10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

In 2014, the British National Shakespeare Festival Day (April 23) is celebrated all year round and all over the world. In honor of the 450th anniversary of the English genius put the new plays, make films, to republish the book and release even more things with Shakespeare symbolism than usual.

The names of many of Shakespeare's plays the characters so long ago and successfully built into popular culture that is sometimes difficult to remember their source. Characters, quotes, and the personality of the classics in the XX and XXI centuries actively used during the creation of new brands and advertising campaigns for existing.

Before you 10 of the most interesting examples of how different manufacturers earned on Shakespeare and his characters.

Beer Falstaff

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

A native of Germany, Jonathan Adam Lemp brewery founded American Lemp Brewery in the middle of the XIX century. In 1903, the brewery, Rename: to change the name of the founder's name came John Falstaff, Shakespeare's most cheerful of drinkers and idlers, the hero of "scoffer of Windsor" and two of the chronicles of Henry IV.

Brand, borrowed from Shakespeare, in the XX century, has spread in popular culture as an independent phenomenon. Falstaff Beer is mentioned in the song (A Change Would Do You Good Sheryl Crow), appears in the film ( "Jaws", 1975, "My Own Private Idaho", 1991). However, in the XXI century, the main products of the corporation suddenly lost its popularity. In 2005, Falstaff Beer was removed from production due to low sales.

Hamlet Cigars by

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

Cigars after the main character of Shakespeare began to release in the UK in 1964. The brand belongs to an international group of Gallaher Group companies, which in 2007 acquired the world's third-largest corporation Japan Tobacco. cigar advertising c name of the most famous Shakespearean Prince confirms the words though the gravedigger of the play that in England all crazy. TV commercials that went on British television to the ban on tobacco advertising in 1991, might have seemed just as absurd, yet they enjoyed the love of viewers. For example, in a promotional video for Hamlet cigars suffering from thirst in the desert, a man finds a jar of Heineken beer, tipping her on the sand and enjoying a cigar is delayed.

Energy for playwright

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

The famous slogan energy "Red Bull gives wings" could be used in respect of any classic, but for advertising in 2010 the company chose to use exactly Shakespeare. Manufacturer of energy drinks are literally making history again: it turns out, the playwright does not have coped with the writing "Hamlet" without the cans Red Bull. It's time to rethink the chronological framework of the existence of Shakespeare - the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH was founded only in 1987.

A timeless classic

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

Advertisement classic 501-th model of jeans Levi's in 2005 - a free adaptation of one of the lines of Shakespeare's comedy "Midsummer Night's Dream." The queen of the fairies Titania works in a diner in Los Angeles, and the weaver-simpleton named basis, which falls mythical beauty, of course, wearing Levi's 501. With the song (and the £ 21 million spent on the campaign) brand hoped to attract the attention of young buyers and "stop clinging to associate with your young men like Tony Blair and Jeremy Clarkson."

Reconciliation Montagues and Capulets

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

The European mobile operator T-Mobile is not the only brand used in the advertising images of the main Shakespearean lovers. His version of the story of Romeo and Juliet filmed mobile company Nextel, telecom group Orange, odezhnyj Swedish giant H & M and others. In advertising, T-mobile parents Juliet to see how that corresponds with the beloved, recognize that in fact is not so hate the Montagues - just still call it was too expensive.

The game is at an altitude of

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

To the 450th anniversary of the Bard's main aviation loukosterov UK EasyJet has prepared for its clients the program "all inclusive". It begins with a branded aircraft and ends theatrical performance during the flight.

April 23, at the National Shakespeare's day, the troupe Reduced Shakespeare Company set the height record on which ever staged Shakespeare's plays (11 277 m). To break the record for all the pieces at once, the actors showed more than one product, and Shakespeare's potpourri.

Air Spirit

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

One of the most well-known products company Procter & Gamble first appeared on the US market in 1967. Since Ariel brand managed to win the world market and dislodge from the memory of the majority of consumers of the fact that the name of detergent borrowed from Shakespeare.

air spirit Ariel is the magician Prospero in Shakespeare's later works - "The Tempest." Spirit controls the flow of the wind and at the same time commands the element of water: it is his protagonist asks to arrange a storm at sea, to turn the ship with his detractors. However, by their nature, Ariel is very peaceable and likable. Perhaps the choice of name brand has played the role of tradition and scenic Ariel image - still the spirit often appears in performances in shining white clothes.

Shakespeare there is

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

In 2010, the brewery from Warwickshire Church End Brewery decided to celebrate the birthday of the Bard release four percent of ale with a predictable name Shakesbeer (homeland playwright in Stratford-upon-Avon, by the way, sold more victim-kalamburschikov marketers - teddy bears named Shakesbear).

Someone's been on the Shakesbeer ( "Someone drank" Shekspiva ") - read the slogan celebratory beers campaign. Treat yourself to an unusual drink, according to the advertising poster, immediately they were transformed so that they become themselves like the English genius.

To drink or not to drink

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

The best-known English-language joke based on Shakespeare's works sounds, of course, as follows: 2 beer or not 2 beer. Was-homophone saying to the people running the producers of alcohol is unknown. However, in the advertising of beer it was used at least once.

Shakespeare and Company

10 examples of the use of Shakespeare for commercial purposes

The founder of online bookstores publisher Sylvia Beach, according to legend, saw Shakespeare & Company name in his sleep. The first Paris store of the chain was opened in 1919 and has long served as a library, club and lounge for the most famous writers of the time. In Shakespeare's bench looked Ernest Hemingway, André Gide, Gertrude Stein, Henry Miller, Bernard Shaw and others.

In 1960 with the permission of Sylvia Beach, the grandson of Walt Whitman, George opened another store in Paris with the same name. The like New York City bookstores appeared in the 1980s and so rich in history are not burdened with - they are mainly engaged in buying and selling used books.