5 films of the Moscow Film Festival, to look out for

This year in the main competition of the Moscow International Film Festival 16 bands, three of them - Russia. However, the competition always on the MIFF - the weakest link, no matter how much we tried to explain to the charms of a film. Sometimes here give their new movies old famous friends Nikita Mikhalkov, released into circulation on the world stage - like Istvan Szabo or the Taviani brothers. Usually they are at the end of any prize, and all costs happy.

Realizing that competition MIFF never become prestigious, and selecting it in the third row of the tape around the world (some of them, however, times are very good quality), the selectors of the festival year after year manage to collect real high parallel programs. "8 1/2 Films", compiled by Peter Shepotinnik, is usually the best films of the most prestigious festivals of documentary cinema program "Free Thought" introduces the world's most notable trends in the field of documentary. And, of course, retrospective - what is usually nice MIFF. In short, if we accept the game rules and to pretend that yes, our competition unusually important, but deep down hope for completely different joys, everything is going over well.

For those who belong to the Moscow film festival this way, we have selected five of the most interesting films of MIFF.

"The role of"

5 films of the Moscow Film Festival, to look out for

The director Konstantin Lopushansky

main competition

The history of this film has more than three decades. It began when Lopushansky was still a novice and too ambitious director. So ambitious that I come from far and wide to rewrite the script, written especially for him venerable already at that time, a playwright Paul Finn. What came of it? Finn mortally offended by Lopushansky and the State Committee for Cinematography emission scenarios in the basket. Young director reassured only by the fact that the script was shelved in one day with a new tape Alexis Herman "My Friend Ivan Lapshin". Twenty years Lopushansky returned to the unfortunate scenario, and published it in the magazine "Cinema Art" under two names - his and Finn. Many people felt that the script is written on the works of Andrei Platonov, but in reality it is only successful under him styling. But then again it failed to start with the film. Only two years ago has finally started shooting. Picture - about the actor, who lives in fact three lives, of where lies the secret of acting and what is the nature of art planes reincarnation. In the title role - Maxim Sukhanov.

The trilogy "Paradise"

5 films of the Moscow Film Festival, to look out for

Director: Ulrich Seidl

The program "The paradise of Ulrich Seidl's"

One of the most daring and relevant European directors, Austrian Ulrich Seidl joined in his trilogy of three, in his understanding, the incarnation of heaven - love, faith and hope. The three parts of the trilogy - "Paradise. Love, "" Paradise. Faith "and" Paradise. Hope "- shook three consecutive major film festival in Cannes, Venice and Berlin. The trilogy tells the story of the search for the very paradise with three female relatives - elderly thick an Austrian in the Kenyan resort in society muscular tireless Aboriginal ( "Love"), her sister - a religious fanatic ( "Faith") and her teenage daughter are overweight in a special camp for obese children ( "Hope"). If very briefly, the ultimate meaning of the whole trilogy that no love, no faith, no hope in this world no. There is only our understanding of them, in varying degrees, burdened by our own experience. Hard and perfect (especially the first part) films lined-pamphlets on the brink of a documentary - so organically Seidl weaves the story and the actors are so organically follow the director's concept.

"Woody Allen"

5 films of the Moscow Film Festival, to look out for

Director: Robert B. Weide

The program "Free Thought"

The history of this film quite remarkable and speaks about its author as much about the character. For 25 years (!) Wide pursued by Woody Allen to allow him to withdraw a film about him. 25 (!) Years, Woody Allen did not give consent. It was a struggle for life and death. Great elephant battle with the whale. War of the Roses. Finally unbeaten Woody gave up, and the winner of eighteen months filming almost every minute of his life. Then he assembled - and we've got a movie about absolutely happy person. About the artist in the sense that the general nature intended artists - a free, independent, enthusiastic, and the thirtieth floor spitting that say about him. He wants to shoot - shoot without thinking about any fees, nor about the box office, nor about the fate of the festival. He wants to learn to play the clarinet - and for that miss the ceremony "Oscar", he was not up to it. He marries his own stepdaughter, ignoring the accusations of pedophilia. He is not afraid samopovtorov because only a truly free and independent artist has the right and even the duty not to remember what he had done.

"eternal return"

5 films of the Moscow Film Festival, to look out for

Director: Kira Muratova

Russian programs

Once Friedrich Nietzsche was sitting in the shade of a pyramidal rock in a quiet location in the Swiss Alps. He calmly looked up when suddenly it dawned simple, fun and scary thought: all this has been and all that will still be. Time in its infinite flow must inevitably repeat the same things. This idea he later formulated as "the highest approval of a formula that can generally be achieved." Kira Muratova is not disingenuous, and not pretend that nothing has been heard of Nietzsche's theory of eternal recurrence. Brilliant director, it is only to apply this theory to his own vision of the world and his world cycling. Her new film - a hoax, the game in a fairy tale, a set of subjects related to the single ritualistic way, when the whole story is strange Screen Tests for the film, which has not had time to start a newly deceased director. Artistic device on which the whole style is built Muratova - reception repetitions - here as elsewhere to a place. The eternal return - it is not only referring to Nietzsche. It is in eternity scenes that since the australopithecines are not changed too. It is in the old as the world itself, creativity, secret, appears from nothing and then die. And again, a whole bunch of muratovskih stars Renata Litvinova, Oleg Tabakov, Alla Demidova, Natalia Buzko and mass constellations have already become brand muratovskimi "non-actors".


5 films of the Moscow Film Festival, to look out for

Director: Irakli Kvirikadze

closing film

This film has acquired so many mysteries that no mention of it would be at least unprofessional - after all no one promised to write here only about the artistic successes. But "Rasputin" stands alone. And the main mystery here: how the film by French director Jose Dayan at our latitudes found in the credits of another director's name - Irakli Kvirikadze? They say he did much remounted. Okay. Let's say, remounted, but is mounting, and even reinstalling - it is an occasion to change the name of the director in the credits? And is it possible to remount to the extent that miserable in every sense of the work suddenly gained features artwork? Yes, such that they are not ashamed to close the largest and most prestigious film festival, what are positioning their offspring organizers. Note also that for the first time in the long history of MIFF closing film, we have a television product. However, in this situation, rather to say that we are not his, and he is us. Sustain hour and a half show talking heads, let it even head of Gerard Depardieu, Vladimir Mashkov, Fanny Ardant - similar to a feat. And to reconcile with the need to perform the feat in peacetime can not even hilarious Depardieu, whose camera even hesitate to shoot below the chest, so that the viewer bezramerny stomach would not climb into his eyes. Because Depardieu is now enrolled in the cohort of Russian actors (by the way, if we wait long until it will Secretary of the Russian Union of Cinematographers ?!) to Mordovia registration and close friends of a Supreme moviegoers, we should think that to take such a place of honor at the festival table of ranks "Rasputin" happened not by accident.