10 strange toys

Often children's toys of the imagination: sometimes they are even too unusual, and it happens that they are not intended for children, at least for the little ones. We offer you a selection of the ten most bizarre toys that we could find.

1. Joshua Ben Longo Art toys

10 strange toys

In the created by the famous designer Joshua Ben Longo fictional country Longolend live really unusual creatures - they are amazing plush monsters produced for children. It is noteworthy that the monsters do not have eyes, nose, and sometimes not the limbs, but there is always a mouth. Longo says that the creation of its toys inspired by the idea that people often do not notice the beauty of creatures, dissimilar to themselves, and his toys will help children learn to appreciate the indescribable beauty of the universe and its diversity from an early age. Each toy Longo makes himself and, in his own words, does not lose hope to hear the voice of their creations, so that when you create talking with them and sometimes even sings them songs.

10 strange toys 10 strange toys

2. Erwin little patients

10 strange toys

Erwin the little patient is a man stuffed into a hospital gown. If unzip Erwin stomach, you'll see its internal organs are made of plush and are almost an exact replica of real human bodies, though "cartoon". All the organs of the doll can be removed and consider, but put them back is more difficult, because to place them so that they do not fall out, it is not easy without a basic knowledge of the anatomy of the human body. But all bodies are marked with colored Velcro, with which the young surgeon can fix them inside the dolls in the right order - inside there are the same. Note that the doll asexual and only has respiratory, digestive and circulatory system.

3. Toys - internal organs

10 strange toys

We have before us one more plush manual on the anatomy. The creator of these toys Wendy Bryan says that so might look like cats domestic authorities from the movie "Hello Kitty". It is believed that she too literally understood the phrase "perfect inner peace": toys look like real human organs, only slightly larger - you can buy your child cancer, heart, kidney, liver or any other body of your choice. However, they are all cute smile.

In the US, toys are crazy popular: they give not only children but also adults who suffer from diseases of internal organs, or those who lost these organs. For example, a person suffered strokes can give a fun plush heart. Cute, is not it? Wendy she even gave her husband, who underwent surgery to remove the thyroid gland, her teddy analogue, so it was easier to cope with the loss.

4. Paraplyush

10 strange toys

Order brand "Paraplyush" toys (Parapluesch) on our website under the name "Psychiatric clinic for soft toys, broken in spirit." The name speaks for itself: the creators of the series have decided that nothing human should be alien even teddy beings are endowed by their mental illness.

While in the hospital, only five patients hippopotamus Lilo, autistic, in the "history" of which it is said that he was already five months solves the same simple puzzle and all the while silent. Crocodile Croco suffering from paranoid psychosis, because of what it happen hallucinations and memory lapses. At Dolly (black humor?) - a split personality, it is both timid sheep, and a bloodthirsty wolf. Turtle Dub constantly experiencing deep depression resulting from stress, as Sly says rattlesnake with its tail, and the bats, which, "she says," is constantly flying around it and shows other symptoms of schizophrenia. And, of course, in the clinic of a doctor - Dr. Raven Wood. However, he is also a weirdo - from the legend on the site can be seen that he God complex.

5. Food chain

10 strange toys

These soft toys, too, has its own legend: they live on the planet Duro, where conditions are similar to our planet 200 million years ago, and, of course, there exist many forms of life. Toys - a vivid example of interspecific relationships: what to quarrel and divide the planet, if you can just have dinner together.

Toys look impressive. Sets of two, three or five prehistoric animal similar monsters are built on the principle of dolls: small toy placed in the mouth to that a little more, and she, in turn, in the mouth even more, and so on. Externally, they are somewhat similar to our present neighbors on the planet - squirrels, cats, hedgehogs, but still with a "prehistoric" bias.

Toys are available with the year 2008, and for five years the market has already received about a dozen sets, each of which is assigned a letter of the Greek alphabet. Animals are divided into habitats: for example, house for alpha animals - steppe, and beta-animal - the forest.

6. Ugly Dolls

10 strange toys

Ugly Dolls (uglydolls) sold only in specially dedicated to their website. The main character puppet universe - Giro (Jeero): it looks ridiculous and touching his skin grayish-green color, the body - rectangular and opinion can be called meaningless and absent. Of course, the child can buy not only the Giro - collection of toys includes about hundreds of models and all of them are the same ugly, with a meaningless stare, and sometimes with razzyavlennym mouth.

It all started with the fact that the American David Horvath sent his bride a Chinese woman Sung-Min Kim drawn on freak paper named Ueyg (Wage) with a signature that is a strange creature - their mascot, and that it will help them to be together and make all dreams . The bride, in response sent him a package with a plush replica Ueyga - toy like all his friends, and soon fell a couple of orders. Then his wife came up with for their whole world of toys, and even personality. Surprisingly, freaks love not only adults but also children and the world they have a lot of fans.

7. Giant microbes

10 strange toys

These plush toys look like magnified millions of times microorganisms: viruses, bacteria, cells. However, at first glance, they can be mistaken for aliens as people somehow are not accustomed to seeing such things in real life to the naked eye. Among the toys there as inoffensive cells like the DNA helix (with eyes and mouth, of course), and dangerous viruses like the plague. Toys are designed to give your child an idea of ​​the microcosm around us and learn to distinguish the bad from the good of its manifestation.

8. The doll breastfeeding

10 strange toys

The doll is sold under the slogan "You should not wait until you grow breasts to begin to nurse the child." The kit includes a plastic doll itself, hardly distinguishable from a human infant, and a special nipple, which is attached to the clothes of pre-pubescent girls in the place where there should be a chest. If the doll attached to the nipple, she starts sucking.

Of course, the girls at all times rolled through the streets of the dolls in prams and playing mothers, but is so literal game has never been.

9. The epidermis

10 strange toys

toys of this series are made of a material, the touch is indistinguishable from the human skin, and the hair on the toy recalls in texture human hair. All toys - headless, his hair sticking straight out of the body in the place where the head should be. In addition, in most instances, there are tails, which are metal rod.

Toys intended for children from one year and are positioned as "developing", but the child is unlikely to be happy, get a toy in the form of a grotesque piece of human flesh with a bunch of matted hair. The company claims that the toys do not require special care, can be stored for a long time under any conditions without losing its attractive appearance. In addition, they can decorate - applied to the skin tattoos, dye your hair and piercing vdevat.

10. The pole for the strip

10 strange toys

The British company has produced educational toys for girls, whose purpose - to give the girls of ten or twelve years (and can under) the opportunity to realize their sexuality. The kit includes foldable pole two meters long, easily installed on any horizontal surface, the dressing on the thigh for receiving money and drawn several $ 100 bills.