The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

The story of the condom in a somewhat shrouded in mystery, as historians can not determine exactly when people began to use them. Despite the fact that they are sometimes the subject of jokes, condoms have saved countless lives and are one of the most effective means of maintaining public health.

Vegan condoms

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

As with any other style of life, there are extremes of veganism. Vegans do not eat absolutely no animal products production, that is, not only meat, but also milk, eggs and honey. Ethical vegans avoid the use of products of animal production and in other spheres of life. They do not wear garments made of skin, and do not use cosmetics tested on laboratory animals. To live according to this moral code is incredibly difficult, because the animals are used in many different ways. Oddly enough, this also applies to condoms. Most companies producing condoms are made of latex, rubber type, and condoms from the skin of lambs was almost no market.

At first glance it may seem that latex condoms are perfect for even the most hard-core vegans, but most of them are used casein, a milk protein. To the delight of lovers vegans German company called "Condomi" produces condoms using cocoa powder instead of casein. This detour to solve problems with vegan condoms, of course, is good, but unfortunately vegans, casein found in a wide range of other products, including paint, glue and medications.

The majority of condoms are too big for Indian men

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

Viewing pornography, certainly gave many people grossly distorted picture of the average statistical size of the penis. In truth, most of us are gifted with a little more "modest". To utter Unfortunately Indian men their dimensions tend to fall to the lower end of the spectrum. In 2006, a study of penis spent by the Indian Council of Medical Research, hit the headlines, as it was found that approximately 60 percent of those surveyed Indian men's penises have been a few centimeters shorter than the standard used in the manufacture of condoms. This mismatch has led to a high level when condoms or torn subsided (approximately 20 percent of cases). This is a serious problem, given the prevalence of AIDS. This problem exists not only in India. In 2015, Thailand's Ministry of Health reported that the number of sexually transmitted infection among young people has increased by almost five times over the past ten years. According to the statement, "it is explained by the fact that only 43 per cent (of teenagers) use condoms as well as due to the fact that they choose condoms that are too big for them, because they are afraid of ridicule about the small size of his penis" .

"Prezervativnaya" ambulance

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

This situation is so common that even became a frequent cliché in films. The situation suddenly takes a turn and flushed people get into the bedroom. A little fuss and sad realization of the fact that the gentleman forgot to replenish his supply of condoms in the nightstand. In the movies, this leads to an interesting adventure (it is enough to watch a movie in 1997 called "Booty Call" with a young Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx) in the role of a character named Banse (Bunz)), but real life is more prosaic and tragic. However, do not be sad, because there is salvation! "Prezervativnaya" ambulance existing around the world, will give you a packet of condoms faster than pizza.

This service is offered to sophomore University of New Jersey named Kyle McCabe (Kyle McCabe), which delivered condoms on call in a few minutes at any time of day and night throughout the student's hostel, wearing a helmet with a flashlight. Skillful businessman McCabe took $ 3 for 1 condom and $ 15 for 10, depending on the time of day. He also made his clients sign a waiver exempting it from liability if the condom does not work. However, Kyle's business is hardly unique - the 2004 surge of chlamydia among young people in Sweden inspired the health workers to create three vehicles, which delivered an urgent remedy to all the people who found themselves in the midst of passion without protection.

The edible condom

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

Condoms come in a variety of species, textures, colors and even flavors. However, edible among them. Nevertheless, a restaurant owner from Hong Kong named Alvin Leung (Alvin Leung) from "Bo Innovation" has turned this concept into a dish called "Sex on the Beach" (Sex on the Beach). "Sex on the Beach" is similar to what can be found on the New Jersey coast at low tide. "Sex on the Beach" is a pink condom made of edible seaweeds and konjac (root is often used to create gelatin), with a base of sand, made from grated powdered shiitake mushrooms. Apparently, in order to discourage any appetite, the tip of a condom is filled with "viscous white" substance derived from a mixture on the basis of honey.

While modern cooks are known by various crazy antics of molecular gastronomy, Leung appetizer, apparently, ignored all the rules of etiquette. However, its purpose is noble. The shock of the "sex on the beach" is meant to draw attention to the problem of HIV / AIDS, and the proceeds will go to the organization for the fight against AIDS in Hong Kong.

Condoms and Catholics

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

In contrast to the majority of the world's religions, Catholicism explicitly prohibits any form of birth control, including pills, abortion and even condoms. Catholic ideas about sex and condoms are so strong that when the male sperm being tested in the treatment of infertility, the only acceptable way to collect sample is condom to puncture holes in it, which should be on it while having sex with his wife. The debate about condoms raged for years, with the most recent pope (Benedict XVI and Francis), demonstrated their progressive nature, stating that the use of condoms can be moral if they are used to prevent the spread of diseases such as AIDS in the devastated disease African countries in under the Sahara desert. The immorality of the use of condoms is strongly condemned by Catholics. Ireland, essentially Catholic country, has banned the import and sale of contraceptives until 1979, when they became available by prescription. In 1985, the Irish government has proposed to legalize the sale of condoms. This proposal has infuriated the church, with the Archbishop of Dublin said that such a law will be the beginning of the "slippery slope of moral degradation." The proposal was accepted February 20, 1985.

