100 tips from centenarians

They agree that there is something to say

100 tips from centenarians

The secret to a long and healthy life? All centenarians have their own recipe - a glass of whiskey or daily sleep to ice cream. Here's what some very old people can advise us.

A woman named Ruth 92 years has been weekly Pilates:

1. Do not look at the calendar. Just continue to celebrate every day.

2. Invest in quality, it never goes out of fashion.

3. I force myself every day to go out and do a little walk, even if you just walk around the house. The key to staying young - keep moving.

100-year-old doctor still leads his own practice. He has a few suggestions of alternative medicine, which he is willing to share:

4. Exercise, it seems to me, it is not necessary. I think that many overestimate their importance.

5. Drink vitamins? Forget about it. And I do not approve of doctors who recommend it.

6. Fall in love and marry. Sex should be enthusiastically.

Another century of people shared tips about love, passion and forgiveness:

7. Even if you hate, then keep your hatred to yourself. Do not make other people sick, whatever for this may be the reason.

8. Never stop believing in love.

9. No one controls you.

10. Take time to cry.

11. Travel until the young. Do not worry about money, just get them to work. The experience is much more valuable than money.

12. Do not compare yourself with others, or will never be happy. Grass on another yard is always greener.

13. If you hesitate and you can not ask someone out on a date, you should not drive his acquaintance.

14. Do one thing every day - just for yourself. 15. Do not be greedy.

16. Good-bye.

17. Find your passion and live it.

18. Many things will become clear by themselves.

19. Choose the right parents.

20. Get a pet. Sometimes it's lonely. Pets are reminded of how we live.

21. I am not saying that you have to adhere to any religion or to profess no religion at all. I just want to say that you should understand what you believe in, and live in accordance with it.

22. Learn to adapt.

23. Take time to mourn what you lost.

For Adrina Lee the key to longevity lies in four simple steps:

24. Keep going forward and never give up.

25. Get plenty of go.

26. I drink water from the tap.

27. Do not die if you do not want to die.

A few tips on how to find happiness:

28. Live - it's fun. Be happy. You should not be happy all the time, but you should be satisfied.

29. Love people. Find something good in every person - simply because we are all humans.

According to other long-lived secret in education:

30. Get a good education. That no one can take away from you.

One hundred-year woman gives these tips:

31. Think positively.

32. Do exercises every morning. I have a typewriter - a cross between a fucking exercise equipment and bicycle. Every morning I sit down and write it to 150-200 lines. While I do not, I do not go out of her bedroom.

There are centuries-old, who actively 20-year-old couch potatoes. One of them, an avid skier, shares his experience with younger generations:

33. Be active. I go skiing, though I am a hundred years. Few do it, although they have on the force. I try to eat right, do physical exercise and a longer stay in the fresh air and sunshine. 34. If you are positive, then you are all well. When you think of bad, you poison your body. Just smile, say, laughter - the best medicine.

Sardinia, an Italian island, known for its large number of centenarians. They have their own opinions about health and medicine:

35. For many years, I did not take any medication at all. I do not think they are so helpful, and doctors often use you as guinea pigs.

36. Do not die too early.

have something in common in centenarians boards:

37. Just move forward and do their job, no matter what.

38. You can get excited about local issues. But in the world so many different things ...

39. In the house there are many different individuals. Different people do a lot of - young and old, black and white, people from all over the world. People have always supported me.

40. Just keep moving.

Many centenarians exercise praise:

41. I largely associate their longevity with walking, and not with the vehicle's rear seat.

42. I did almost everything what learned: ballet, tai chi, yoga. I was walking along the six kilometers a day. I tightened and pressing. And I wrote the book.

Other centenary believe that life - it's rock 'n' roll:

43. I spent my health to the whiskey and cigarettes. I drink only when you are not in themselves - but my doctor said that without that I would have died. And I'm still alive and can raise your elbows - and it's great.

Centennial doctor gave some invaluable advice for young people:

44. We all remember how in childhood, when we had fun, we forgot to eat and sleep. I believe that adults should do the same. Better not tire yourself numerous rules such as strict time for lunch or sleep. 45. For breakfast, I drink coffee, a glass of milk and a bit of orange juice with a tablespoon of olive oil in it. Olive oil is excellent and helps arteries stay healthy skin. For lunch I had some milk and some cookies - or nothing at all, if I'm too busy to eat. If I focus on the work, you do not feel hunger. At dinner - vegetables, some fish and rice, and twice a week you can eat 100 grams of lean meat.

46. ​​No need to send itself to resign - a purpose in life may appear after 65 years.

47. When a doctor recommends that you make tests or any surgery, ask your doctor to see how the other half of his, or children go through this procedure. Contrary to popular belief, doctors can not cure everyone. So why suffer unnecessary pain? I think that music and animals help more than is currently the majority of doctors.

48. In order to stay healthy, go upstairs and do move your own body. I have overcome the two flights of stairs at a time, so that my muscles worked.

49. My inspiration - a poem by Robert Browning "Abbe Vogler". His father read to me. Therefore encourages us to do great art, rather than pathetic scrawl. In the poem says that you need to try to draw a huge circle, which can not be closed as long as we are alive. All that we see - it is the arc, the same goal is beyond our vision, but it is.

