Rules of Life Natalia Vodianova

• Rules of Life Natalia Vodianova

Rules of Life Natalia Vodianova

At me almost no time at life itself. Rather, a series of meetings, interviews and events - but rarely life.

MY HOUSE where my children. Who is Paris.

When I was seventeen, I went from Nizhny Novgorod to Paris. I lived there a year, and it was a special year in my life - the year of my formation as a model. I lived on $ 100 a week, for a city like Paris, of course, is not enough. worth a week's travel card on the subway, I spent 25 to about $ 50 a meal - pasta and chicken - and another 25 delayed. When then I arrived at the Lower and brought my mom $ 200, she wept bitterly.

CHICKEN good cook in the microwave. I sprinkled it with pepper and salt and completely thrust her into the microwave. My roommate was a model Brazilian. She ate some yogurt. We did not communicate, because they were from different planets. When she saw the chicken, she began to hate me.

When I lived in Nizhny Novgorod and selling fruit, then I worked for real. Now it's just the beginning.

DO NOT envy me. What happiness for me, for someone to be an absolute nightmare. It seems that if someone came into my body one day, he would immediately say: Well, in FIG.

I do not think that Russia has something tremendously changed over the 15 years that I do not live here. Something is changing, but global change very little. For the category of households, from which I came out, not much has changed.

LIFE IN RUSSIA would interfere with my work right now. Here, I would be more distracted by personal history, but rather a sign of weakness for me. Help becomes effective, when converted into the system. Children we serve - children with special needs - you need to "keep" constantly. WHY WE call your daughter NEVA? We decided to name it in honor of the river. Well, what other river? Eye, or what?

IF I slapped his hammer on a finger, I swore in English. Hammer on a finger - it will still be "facts." Russian language - for something good.

I would really like to have lunch with Hillary Clinton. She reminds me of my grandmother.

I received the award Glamour magazine "Woman of the Year" last year at Carnegie Hall. This is such a very prestigious award, which is awarded for social work. Receiving the award, and his speech I devoted to my mother, who first arrived in New York. And now, imagine Hillary Clinton enters and sits in a chair in front of my mother, and right behind her sits Anna Wintour. At this point, I - perhaps the first time in my life - there is absolute offset worlds. And then when it was over and we have to go, Hillary came up, shook my hand and hugged my mom and told her: "You're such a strong woman, I admire you."

I do not know when old age begins. I find it difficult to answer this question, as I see very close to me women who are over seventy and living a full life. I sometimes think that want to be someone of them at least one day. Just try what it is. But one day, because I like to be myself.

Probably the very first memory of me - it's like a cousin keeps me in the mirror, and I look in the mirror and suddenly comes the understanding that that's out there - it's me.

I'm in school, even a pioneer not visited, but that was still and shape abolished, for me it was a real tragedy. I still believe that the form - this is very important. For me, it was a tragedy because just at that moment I realized that my family is poor. And before that I was absolutely all. I do not follow the political life of Russia and have no right to anything in this regard to speak. To reason, it is necessary to delve into it. But I'm sure that if I start to go deep, then shall I know even less.

I ALWAYS ironically refers to the appearance. Not that I do not consider myself beautiful. Fifteen years, I began to realize that within me there is something - just for people's reactions around. I walked down the street and just felt such shocks - poof! These were the views of the people. Not only men but also women.

Yes, I kissed a woman. I do admire the beauty of women, and I believe that a woman's body much more beautiful male. It's my personal opinion. For example, I can be in complete stupor of beautiful breasts.

There are things that scare me in men. Especially on the face - when you see flabby and feel for this lack of respect for yourself and your body. It's disgusting, and it says a lot about a person. To me this suggests that, most likely, this attitude extends further - the fact that this man is in the same family, as well as his body, such as a wife and a house.

If I had man for one night? Yes, there were two nights, and the first over very funny in my life, because it is over, it is not started. We had dinner with the young man. It was immediately clear how it would be, but, in principle, it was interesting. We went to him. He turned hot man, and suddenly I found myself on all fours, and it strikes me passionately on the pope. I cried out in surprise, and he says: "Here is what you need!" I look at him, and suddenly I feel terribly funny. And then I stand up and say, "No, it's not exactly what I need." I had a dress that is very easy to remove and is very easy to put back. I put it on and went. YESTERDAY under my post in "INSTAGRAME" a woman wrote that I was close to terrible. I promised her that I would not go near her.

The last time I cried with joy. I just walked with Maxim (youngest son Vodianova -. Esquire) in the park. The weather was good, the birds were singing, he laughed, and I told him to sing a song of Red Riding Hood. If a long time, long time, if long on the track ... stomp, ride and run.

ME is difficult to surprise something. I feel that is the same person I was 20 years ago. Largely due to the fact that is difficult to surprise me.

I THINK Envy always brings a loss. Generosity - it is the best investment.

WITH HUMOR I mused that if the death happens now, with me is the same as that of Marilyn Monroe. She did not have time to grow old, and all get bored staying with us forever. I think the same thing would happen with my charity work: she would have continued on its own, and this is important.

Once I said, does not work with you, because you have his eyebrows.