First, I - the second

• First, I - the second

Sandy Nicholson made portraits of people and animals, which took second place in the various competitions, remained in the shadow of the winners.

First, I - the second

Leo Vitelli

Shkolnik, a member of the "Army zadrotov" team, 2nd place in the final of the Canadian championship in the professional game in the X-Box, Toronto, Ontario:

"Even if I won - nor would it did not mean a fig. This is not the American competition. "

First, I - the second

Ken Drummond and Empress

The farmer and his cow, 2nd place in the category "Cash Cow" at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, Ontario:

"I was very surprised that we even entered the top three. Of course, the Empress perfect udder, out of competition, but the physique ... well, sometimes better. But the judges, fortunately, it did not pay much attention. A cow that won totally deserved it. "

First, I - the second

Emma Donovan and Ali Peterson

Schoolgirl, cheerleader member of the football team, "Jaguars" of Quinte Bay, 2nd place at the pan-Canadian support teams championship, Mississuaga, Ontario:

"We are now probably leave the team."

First, I - the second

Hank Vanderburgh and Dzhibbaton

Breeder and his dog, 2nd dog racing in Ventonuort Park, Sydney, Australia: "Dog we decided to send to Tasmania. He is not good enough, not too strong. In general, the most common dog. "

First, I - the second

Bryan Bennett

Engineer Brewery Steam Whistle, 2 nd place in the world championship on the game "stone-paper-scissors", Toronto, Ontario:

"Actually, I would not really like to talk about it all, but I knew that I lose, even before the last throw."

First, I - the second

Dean Deverell

Jockey, 2nd place in the manufacturers' championship, Woodbine racetrack, Etobicoke, Ontario:

"For the jockey, in principle, and the second place is quite a result ... only it hurts unprofitable work. Owners, trainers and spectators do not like it. "

First, I - the second

Joshua Poehler

Schoolboy, 2nd place in the final qualifying round of the Province of Ontario in the Canadian championship spelling (junior group):

"There was a draw, and then I missed a" bungalow. " Wrote "Bangalow" ... Now I will remember it for a long time! But then I got the right "abundance." Cool, of course, but I was pretty sad, because all ruined because of one word. "