Why do we have to work slowly and not much

Why do we have to work slowly and not much

Cool article about that success does not tolerate haste.

Matt Steele, head of design bureau, wrote an essay about how to organize their work so as not to become a hostage to save his mind and get more enjoyment out of life.

Here are 8 simple rules that will change your ideas about how to work.

Slow down

Someone once said: "Even if you win in the rat race, you still remain a rat." When we slow down, our priorities become more pronounced. If you are busy more than you want, do not try to rearrange your schedule. To start with calm and focus on the present moment. Feel what is happening right here and now. See how your energy is consumed - good and bad. Healthy priorities themselves unfold in front of you, and life will begin to be corrected itself.

enough to be the hero

Make a schedule, you will be able to comply with tasks, the fulfillment of which will not lead you to destruction. No one will die from a heart attack, if you close one of the projects.

Go home

Get out of the office at six o'clock in the evening, or earlier if possible. Dine with friends or family, relax and have a good sleep. Then you will feel rested and focused, when in the morning return to work.

Avoid meetings

Sometimes they are really necessary and useful, but most of the meetings you are just wasting your time for nothing. Respectfully ask your colleagues or boss, is there a more efficient way of making decisions. Offers suggestions.

Enable mode "on the plane"

Forget the calls (even if they are forwarded immediately to voice mail) and the Internet. It is important to realize that our communication habits do not make us happier or more productive. Create around themselves minimally distracting atmosphere. Stay offline until you really do not need to carry out any research or to clarify something. First of all do important work, and only then respond to the letter. Be proactive, not reactive, and have finally forget about social networks.

Dine outside the office

Read a book, take a walk, visit a museum - do anything to change the environment, and disconnect from the usual cases. Change of scene will charge you with energy and enthusiasm to work in the afternoon.

Avoid multitasking

This is inefficient. People who claim that they successfully cope with several tasks simultaneously, deceive others or themselves. Concentrate on one important task. Inform colleagues that you are busy and you can not be distracted. They will no longer be angry with you, when they see the final results.

Say "no"

Before you respond to a request, ask yourself what you need inside to say "yes" - consent or fear. In the second case, politely refuse and offer an alternative. This is another reason to be creative.