Rules of Life Moomin

• Rules of Life Moomin

Something that will raise your spirits and make you a little happier. Now and always.

Tove Jansson actually was an artist. And she wrote serious books adult. But before that very few people have a thing except for serious researchers. Because the whole world Tove Jansson - the one who came up with the Moomins. Favorite heroes of our childhood living in the idyllic valley, loved his family and adventure.

Surprisingly, the stories about the charming Moomin like growing up with us. We are willing to bet that if you re-read today, for example, "Sorcerer's Hat", it does not seem like a silly, naive and child. You will find in it what we need right now, and for you - good quiet wisdom, a sense of love and security. The feeling of home, which is always on the light, you are waiting for loved ones to cook a delicious meal and a warm bed.

In this material, collected 50 quotations from the books of the Moomins, who can safely take on board. This is good advice that will make your life better and happier.

Rules of Life Moomin

1. Always warmly welcome all those who come into your house.

2. It is equally important to know two things: how to be one, and how to be with others.

3. In order to believe in something, it is not necessary to know whether it is true.

4. Milk, Rose, muffins and berries - the best way to celebrate the return of someone else home.

5. Even the most strange people may someday be useful.

Rules of Life Moomin

6. People who keep the house warm, and stomachs full, should be honored as heroes. 7. Moomin should know how to make compliments Freken Snork.

8. Sometimes someone needs silence and solitude, and there is nothing wrong with that.

9. Treat the strange package with great care - you never know what might be inside!

10. The punishment - is not the only way to get someone to behave.

Rules of Life Moomin

11. Boats - is the best way to get anywhere, especially if you Knyutt kid and want to impress.

12. Sometimes it is good to cry - this is what you need to grow.

13. There are times when all you need is to talk with your friends!

14. It is necessary to find a balance between freedom and duty.

15. They travel at night.

Rules of Life Moomin

16. Discovery up a quarter of the best things in the world.

17. In fact, everything you can compose a song.

18. adapts to someone is not necessary.

19. Everyone needs to him while telling a good story from time to time.

20. Feelings are complicated and do not always make sense.

Rules of Life Moomin

21. Waking up in a time when the rest of the family is still in hibernation, not as fun as it sounds.

22. Sometimes no one can cope with their feelings.

23. From the family is difficult to hide anything.

24. Best hats - cylinders.

25. During the night can be either scary or magic, depending on the company.

Rules of Life Moomin

26. The water is important not only for drinking.

27. The ups and downs of life - part of life Moomin.

28. Sometimes all you need to do to appease someone, it's to remind him that you are there. 29. Winters are always quite heavy.

30. Nevertheless, the snow - it's magic.

Rules of Life Moomin

31. People with money sometimes try to tell you what to do ... but they have no color.

32. Even if Little My could do it, so can you.

33. Sometimes it awfully hard to be yourself.

34. We all have a responsibility to those who are less than us.

35. Anyone who loves pancakes, not dangerous.

Rules of Life Moomin

36. Always live for the present.

37. Sometimes the mystery is much more convenient than knowing the answers to questions.

38. Those who love you will never pay attention to your clumsiness.

39. It is necessary to guard against the consequences of its excesses.

40. Moominmamma can fix anything.

Rules of Life Moomin

41. You need friends, not things to be home.

42. Everyone needs warmth and light, even Morra.

43. While you are in nature, you will never be bored.

44. Being a collector is much more fun than being the owner.

45. We live once.

Rules of Life Moomin

46. Everyone, regardless of whether it is small or not, has the right to be angry sometimes.

47. Even the most sad things cease to be very sad, if you treat them right.

48. Life is beautiful.

49. Your plans do not have to be extraordinary to make you extremely happy.

50. In most cases, the end - it is the beginning!

Rules of Life Moomin