12 golden rules of Maya Plisetskaya

• 12 golden rules of Maya Plisetskaya

12 golden rules of Maya Plisetskaya

Everyone who saw her on the stage, pointed out the incredible plasticity and grace of a ballerina. She brought the art of ballet to a new level. But the special was not just the dance. The ballet had taught her endurance, fearlessness and straightforwardness. We respectfully and gratefully give some rules of life Maya Plisetskaya.

Wrinkles can not escape. But molodyaschiysya old man or old woman - it's ridiculous. You know, there is an old garden, and a new garden. But neat and tidy it or not - it is quite another matter. Same with the face of a man: always visible - it is well maintained and run.

I never liked to practice and rehearse. I think that in the end it and extend my stage career: I have had neizmuchennye feet.

I can tell you without boasting: I have nothing to envy. The Lord gave me the ability and good data, the Bolshoi Ballet I outperform a lot, I seem to world fame. And most importantly - I have a wonderful husband, what else can I ask for?

12 golden rules of Maya Plisetskaya

People are not divided into classes, race, state of the system. People are divided into good and bad. The only way. Good is always an exception, the gift of Heaven. I prefer beer with sausages than sweet ... But in general, people do not come up with anything tastier than regular bread and butter.

All my life I love the new, all my life I look to the future, I always interesting!

12 golden rules of Maya Plisetskaya

Maya Plisetskaya and Yves Saint Laurent, 1971.

Men have always liked beautiful figures. I do not think that a ballerina conquered them with his mind.

Do not eat! A more effective way to be in a form not yet invented.

I will give you advice for future generations. Listen to me. Do not give in nor reconcile to the edge. Even then - Fight, fire back, to blow with the trumpets, the drums beat ... Up to the last moment ... My fight win only on that and kept. Character - this is fate.

12 golden rules of Maya Plisetskaya

Ballet PI Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake", 1959.

I'm not sure that the highest manifestation of the mind - it is kindness. Good souls there are also stuffed fools.

In art no matter what. The most important thing - how. You need to come down to everyone touched to the soul - then it is now, or in any way.

I do not like fuss. Neither on stage nor in the life of ... Superfluous words also do not need.