25 citations present wizard Eugene Schwartz

25 citations present wizard Eugene Schwartz

Eugene Schwartz gave us "Ordinary Miracle" and "The Tale of Wasted Time", breathed new life into the stories of Cinderella and Snow Queen and launched into the sky own wise and ironic "Dragon." All his works Schwartz showed that miracles, like goodness, love, justice, there is always a place in the life of any adult.

Today, we remember your favorite quotes from the fairy tales by Eugene Schwartz.

of men and women

Best decoration girls - modesty and transparent dress.

I'm three days chasing after you, to tell you I do not care.

Oh, I loved him once, and these people then I hate horrible.

I have to look busy. You are attractive, I'm damn attractive - what is there to waste time?

It is their love seem particularly strange. All variables and their remain the same as they were.

What you call love - it's a bit unseemly, quite funny and very nice.

On Man

Listen, people are terrible, when at war with them. And if you live with them in the world, it may seem that they do currently.

The man from the dead stones will make a statue - and proud then, if the job was successful. And Go and make a living from the more lively. Here is a job! The man who wasted his time, he did not notice how aging.

People do not know the shadow side of things, namely, in the shade, in the shadows, lurking in the depths, and that gives the sharpness of our senses.

Blackmailer we have exposed, the thief would be caught, and cunning trickster be outwitted, and this ... The actions of the simple and honest people sometimes so mysterious!

On the life

When you lose one of his friends, the rest of the time to forgive all.

The only way to get rid of the dragon - is to have their own.

Oh, how much turmoil as worries. No, to be in despair - it's much nicer. Doze and did not expect it.

The real war begins suddenly.

When you're warm and soft, wiser and keep quiet nap, my dear.

Children should be pampered - then grow from them the real robbers.

Sometimes it's better to spend a little time, then to save it.

Let's take life as it is. Rain rain, but there are wonders and amazing transformation, and comforting dreams.

On the main

Tale is told not to hide, but in order to open, to say with all the strength, in a loud voice what you think. I'm not a magician. I am just learning. But for the sake of those I love, I am capable of any miracles.

Glory to the brave who dare to love, knowing that this will come to an end. Glory madmen who currently live as if they are immortal - death sometimes departs from them.

Nothing and no one to believe - it is death. All understand - this is also death. And indifference - is worse than death.

Ever ask what you can, so to speak, present? And no amount of communication will not help you to do a little leg, the soul - the big and the heart - just.

Love, love one another, and all of us at the same time, does not cool down, do not back - and you'll be so happy, it's a miracle!

Quotes on the works of E. Schwartz, "Ordinary Miracle", "Shadow", "Dragon", "The Tale of Wasted Time" scenarios "Cinderella," "Snow Queen"