to build on this great koproratsiyu Voisin failed: during the Second World War, his body melted cars to planes, and after the war, the company was nationalized and incorporated into the Snecma Aerospace Holding. About cars had to forget - but the aircraft engines followers Voisin doing so far.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Nissan, Japan

Nissan to produce aircraft began in the 1930s - in a time machine of this company were sold under the brand name Datson, and the holding in no way associated with passenger cars. In addition to the aircraft manufacturing corporation Nissan Zaibatsu traded real estate has produced the ship's engines, produced and sold consumer electronics repair tools.

The heyday of the aviation industry in Japan occurred in World War II: the construction of the fighters for the war effort was engaged in several businesses across the country. Together with Nissan produced aircraft Tachikawa Aircraft Company: in 1966, competitors have united for the peaceful production of cars. Modern Nissan is a diversified holding. And although the interests of the company often reaches for mobile phones and motor oil for boats, aircraft industry with Nissan tied up: After Japan's defeat in the war the country was forbidden to have armed forces, and the production of military fighter has become meaningless.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Mitsubishi, Japan

Another company that has grown up in the production of fighter aircraft in the Second World War. For the soldiers who fought with Japan name Mitsubishi sounded terrible "Messershmity": these aircraft regularly raided US and Chinese military bases. After the war, the company focused more on consumer electronics and cars. In Russia, the greatest demand is for Outlander SUVs, no less demand for air conditioners Mitsubishi - is a diversified holding company with a huge assortment.

Full return of the Air Force is scheduled for 2017. At this time, customers will receive the first MRJ - 70- or 90-seater aircraft Mitsubishi Regional Jet for local flights. Mitsubishi partners were sworn rival Honda, Toyota company: a joint venture owned by the last 10 percent of the shares. MRJ must first take off in 2015; customers of the new aircraft carriers were from Japan, the United States and Myanmar.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Spyker, Netherlands

Universal Soldier engineering: at the turn of XIX-XX century, this company can create almost anything that moves. Spyker on account more than 30 different car models, three biplane fighter for the Dutch Army and one coach for the King of the Netherlands. The carriage was built in 1898, but the monarch goes on it so far.

In the automotive world the Dutch from Spyker known as lovers of roadsters and trucks for long races, in the aviation industry - as the inventor of training aircraft Spijker V.2 rotary engine producing 80 horsepower. During the First World War the Netherlands remained neutral: this status partly helped Spyker products, hold warring parties from attacking the country of tulips. In 1926 Spyker went bankrupt, and in 1999, motorsport enthusiasts Victor Muller and Maarten de Bruijn revived the legendary brand. In spite of the logo in the form of an airplane propeller modern Spyker is far from aviation: the flagship of the range of the Dutch supercar brand is C12 Zagato.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Chrysler, USA

Automaker Chrysler is the seventh largest in the world in car sales: the company appeared in 1925, and is now part of an alliance with Italy's Fiat. Experimenting with aviation Chrysler started back in World War II, when the company assembled engines for aircraft. In 1959, Chrysler tried to create their own aircraft. Object, vaguely similar to a gyro, a fan and a motor boat at the same time, received VZ-6 name and withstood two flights - on the second test, the vehicle rolled over and crashed, the pilot managed to eject and survived.

After that Chrysler forgot about aviation for 30 years - until 1990 the US Army order not spodvig company to build a military transport aircraft C-27 Spartan. Development immediately entered service: during special operations Chrysler C-27 Spartan soldiers can carry 46 or 9 tons of cargo at a distance of 555 kilometers at a maximum speed at 487 kilometers per hour.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Mercedes-Benz / Daimler, Germany

The three beams on the logo of Mercedes-Benz brand stand for excellence in three elements: on land, in water and in the air. And if on the ground with the task perfectly cope cars, something in the air exceed the others were trying to manufacture aircraft engines Daimler - the company that owns the "Mercedes". These engines were equipped, for example, bomber and Messerschmitt Junkers.

After the war, Daimler has suspended production of components for aircraft, but already in the eighties aviation unit was revived in the form Daimler-Benz Aerospace. In 2000, aerospace giant EADS has arisen on the basis of this company. Now here produce Eurocopter helicopters, the Airbus aircraft, research probes and artificial earth satellites for the European Space Program. Concern of Daimler, produces vehicles Mercedes-Benz and the Smart, owned by 22, 52 percent of the shares of EADS.

What aircraft produced automobile brands

Saab, Sweden

The name SAAB is easily misleading. Now under this brand are manufactured planes and automobiles - and make them different companies. "Ground" SAAB Automobile AB belongs to the holding company Swedish National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), which, in turn, owned by businessmen from China and Japan. "Flying" SAAB Group monitors known in Sweden dynasty of bankers and industrialists Wallenberg together with the British defense conglomerate BAE Systems. Prior to 1989, automobile and aviation unit coexisted within a single corporation: the moment SAAB really was the largest company, which also manufactures and machine isamolety.

Swedish manufacturer started with a military aircraft: 1937 SAAB attack planes and bombers arrived in the national armed forces. Only the end of the Second World SAAB pushed to diversify production. In 1946 the company developed its first grazhdanskiysamolet, 32-seat passenger SAAB 90, and a year later took up the cars. The unity of ground and air elements emphasized numbering: SAAB 92 sedan appeared a logical continuation of the plane with the index 91 - in the forties of the Swedish manufacturer plans to develop two parallel directions. For 40 years, the concept worked: multipurpose fighter SAAB received at the disposal of the Air Forces of Sweden, the United Kingdom, NATO, Brazil, South Africa and even Thailand, SAAB cars also were sold around the world. The company is currently focused on military and training aircraft, but the passenger liners SAAB 20 years ago continue to carry out regular flights of private airlines across the globe - from Japan to Argentina. With the release of vehicles, the situation is somewhat worse, but the new owners of the famous brand promise to revive the glory of the road for SAAB - in the management plans to establish electric cars production and expand into new markets.