Russian films that made a splash in the worldwide box office

In the era of the Hollywood cinema screens, it seems, finally seized products "dream factory". The worldwide box office place remains unless the rare French erotic drama so subtle English humor - other paintings have success only in the country where they were removed. Or all the same, and sometimes Russian films conquer the world rolled?

The Snow Queen

Russian films that made a splash in the worldwide box office

Good cartoon production Wizart Animation Russian studio conquered the audience no less than the products of the company Disney. In 2013, in addition to Russia, it looked almost 125 000 people in Poland, 135 - in Brazil and, suddenly, almost 280,000 viewers in South Korea. In the worldwide box office, "The Snow Queen" has collected almost 4, 5 million dollars - more than a third of the total fees of the cartoon creators.

Last year the most popular cartoon used in the film market in Cannes, which takes place there every year. "The Snow Queen" bought for a demonstration in the Czech Republic, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Canada, Poland and Israel. But the main audience Russian cartoons - this is, of course, China.

Due to a strict policy in relation to foreign film and multproduktsii get into the country's cinemas for any studio - a great success. And then there's the cartoon itself was so pleased to distributors that they have acquired the right immediately into two parts, "The Snow Queen". In general, the profit is provided.


Russian films that made a splash in the worldwide box office

In Russia, removed a lot of war movies. Good films. But none of them had such a success in the global box office, as "Stalingrad" by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Only in the US charges against demonstrations picture in cinemas and DVD release over one million dollars. And in China watched the tape about 2 million people - more than in Russia - and "Stalingrad" in the Middle Kingdom became the most successful foreign film of non-US box office.

In total, the film was shown in 27 countries - almost all of Europe, including Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. In the worldwide box office, apart from Russia, the film grossed over $ 17 million and became the third on this indicator in the history of Russian film.

The Night Watch

Russian films that made a splash in the worldwide box office

It is now heard the phrase "Night Watch" whole world remembers John Snow and wall protecting from Vasteras White walkers. But 10 years ago this phrase closely associated with Russia and Anton Gorodetsky - so the European and American audience captivated picture based on the novel by Sergei Lukyanenko. In the US, the film has collected more than 1, 5 million dollars, and worldwide more than 16 million - exactly the same as in Russia, that our cinema is absolutely unprecedented.

Filmed without any foreign participation, "Night Watch" collected at the time for an incredible number of spectators of Russian paintings at screens: nearly 600 thousand in Germany, about 450 000 in Spain, more than 170 000 in France and more than 150 - in the UK. The rental "Night Watch" was released in more than 50 countries (the result is worthy of Hollywood) and shown at 11 film festivals. Statues, though not collected - only reward picture, not including a universal love of spectators, it was the "Golden Eagle" for the work of a sound engineer. Next part of the picture and did not leave the audience indifferent: in the United States only on the DVD "Day Watch" has collected more than a million dollars.


Russian films that made a splash in the worldwide box office

Let's face it, the success of the film in many ways contributed to its international team: a part of the crew and the producer groups were Germans, Kazakhs and Mongolians. In the US, the picture looked about 800 thousand people. For comparison, in Russia - just over 1, 1 million. Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, France and Turkey - all of these countries marched triumphantly "Mongol", gathered at the screen more than 100, and in some places and more than 200 thousand people.

picture collections in Russia amounted to only 6, 5 million dollars, but in the world - about 20 million, of which 5, 7 - in the United States. It is true, "did not go" on a DVD film - 618 000 for America is extremely low result. But in the cinema adventure Temujin - the future of the famous Genghis Khan, created a furor and made famous by Sergei Bodrov. The film received Nika Award in six categories, and even nominated for "Oscar" as the "Best Foreign Language Film".


Russian films that made a splash in the worldwide box office

The Russian Andrei Zvyagintsev remains undervalued genius, but in the West it is - one of the icons of the Russian cinema. How else to explain that his painting "The Return", earned in this country just half a million dollars in worldwide box office collected about 5, 5 million? Yes, and the number of spectators Europeans are far ahead of the Russians - in Italy picture Zvyagintsev saw 175 000 people in France - 116 000, while in Spain - 70. However, the West subtle psychological drama have always loved more than we do. Five prize Venice Film Festival, and a dozen other European awards and nominations - the best evidence. Surprisingly, modest by Hollywood and even our, Russian, standards, fees will be compensated by a modest budget picture - only 400 thousand dollars.

Reputation as export director Zvyagintsev confirmed this year when his "Leviathan" won the "Golden Globe" and dozens of awards at international film festivals and was nominated for "Oscar", but Russia has collected a little more than 1, $ 3 million. For comparison, in the US - 1, 1 million.