Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

Stormy acting career, affairs with high-ranking officials and solitude - we already know many of the details of the tragic life of Marilyn Monroe, however, there are still many mysteries hidden her childhood friends, or lurking in her things.

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, born Norma Jean Baker (Norma Jeane Baker) at single mothers named Gladys Baker (Gladys Baker), evolved from a humble girl neighbor sex bomb with blond hair. Marilyn became popular through his early films "Ladies of the Chorus" and "All About Eve", however, in the 50th years of spectators from around the world were more interested in her personal life. From her dog, given to her by Frank Sinatra (Frank Sinatra) to its spontaneous departure to New York for John Kennedy's congratulations on his birthday. Marilyn Monroe's life has become more interesting for the spectators than the characters that she played on the screen. After her sudden and controversial death, her personal life has undergone further excavations, as its fans and the media have tried to figure out what really happened with the star.

During all this turmoil a few Marilyn secrets remained hidden due to the restraint of her old friends and colleagues from Hollywood. Besides, it was not disclosed, and the secrets that were stored in her personal mail archives, accounts and diaries. Secrets of Marilyn, which were disclosed in the past few years have demonstrated that it was a smart, sincere, but tormented man, wishing to give the audience more than she could.

The mother Marilyn was trying to kill her

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

Throughout her life, Marilyn says that her first recollection was that her mother had tried to kill her. She remembers that lay in her bed, and her mother stood over her, trying to smother her with a pillow. It is unclear what caused Mrs. Baker to stay truthful and whether it is a memory of Marilyn. However, later, Marilyn was taken from his mother and placed in an orphanage. Marilyn was always afraid that she would inherit her mother's mental illness and also gets a psychiatric institution. At the time, Marilyn voluntarily went to a psychiatric hospital, but it gave her traumatic experience and, ultimately, only strengthened her fears.

Marilyn was a factory worker

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

Before she became a Hollywood actress, and her name became a household word, Marilyn was a simple girl with no family and wealth. Getting from one orphanage to another, she was expelled from school at the age of 15 and married her lover Jimmy Doherty (Jimmy Dougherty) in the hope of a better life. Soon Jimmy moved overseas, and Marilyn supported the war, as it could - working at the plant. It was not a comfortable married life, she had dreamed of.

However, it was her luck, because working in a factory, she was discovered by a photographer, who documented her for "pictures, raising morale" and took her straight to Hollywood. By the time Jimmy got home, his wife was already a star named Marilyn.

Marilyn twice did plastic surgery

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

studio executives wanted all thought that Marilyn was a natural, completely American beauty. And it was so until 1950. Around this time, Marilyn had two cosmetic procedures for correction of the nose and chin. They were made to achieve a certain image that heads to come up with Marilyn: dumb blonde. In conjunction with its correction of malocclusion, the selection of a professional wardrobe stylist and procedures to maintain the beauty, Marilyn managed to achieve this "image" by the time she started acting in the film Niagara in 1953.

Cosmetic surgery was not an ordinary thing, to whom she is today in Hollywood and Marilyn often lay in the hospital under assumed names to her visit kept secret. Throughout her life she suffered from anxiety and fought with low self-esteem, often locked in her dressing room for a few hours or completely skipping work, but she never fell under the knife.

Marilyn sewn marbles in their bras

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

One of the most legendary performance Marilyn Monroe was her curvy figure and she has spared no effort in order to save it in the proper form, especially breast. Fearful of losing their "way", Marilyn wore bras at night to her breasts are not dropped. Wanting to give her breasts even more spice to it with time beginning to sew marbles in bras. Sometimes, when she was not on hand marbles, she sewed a few small buttons and use them to achieve the same effect.

Marilyn on her face were vellus hair

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

Every day, Marilyn began with the application of a vast number of creams and powders, specially selected in order to improve its appearance in the film. These cream and powder did produce the desired effect, according to her colleagues on the set. She was putting a thick layer of petroleum jelly and hormone cream on the face several times a day. Hormonal cream called vellus hair growth on her face that for Marilyn said, allowed her skin perfectly captures the light bulbs. Unlike with other actresses, photographers do not have to use a special lens or light working with Marilyn, because her face is in itself emits light.

Despite the fact that she begged to shave vellus hair, Marilyn refused to do it and bragged that she had "the most luxuriant beard of all the Hollywood actresses."

Marilyn was more than 400 books

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

As a lover of reading, Marilyn was far from dumb blonde she portrayed. Her personal library of over 400 books ranging from fiction novels to biographies and personal diaries. Spending the night in the struggle with insomnia, Marilyn considered the book as a haven, and their diaries way throw their tangled emotions. Among its collections of books were three volumes of the life and work of Sigmund Freud and "Ulysses" (Ulysses) James Joyce (James Joyce).

The legendary scene Marilyn was the cause of her divorce,

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

When Marilyn filmed his cult scene in a white dress on a sewer grate in New York, no one could not have imagined that eventually this will lead to her divorce. Her second husband, baseball legend Joe DiMaggio (Joe DiMaggio) watched the filming of the film "The Seven Year Itch" and quickly began to get angry at how many times the director wanted to shoot this scene. He did not like to see his wife showed their underwear all over the world in a few takes. From that moment between the conflict began about her career and lifestyle.

Marilyn had three miscarriages

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

Given the fact that Marilyn never had a stable home and family, she desperately wanted children and a family. Despite the fact that she had been married three times and suffered three miscarriages with her last husband, Arthur Miller (Arthur Miller), Marilyn did not manage to make a baby. She could only play the role of mother for child Arthur, Bobby and Jane, often sending them letters, giving pets or teaching them life wisdom.

Marilyn poorly memorized the words in the script,

Most Shocking Secrets of Marilyn Monroe

Many of the cast and crew on site colleagues noted that Marilyn was a dedicated and takes his job very seriously, not even giggling and telling jokes between scenes of the other actors. Considering how she was well-read and intelligent, it seems surprising that Marilyn was hard to remember his words. However, sometimes required under 60 takes to complete scenes as Marilyn forget his words or confuse them.

One day, Marilyn came to work in the nude

On the set of his latest film "Something's Got to Give," Marilyn had to swim in the pool in a bathing suit, flesh-colored, but decided to do without it. Delaying filming his late, which cost thousands of dollars in the studio, Marilyn decided to offset this free advertising film, appearing there in the nude. To make sure that the rumor about it reach the ears of the audience, Marilyn invited journalists and photographers on set, where she was filming this scene. Marilyn tried to prove itself not only by the fact that she was a healthy woman with a good figure, but the fact that she was a multi-faceted star, capable of attracting the public's attention and hold it. At this point, Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor) worked in the same studio, filming the movie "Cleopatra" and receiving ten times more than that received Marilyn. Marilyn knew she could compete with Liz.

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