11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

In modern (and not only) movies and television shows the characters are quite common problems with the head - whether it's "twist" of memory, or personality disorder. It built around this fascinating story, which allows to enter the fantastic world of distorted reality. Of course, we should not judge the artwork for "improbability", but sometimes interesting to separate "the wheat" from "chaff", if it is certainly not impossible in such a delicate matter, as the work of the human brain.

1. "Limitless" (in the original - Limitless, the year 2011)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

This film is about the wonder drugs, which significantly increases the level of human intelligence, allegedly allowing the brain to use all 100%.

For information about how people use only a small part of the brain resources that are not supported by any scientific evidence. Studies of mental activity of man, on the contrary, argue convincingly that the brain is used to its fullest, although, of course, scientists are so far known, not all processes in the head.

So, anyway, the miracle drug of the "area of ​​darkness" would not give any tangible gain intelligence.

2. "Home" (Inception, the year 2010)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

Of course, the idea itself steal information from other people's dreams seems absolutely fantastic and implausible. However, the fact is that the brain is basically unable to create such a complex and detailed images, referred to the "beginning."

Expert "Telegraph" Tom Chivers (Tom Chivers):

"Your brain is poorly suited for 3D-modeling. It can create a simple structure, but a realistic exact image, for example, the five-story building, the brain can not. Even if special bedtime focus on something, it's a dream to play with all the care it does not - the image gets lost in a multitude of others. This happens mainly because it's too time-consuming process - mental recreation of something in detail, the brain simply can not afford it. "

3. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, the year 2004)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

In the story, the young man willingly subjected to certain clinical procedures to destroy the memories of ex-girlfriend. The idea of ​​erasing the memory is not as fantastic as it may seem at first glance, but the study of the principles of neurophysiology memorization and storage of data shows that selectively remove the information from the memory will not work.

With all the fabulousness of the film it contains a realistic time when Joel erased memories of Clementine, a key to restore its image served as a song that sang the dog, the character of one of the cartoons. Around the same principle works so-called semantic web - an information model used by some scientists in describing the operation of human memory.

4. "50 First Dates" (50 First Dates, the year 2004)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

Among the films about strange failures in memory one of the first places on the improbability should rightfully belong to the film "50 First Dates."

Lucy gets into a car accident, and then acquires a fictional mental illness - Goldfield Syndrome, due to which her memories constantly "zeroed". As she falls in love with Henry, who has to literally every day to win the girl of his dreams, but again she forgets everything.

In fact, this phenomenon is unlikely to exist: even if a person loses a large part of their memories, ability to remember information remains.

The consequences of head injuries often are similar to the difficulties experienced by the hero of the film "Remember", due anterograde amnesia unable to hold information in memory longer than ten minutes, so he lost not the past but the present.

5. The television series "The Walking Dead" (Walking Dead, from 2010 till today)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

One of the best episodes of the series, in which with the help of magnetic resonance imaging heroes were able to track the zombie individual neurons in one of the victims - pure fiction.

MRI scanners are able to give only a general picture of the functioning of the brain, but can not recognize the activity of its individual cells, not to mention the mutations and changes in its structure in real time. modern medicine and technology if reached this level, it is obvious that any time soon.

6. The television series "Dollhouse" (Dollhouse, on screens with 2009 by the year 2010)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

Again, the writers turned to the vagaries of human memory. The series tells of a powerful corporation called "A Doll's House", which is looking for volunteers willing to give up heavy memories to their identity as a result was replaced by a completely new one.

Of course, even the most advanced of the world's medical centers can only dream of at the present level of development of the science of such manipulation of the human brain.

As one of the attendees: "It is hardly possible to completely erase the identity and, even more so, replace it with a new one, if we still do not really know exactly what forms the human person and how organized mind."

7. The "source code" (Source Code,-th 2011)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

In this film you can see quite popular story "resettlement reason": the protagonist is the human body, traveling by train, with the composition is about to destroy the powerful explosion. After the explosion, the hero returns to the program "source code", which can re-send it back in time to defuse the bomb. It is incredibly interesting science fiction a complex plot, but still just a fantasy - even hypothetically impossible to restore the whole world or the individual situation in all its minutiae of the memory of a single participant in the events.

8. "The Bourne Identity" (Bourne Identity, the year 2002)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

In a series of popular films about the superspy Bourne addressed the same problem as in "50 First Dates" - the protagonist loses his memory, having no idea of ​​who he is and what he wants to do. In fact, some of the skills, memories and personality traits after a traumatic brain injury is saved and suffering, especially short-term memory.

9. "Fight Club" (Fight Club, 1999 th year)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

The main character (or rather, the two main characters) psychiatrists would put the diagnosis "dissociative identity disorder" in which a person along with the main person there are one or several side that can displace each other with varying frequency and consistency.

This sometimes happens in severe psychological trauma, especially those produced in childhood. However, arising from this side of the person, as a rule, unable to suppress the basic - they are just a product of memories associated with stress.

10. "Videodrome" (Videodrome, 1983rd year)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

According to the plot of one of the most famous David Cronenberg's films, a certain group of scientists begin to broadcast on one of the cable channels of scenes of violence, torture and murder. This "show" a hidden signal that causes hallucinations in humans and tumors, as well as to provoke their aggression.

Damage to the frontal lobes of the brain really can cause a variety of symptoms of mental illness until the hallucinations and uncontrollable outbursts of rage. The truth is that this can not be done through the TV screen: require the development of highly sophisticated equipment that can send powerful impulses to the brain, or subject it to mechanical stress.

11. "Avatar" (Avatar, the year 2009)

11 films of brain activity from the point of view of science

Oddly enough, but the idea of ​​different creatures management through only the electrical impulses of the brain that is described in this spectacular, but completely improbable masterpiece by James Cameron, has under itself some scientific basis.

Recently, scientists experiments have revealed that the human brain combined with rat brain through the computer the person is capable, for example, to control the movements of the rat tail, so that if the flights of fantasy winged creatures, controlled by force alone thought - the wonders of the distant future, it is already possible to start even with laboratory rats.