50. The pain is too mysterious, and fun - the best way to forget about it.

51. Do not go crazy with the accumulation of material things. Remember, you never know when it will end, but nothing you can not take with you on the other side.

52. Only science can heal people and help them. 53. Find a role model and try to beat him, even if they never will be able to do it.

54. To live a long time - it's wonderful. As long as you are under 60 years of age, it is easy to work for your family and achieve their own goals. In later life, we try to contribute to the development of society. I am a 65-year-old worked voluntarily. I still can then spend on the job 18 hours a day, seven days a week, and enjoy every minute.

Other centenarians give advice on the relationship:

55. Here's a tip for women: not to marry an elderly man, a young out.

What else? Just live

56. I try not to worry. I'm just trying to live.

57. I try to trust yourself enough, and be confident that I could deal with difficulties as they arise.

According to some longevity, aging occurs due to the simple way of life:

58. I do not eat much meat. I always try to eat fruits and vegetables and very little meat, and always be sure that twice a week I will have lunch salmon or sardines.

59. Mortgage I was less than seven years. I paid all at once, and I live to this day. That is the secret of longevity - do everything without delay.

60. engage in what you like.

Or longevity - just luck?

61. You must have a good gene.

62. It must be, you have been lucky ... for a hundred years.

63. Try not to eat something just because of the fact that it is considered a healthy food. I eat whatever I want. The secret of longevity - in ice cream!

64. Quit while you are still on horseback.

65. It is important to take care of your mind. I graduated two classes ... and studied all around, from anti-Semitism to the current events.

The modern fountain of youth? Humor

66. Humor - a life force that allows you to survive the difficulties.

67. When you laugh at yourself, you do not give others laugh at you.

68. I think that people need to be curious. They should be interested in life outside their little world. They must be delighted with the all new, from meeting new people on a new play - and just loves life.

69. I do not care what you are passionate about - can you collect circles. But if you enjoy it, you are alive.

70. Age - is not a disease.

Other centuries-advised to take care of yourself:

71. Do not traumatize.

One grandson created a social network group, which urged people to seek advice from its 101-year-old grandmother. Here's what happened:

72. Be honest. I rarely lie. When you are honest with people, they are attracted to you, they are honest with you. Lies - too hard work. No need to trouble themselves beyond measure.

73. Refers to all without bias, even if something seems very strange to you.

74. Always listen to the other person. You have something to learn yes. Try to sit back, because you learn a lot more if you listen to others and not to tell everyone how much you know.

75. You have to love what you do. If you find a job you love, you do not have to work a day in your life.

76. Every day, take time a little nap.

77. Family you have - only one, so hold on to it. Whatever the difficulties, financial or emotional, it is - hold on to your family. Some days will seem worse than others, but it should be: the night is dark before dawn.

78. I try not to rush, to see and appreciate the little things that make this life beautiful. When I do it, time slows down.

Other centenarians say the following:

79. Do something interesting every day, otherwise you get bored.

80. Knowledge of the new makes you happy and allows to keep sharpness of mind.

81. Sleep well, try not to worry and enjoy pleasant dreams.

82. I participated in numerous events. I've been playing bingo, doing meditation and crafts, he attended master classes like Zumba for seniors and practiced yoga. I never miss! And yet I fall three times a week.

83. Be nice. I've lived a long life, because there are so many people who love me.

84. I drink whiskey every day - and in excellent after feel.

85. Be good.

Centennial woman drives a car. She says:

86. I never drank, never smoked and do not cheat. And I do not let anything upset me - especially traffic.

87. I do not like stress. I hate to argue. If someone is too fussy, I'm gone. I like to be with positive people - nice people never will drag you down.

What else? In the end, most of the tips are reduced to one - to live life to the full:

88. to do their work and do not eat healthy foods.

89. Laughter helps maintain health. You will live longer if you find the funny in everything. Do not hang your nose - there is no tragedy. You can not simultaneously laugh and get angry, laugh and mourn, laugh and envy.

90. Look into your soul and find their strengths. There are any at all, and they help us to live. I have two strong hand - my words and my pictures. I had my typewriter, a computer and a camera, to fight injustice. Whenever I have the opportunity to help people in trouble, I want to help them. 91. Have a good appetite, a lot of friends and a little free time.

92. The Good Wife, two servings of Scotch whiskey for the night - and, most importantly, do not worry.

93. Do not run away from responsibility. Everything has a reason - find it and knock yourself out. This will increase your ability, interest in life, and help you stay alive longer. I'm alive because I work. Strength - this is our reward.

94. It is very important to the whole experience a curiosity in life.

95. Be strong, active and well-educated. Beat in a drum.

96. Do not smoke, do not drink and do not put on a cross.

97. Live one day and continue the path.

98. You need to be lucky, but the best thing I did was get me when it was bad. And yet every day I eat prunes.

99. Do what you need. Do not analyze just do.

100. It is a breeze - enjoy life, come what may. Sleep well, eat ice cream when you have a cold - and the next morning wake up healthy.