20 strong statements of Victor Hugo

• 20 strong statements of Victor Hugo

20 strong statements of Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo was a multifaceted personality: he could write a very long and exciting novels at the same time send a letter to his publisher with only one question mark.

We've gathered 20 great romantic quotes from the book "Notre Dame," "Les Miserables," "The Man Who Laughs". They argue that one sentence he could say a lot.

I do not care attitude to a knife attack the enemy, but it is painful pinprick other.

Much more accurately you can judge a man by his dreams than in his thoughts.

Fate never opens a door without slamming the other first.

Life devoid of tenderness and love, not that other, as an inanimate screaming and squeaky mechanism.

We are born with a shout, dying with a groan. We can only live with a laugh.

It is not enough to be happy - it is necessary to be at peace with himself.

Genuine inequality in marriage - this inequality shower.

All human actions can be treated in two ways: for that brand one of the other crowned with laurel. When a person has a thought, he finds her in everything.

If you can imagine something worse than hell where suffering, it is hell where bored.

In the world there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Being kind is not difficult: it is hard to be fair.

If one can say what love is, then, he was not loved.

Our actions can raise us up to heaven, and hurl into the deepest abyss. We - the children of our deeds.

The man's face always reflects his inner world, and erroneously think that the idea is devoid of color.

Change your opinions, keep your principles: change the leaves, keep the roots.

The first symptom of true love in men - diffidence, a woman - courage.

Laughter - the sun: it banishes winter with a human face.

Die - it's nothing terrible - not live.

Each person has three characters: the one that he is credited with, the one that he himself attributes, and finally the one that is in reality.