What's it like - to kill Osama bin Laden

What's it like - to kill Osama bin Laden

Member operations May 2, 2011, the name and age are kept secret:

The hardest thing - to kiss the kids goodbye. Well, if they sleep: you're just going, going away on a mission, and they say nothing. And when they do not sleep, you cry. I do not want it to be the last thing you saw at home. Think about all of this 5 minutes on the way to the base, and then click - and you are ready to go.

My first job with a "command №6" (division, took part in the destruction of bin Laden -. Esquire) was in Afghanistan. Then Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq. Then I realized what a small world. Those who watch the war on TV, people think that all this is happening so far, it does not matter. Excluded. And in fact, to fly on a plane a few hours.

For the first time, how you get there, a strange feeling. So that's what I was told on television. A dangerous place, a hot spot. We worked at night - out only at dusk. In one night come to an empty house, and the next will be in 13 guys with guns. You never know what awaits you, while you will not see. We have learned to work quietly. Instead of blowing up the door, we open the lock, get inside and literally woke them. If you do not kill per night 5-6 people, time wasted, it was necessary to go somewhere else. It's up guys murdered boys.

We were - and there is sleeping guy. The wall is a toilet water, deodorant, and a suicide bomber's belt Kalashnikov, grenades lie. And he sleeps around. One such sleep in Iraq woke up and started to shoot at us. As a result, we have smoothed out there 7 or 8 houses - destroyed the entire cell of "al-Qaeda". A dozen people, not less. Women and children has not been touched. We then had two dogs in the unit - helping to sniff them. Newspaper then quoted some local "Ninja came to the lions."

We realized that the job is waiting for us no ordinary when we were summoned to the base in Virginia Beach from Miami where we were training dives immediately after returning from Afghanistan. A house division did not touch. Then a lot of things happened - Libya, "Arab Spring". It was clear that it would be cool, but as we had no idea. At first, we can say they lied, unleashes a mist. Said about submarine cables, somehow related to the Japanese earthquake, drove still some game. Hints at Libya. It was said that somewhere far away there is a refuge, we will fly there for two helicopters. How many people inside - is unknown, but it is something out of this shelter will have to pull out. Air support in this case will not. Then we were told that on Sunday morning we go to Harvey's Point, North Carolina, where we instruct and start training. Foreman warned that there will be people from OXO (Joint Special Operations Command -. Esquire), and the Minister of Defense himself. Then I realized that a serious mess brewed.

At a briefing, we drove the three in one machine. Operation, we thought we would be in Libya. One of the guys said, "I bet you do not Osama bin Laden?" And the second: "If bin Laden, I am in your mouth take." Then, when I shot bin Laden, that brought this fellow to show the body. "Well, - I say - Getting Started".

On Monday, our group gathered in a large classroom. Outside naturally put a guard. Except us in the room were a general from OXO, employees Pakistani-Afghan CIA department, for some the Washington authorities and the commander of the 6th unit. The commander, who looked, as always, completely unflappable, he said: "Well, we are getting close to bin Laden." And all became clear. He looked at us, and we him. You are no applause, no "Hurray." We all thought at that moment: "Excellent. There are only a slap asshole. " And what is there still to think?

The commander told us what it looks like and how the shelter was being followed. There was a thriller - above all the others, all the time he walked through the yard. They called him "Steps". We have seen that the CIA analyst terribly excited. As if she wanted to say: "It is in our hands. This is the work of my life, and I'm sure of it. " She gave 80 percent that it will be there. They had a table with the layout of the shelter - we stood there looking at him and started to offer their own ideas. The building was not difficult, and has a bunch of time. Usually I have to go to think, we say, that's the goal, landing 20 minutes later, let her plan. We generally like to neighing, when discussing the operation, but he was different. I said, "Guys, now is not the time for jokes. 90 percent that we do not return back. Once to die, let's do it right. " After a few days in Nevada, where we trained on the villa model, we came across helicopters prepared for us. When I saw them, I laughed and told the boys: "The balance has changed. We now have 90 percent to get out alive. I did not know that we will go into battle in the fucking Transformers. "

On the day before the mission - just before dawn - we were in the yard of our camp in Jalal-Abad, and the woman from the CIA measure the courtyard steps. She asked why I was so calm. I told her that we do every night, such things: "At this time, just fly away. But I-it is clear that you are nervous, you can not go wrong. " Then she told me: "One hundred percent, he on the third floor. So run there, if you can. "

Before you sit down in a helicopter, I called all my. He called his father. I only later learned that he found it in the parking lot "Walmart". I say, "Hi, I'm here to get to work. Until. Thank you for being there. " And he thought that the last time call him. The father realized that there is something very important, but what he did not know. He cried. Then he told me that an hour spent on the parking lot in his pickup truck - to get out of the car, he had no strength.