Bill Gates (Bill Gates)

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

Tycoon software Bill Gates is known for his charity work, supporting a variety of different charities around the world, including those who are struggling with the disease, provide free education and support the development of agriculture. In 2013, he announced his intention to provide grants to inventors in the amount of 100 thousand dollars to create new and improved condom. The aim is the creation of ultra-thin condoms, which provide a maximum level of sexual pleasure, while remaining safe. This objective is based on the theory that many men refuse to use condoms because of the lack of sensitivity during sex.

At the moment, two grants were allocated. One went to Manchester University (University of Manchester), which creates the condom, made of ultra-light form of carbon called graphene. Another went to the University of Oregon (University of Oregon) for the creation of a condom made of polyurethane, which is a kind of seal the penis. According to the calculations, the thickness of the condom will be less than half of the thinnest condom commercially available today. Unlike other charitable causes that he is actively sponsoring, Gates believes that the improvement of condoms can help to make a fortune and attract many investors.

The legality of

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

Ireland is not the only country with legal restrictions on condoms. The United States also had a two-fold relationship with rubber bands. In the 18th century, people used animal gut, but in 1839 Charles Goodyear (Charles Goodyear) introduced a method for curing rubber and condoms industry immediately blossomed. Industry was dealt a huge blow in 1873, when the federal government passed a law Comstock, which forbade the transportation of mail of different items related to sex, including erotic literature, sex toys and condoms. Prejudice against condoms (which, according to some, encourage promiscuity) persisted over the next decades. When the United States entered the First World War, they were the only Allied Powers that have not provided their troops condoms, resulting in thousands of US Army cases of sexually transmitted diseases have been reported, such as gonorrhea and syphilis.

Even today, when Americans of all ages can buy condoms in stores and by mail, possession of condoms may be used against people in court. When arrested a man suspected of prostitution, that they have a condom is seen as evidence of a crime. Unfortunately, this has led to the fact that many prostitutes do not carry condoms for fear of harassment by the police, risking thus to catch sexually transmitted infection. One of the most innovative places in the country, California, was one of the first states that have banned the use of having a person of condoms against him in court.

Condoms A spray

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

As with any other industry, the production of condoms is always looking for new ambitious ideas. Despite the fact that most condoms are produced in the form of a "one size for all", there are people who have difficulty in selecting condoms, be it because of the unusual size or shape. Therefore, the German teacher of sex education named Jan Vincenz Krause (Jan Vincenz Krause) has developed a new concept - condom applied by spraying, which will be perfect for every man. Krause was a prototype handset, which tuck the penis and covered with a protective layer of liquid latex. However, there were a few problems, the biggest of which was the time required for drying of latex in its design - about two or three minutes, which is enough to lose a playful mood. However, Krause also distributes its own line of condoms of different sizes. He even has a website where men can download size chart to measure your penis and find the perfect size.


The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

For all the pomp and solemnity of the Olympic Games is hiding underlying motive of Conversations with Other Women. In other words, the Olympians have sex like rabbits. This is quite understandable. Settling of thousands of young people at the peak of their physical form is a recipe for love (or at least one of its manifestations). In fact, it is striking how they are active. During the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney 6582 male athlete participated in 2000. The organizers distributed 70,000 condoms, which accounted for more than 10 pieces per person. Oddly enough, they had urgently ordered another 20 000 units, as the athletes run out of condoms handed out to them.

Subsequent games were much more generous in this respect. Organizers of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi have distributed 100,000 condoms (approximately 35 pieces per athlete), and at the Olympics in London was a crazy amount distributed 150,000 condoms. However, even this was not enough, as the organizers of the London Olympic Games have found a bucket of unauthorized condoms from an Australian company. On the bucket it was written "Kangaroo Condoms for cancer at the bottom."

Condoms and the Cold War

The strangest facts that you might not know about condoms

The Cold War was certainly one of the strangest chapters in human history. Such security services, the CIA and KGB worked hard to undermine the influence and plans of their enemies. While many of their schemes meant murder and atrocities, others were just plain ridiculous, for example, the project "Acoustic cat" (Operation Acoustic Kitty), in which a cat with an implanted microphone was to be used as a spy. Of course, condoms have also been implicated in their machinations. It was rumored, perhaps humorous that for Policy Coordination Office (Office of Policy Coordination) CIA ponders the idea of ​​dropping the condom sheer size of the territory of the USSR with the inscription: "Made in the USA. The average size "as a psychological attack. It is possible in this story there is a grain of truth. Policy Coordination Management consisted of a group of young men, famous for their jokes and crazy schemes include plans to dropping materials over the Soviet Union with the help of balloons. At some point, the CIA director threatened to close all the management, if it on the table would be one more suggestion related to the balloon. What effect would have a rousing jealousy Americans about penis size among the Soviet people in the tense relations between the two countries during the Cold War, it remains unknown.