Terms of Alice's life

• Rules of Life Alice

Delicious wise absurd by Lewis Carroll, which should take as the rules of life.

When the "Alice in Wonderland," which was first published in Russian in 1879, many literary critics were horrified by how strange was this book. In his devastating review, they called on all parents to pass by this horror, and never buy it for their children. Where are the critics right now, and where "Alice", has survived hundreds of editions, dozens of adaptations, beloved by children and adults.

So many generations come upon wisdom and absurdity of both "Alice". Hands up those who are not familiar with the normal classification of the Cheshire Cat. Here are two of you, go and read a book at least once, it is short. In the other, we do not doubt. But in addition to the Cheshire Cat, and rhyme about "hlivkih shorkov" in many more funny and profound.

Before you 40 rules of life girl Alice Liddell, which she learned while traveling in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Terms of Alice's life

1. If all meaningless in the world that prevents invent any sense?

2. As long as you think, what to say - bows! This saves time.

3. If you do not know what to say, say it in French! When you walk, socks Put apart! And remember who you are!

4. Before you go somewhere, you need to stock up on a good branch to keep off the elephants.

5. Do not lubricate the clock butter!

Terms of Alice's life

6. If you have nothing to do, come up with something better riddles unanswered.

7. Go somewhere you're sure to do that. It should be just long enough to go.

8. If it is too long to keep in the hands of a red-hot poker in the end burned; if deep slash on the finger with a knife, the finger usually bleeds; if the time to drain the bottle marked "Poison!", sooner or later, almost certainly feel unwell. 9. If someone does not meddle in the affairs of others, the earth would have spun faster!

10. Never think that you are different than might be otherwise than as another in cases where otherwise it is impossible not to be.

Terms of Alice's life

11. You have no idea how nice sea dance a quadrille with lobster.

12. If there is no point in verse, the better. You can not try to explain them.

13. If I was not real, I would not cry.

14. We need to run as fast just to stay in place, but to get somewhere, you must run at least twice as fast!

15. Tomorrow is never today. Is it possible to wake up in the morning and say, "Well, now, finally, tomorrow"?

Terms of Alice's life

16. would meet someone intelligent for a change!

17. You can always take more than nothing.

18. You need to know how to get to the cash register, even if you do not know how to read!

Terms of Alice's life

19. What's the point in the book, if it has no pictures or conversations?

20. Do not grunt! Express their thoughts somehow different!

21. If it were so, it would have nothing, but if anything, it would have been, but as this is not the case, so it is not that way! Such is the logic of things!

22. One of the most serious losses in the battle - is the loss of the head.

23. When you say open your mouth a little wider.

Terms of Alice's life

24. When you're sick, always eat splinters. Other such tools you will not find!

25. Please give all the cake, and then cut it!

26. Why organize processions, if everything will fall down? Anybody then did not see ...

27. How good home! There're always the same height!

28. From the pepper, truly begin to contradict all. Of vinegar - Cooks from mustard - upset, from the bow - telling the whole story, from the wine - vinyatsya, and by baking - dobreyut. What a pity that no one knows about it ... Everything would be so simple. We would eat buns - and dobreli!

Terms of Alice's life

29. It is worth something to me to swallow, as there happens something interesting.

30. One blotter, of course, not very tasty. But if you mix it with something else - of powder, for example, or wax - then a different matter!

31. Some people are very smart, just like infants!

32. I never let anyone dissuade hands!

33. When I find something, it's usually a frog or a worm.

Terms of Alice's life

34. The girls know also eat eggs.

35. That, my dear, if you're going to turn into a pig, I'm with you again I will not know.

36. No matter where my body is. My mind works without ceasing. Lower my head, the deeper my thoughts!

37. It is convenient to lose a name! Let's say you come back home, but no one knows your name. Governess wants to call you on the lesson, shout: "Come here ..." - and stop the name of something she had forgotten. And you certainly will not go - because it is not known who she was calling!

Terms of Alice's life

38. Kill Time! Is that he might like! If you had quarreled with him, I could ask him anything you want.

39. Ten nights at ten times warmer than one. And ten times colder.

40. The moral: something not think.

Terms of Alice's life