Unusual Tips for parents

• Unusual tips for parents

Unusual Tips for parents

The blogger Joanna Goddard has collected in his community tips experienced parents. Psychologies and we have chosen the most useful ones. Indeed, remarkable.

If your child has fallen, the first thing to ask him, "Are you hurt or are you afraid of?" Usually children are just scared or confused. If so, tell us a story about how one day you or dad (or "even Uncle, you would not believe!") Also fell when they were little. Kids love these stories, they help them maintain good spirits.

If you as a family are flying in an airplane, always take place in different ranks: if one parent sits down with the children and the other separately. Swap every two hours. The proven way to ease the journey for everyone.

If you want to attract the attention of children at the dinner table or somewhere else, start a sentence with the words: "Have I ever told you the story about ..."

Learn how to draw some simple animals, such as a frog, a bird, or objects (plane doll). Children will be asked to draw them again and again.

Stopwatch - a great motivator when you need your child to tie shoelaces, finished off what is on the plate, put his room, in general, do anything quickly.

To avoid exhausting battles for "Put on a jacket on cold outside please immediately I said," instead of the first word ( "put on your jacket") say, "Hold out your hands" - and then just put the baby. Come up with a weekly "donut day" or "day of sweets." Rather than always deny a child - "No, you can not sweet," recalled: "We eat sweets on Wednesdays." The ritual will make the day special, children will look forward to it and at the same time to develop a useful quality as patience.

Preschool age children may be asked to select and pack with a long journey on the subway or other transport to your favorite book - it teaches themselves to entertain themselves. On the size and content of the books most suited to the figures, where you need to find a hero or an object in the thick of things.

Kids always do not mind a drink of water and pee. Even if they say "no", if you put in front of them a glass of water or a pot, they will.

It is important not only to be physically close to the child, but also fully concentrate on it. When you come home from work, if possible, leave your phone in your bag and just Stay with the child (10 minutes or an hour, depending on your circumstances). Even if you're tired, you have a bad mood, I had a bad day at work, forget about everything for a while and talk to the baby before cooking dinner or doing other household chores. Ironically, sometimes the children themselves are too busy to spend time with you - passion play or do homework - and full of happiness enough for them to know that you are there and ready to communicate. You can think of the game: every weekend to go to the market and ask the children to choose two new vegetable. As a rule, their activity is extremely fascinated. Houses can choose new recipes together and thus to try a lot of useful vegetables: spinach chips, guacamole, avocado, browned pumpkin, green smoothies. A great way to introduce kids to new foods.

Brushing your teeth - one of the most unattractive of activities for children. Encourage your child to choose a song and sing it while he brushes his teeth. On the one hand, the singing will not let him be bored, because he knows the words, but on the other - will work as a timer, by which he would know how much is left.

Easily falls into trouble kids will be easier to cope with anxiety, if you take it a rule in the morning briefly tell what kind of business events and plan the day. For example, if to be a difficult situation for a four-year, you can give him time to prepare in advance, tune: "We go to a children's party in the evening, there will be a lot of children younger than you, and you will need to be patient with them, okay?"

Children do not particularly like to clean up in his room, but love other household chores: taking out the trash, unload the dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, wash the plate. It remains to find out what your child likes. Start with small tasks, such as charge him pull clothes from the washing machine, disassemble the socks in pairs. If you do not have work for them, but desperately need twenty minutes to spare for yourself, think of the job (but it should sound serious!): "I really need to pass all of these nuts from the bag in a bowl." If the baby starts to act up during the walk, ask them to try to walk in a new way: to march, jump like a frog, waddle like a penguin.

Good idea - to invite a child's birthday many guests, how old your child is executed. Then he does not overdo it and will not be too overwhelmed by impressions. A year or two - one guest, four years - four other ...

At lunchtime the children go to school without warning and go to lunch.

Going to the playground, take it with at least two small toys - for new friends. Typically, the first kids play next to each other and only then begin to play together.

Always tell your child "goodbye" when you leave - this is important, even if the parting is his tears.