6 richest pets lawfully owning millions

In our world, there are people who managed during his lifetime to earn a huge fortune, and sometimes after death they leave all their money to relatives, not friends, not charities, and their pets.

Forbes magazine, renowned composer of all sorts of ratings, not bypassed the attention and the richest animal in the world, about which we would like to tell you.

1. German shepherd Gunther IV of

6 richest pets lawfully owning millions

Gunther IV is considered to be the richest dog in the world - his personal fortune is estimated in the fabulous sum of $ 373 million Ironically, his fortune Gunter was not from a loving human host, and from his father -. Titled German shepherd Gunther III father also bequeathed all his belongings his mistress Carlotta Liebenstein back in 1992. According to the will, the state should move from the clutches of the clutches of the Shepherds kind Gunter - from father to son.

Lucky dog. It has its own mansions, expensive cars, any food (including their adorable white truffles), and of course, the whole staff of personal trainers and doctors, for it constantly takes care of personal service. The dog has long been a celebrity and even has its own website - www.guntherdog.com, which, however, is currently under reconstruction.

2. The dog Maximilian

Maximilian - cute small dog breeds questionable, certainly such small dogs on leashes drive grandmother in your city. But on this particular dog is lucky enough - he was the favorite dog millionaire Roger Dorcas, film producer known, including, thanks to a very free lifestyle. Dorcas was a regular at all the "star" party, indulged in anything, so that at age 62, died of heart failure, leaving a widow, actress Wendy Dietrich, having lived with it all year. Wendy's in for a surprise: his fortune of $ 64 million Dorcas left no wife and dog.

However, the story does not end there. The fact that Maximilian, among other things, turned out to be a full citizen of the United States with all necessary documents such as passports and social insurance policy - it was necessary to pay taxes. Earlier, Dorcas opened on account of the dog's name, and once the money needed to transfer from that account - so Maximilian and became an American citizen.

Thus, Wendy had every right to marry him, and that was done. Now, a young widow and a dog are married and own state of the late millionaire together. However, for the Wendy is a win-win move - dogs live much less than men.

3. Cats Gamish, Boon, Eileen, Coco and Tufnel

6 richest pets lawfully owning millions

These cats their hostess comedy actress Beryl Reid left a legacy of the cottage cost $ 1, 8 million and a sum of money, the amount of which has not been reported. Everyone, of course, run by the guardian and the notary. Mandatory condition in the will was that the cottage, where five cats should live life, to be kept spotlessly clean, and the animals are in no way will need. Cats happily live there so far, and what will happen to the money after they die - is unknown. Probably no guidance on this matter has left the actress.

4. Cat Tinker

6 richest pets lawfully owning millions

Margaret Lane

Tinker - a homeless mongrel and a black cat, which is so and would have lived all my life on the street, like many of his relatives, if suddenly something has not attracted an older rich woman, Margaret Lane. Lady Lane led a secluded life, the children she was not, and with distant relatives, she almost did not communicate, so she took the cat into the house and began to care about it. A few years later she died, leaving the cat a fortune of $ 800 million and his mansion.

Immediately after her death, distant relatives filed a lawsuit, believing that they, and not the cat, have the right to the money Lane. They were able to seize a third of the amount bequeathed to the cat, but the remaining two-thirds of the court left Tinker.

5. Cat Tommasini

6 richest pets lawfully owning millions

History Tommasini like the story of Tinker - it also picked elderly millionaire named Maria Assunta, however, after her death, her family was not found. His fortune in the amount of € 10 million, which includes several apartments in Rome and Milan, villas in the resort areas of Italy and several expensive cars, Tommasini went - so he received the honorary title of the richest cat in the world.

Cat happily lived in a mansion in the care of 48-letey nurse Stephanie Chekkkoni, to take care of the old lady in the last few years of her life. Unfortunately, some time ago, the cat died of gastroenteritis at the age of five years. It should be noted that earlier Tommasini, according to the testimony of veterinarians was perfectly healthy. The nurse did not need it to poison because her name was not mentioned in the will, and with his death, she lost both work and access to his money. Now what would happen to Mrs. Assunta condition is unknown.

6. Turtle Silvestoun

6 richest pets lawfully owning millions

Christina Foyle, the owner of a major publishing house, left her $ 2 million is not even a cat or a dog and a turtle named at Silverstone. If cats and dogs are still somehow can appreciate the benefits of a rich lifestyle - they may enjoy good food and proper care, the tortoise, in fact, do not care.

Now for the turtle looked after, and consequently, manage state worker Silit Anthony and his wife. In the will of their names there, so their financial well-being depends on the well-being of the tortoise. However, here again there is no problem - Silverstone is now just 50 years, and sometimes turtles live to 200 years.