We had to fly somewhere and a half hours each way. Unloading and loading - in the dark. Every 15 minutes we were told that we are not painted - it means that the radars we have not noticed. Over the territory of others, we, as they say, in his element. But that's just not let me think that it is necessary to take a leak, then to battle not to think about it. I rather pants napuschu than go into battle with a full bladder. We were given such special pieces like a hybrid diaper with a collapsible dog bowl. My still intact, I told her never used. And then I piss in a bottle of drinking water. I just then I remembered that when I was shot in the face of bin Laden, in my pocket was a bottle of urine. We opened the door of the helicopter, and I looked out. On the ground things look quite different, both during training: around was the city lights, the golf course. I no longer thought I was going to be killed. This awesome moment. I'm all going, but there was no fear.

I was with a tremendous sledgehammer in case you have to break the wall. In the northeastern corner of the courtyard we saw the gates and headed toward them. They laid the charge, undermined, and the leaf turns, like the lid of a tin can. But the gates were false, there was a wall behind them. As the lodge Bugs Bunny. It was a good sign, we understand by it, that the house is strengthened, simply because people will not hide.

We ran to the entrance gates on the north side and have them ready to blow up, but we have them on the other side opened the fighter that landed in the yard. We thought that at some point they will surround us. The video throughout the site there were militants, and he has a suicide. But they were not ready. Very relaxed. Those who could shoot, shoot, but we will quickly deal with them. One man shot a man and a woman. He told me: "My God, woman climb ahead of their men. They want to become martyrs. Place here exactly easy. If not bin Laden, is some kind of big shot exactly stuck. "

We went into the main building. There was a hall, a room to the right, left the room. The dead man and a dead woman. We went on. Two more rooms. Then this fucking door - we just blew it with explosives. I saw a girl about five years old, she was crying in the corner. I carried her into the room opposite and gave it to the woman. Them there were probably fifteen - and, apparently, in this room, and lived.

In the next door I had to shoot twice to make it open. We raced up the stairs. I was behind when Vanguard, the first stop number. He saw Khalid, a 23-year-old son of bin Laden. I heard him say in a whisper: "Khalid, come here." He said it first in Arabic, then in Pashto. Khalid baffled that his name is called. He leaned with Kalashnikov in hand and a bullet. Khalid was wearing a white T-shirt and white pants, sort of pajamas. More from our subject matter does not remain. I remember thinking at the time: "It was great to be still survive today in this amazing night." At that moment I was still waiting for any dirty tricks such as rope ladders and secret rooms. We stepped over the body and went on. Number one moved on past the door, and four or five guys who were in front of me, turned to the second floor to check the premises. We always work - it follows that it was purely in the rear. Khalid was the last line of defense. Number one, meanwhile, saw bin Laden - he looked out from behind the curtain that covered the entrance with stairs to the third floor. The only adult male in the house at the time, bin Laden remained. A soldier fired once or twice, the man disappeared into the room.

The first stop on the stairs and waited for someone ranked number two. I stood behind him, looked back and saw nobody behind us. were on the third floor are two heifers, they shouted to the numbers of the first, he yelled something in return. "We have to rise, - he told me. - And these bitches completely vyzverilis ". I remember, I have repeated to himself: "Vyzverilis ..." beautiful word.

I looked back - from our so no one came. Then we realized that the reinforcements will not. We had to go forward. I put my hand to the first number on his shoulder and squeezed it lightly - it was a signal "forward." We are going. On the third floor at the first door on the right, he scooped up an armful of both women and dragged them away. He thought that if they shahid belts, he will cover me from an explosion.

I darted past him into the room and stood over the threshold. The room was bin Laden. He held in front of the woman by the shoulders and pushed her forward, not to me, but towards the exit. It was Amal, his youngest wife. It was dark, he saw nothing. He was guided only by ear. In front of me was the goal, to doubt it was not necessary. During training we were there the target with his portrait.

At first I thought, what is he skinny, how long and how short he has a beard. It was in this with his white hat, and under it - almost nalyso shaved, just like we put on the statute. I remember it all himself noted. I was amazed that he is so high above us all - is usually the other way around, in life, people are lower than expected. Just as I see: there on the shelf is automatic, shortened his famous Kalashnikov. Bin Laden leans forward. How do I know, maybe his wife suicide bomber's belt, and he is now cause it to be undermined. It can easily reach the machine. He is a threat. It is necessary to shoot in the head, so that he could not press the button. I shot him twice in the forehead. He began to be filled up after the first shot. He fell to the floor beside the bed, and I made the third shot - bang! - all the same direction. In this third time I looked through a holographic sight. Bin Laden was killed. He did not move. He fell out of the language. In my eyes he did last breaths, a purely reflex. I remember thinking, looking as it emits the spirit of: "This is the best thing I did in my life, or on the contrary the worst?"

On the base in Jalalabad, we pulled out the bin Laden out of the bag and showed tsereushniki and Makreyvenu (Admiral William H. McRaven, commander of OXO -. Esquire). Makreyven ordered the soldier to go high next to the corpse, to be able to assess the growth of the slain. While studying the body, I - as I was, in the form and with the weapons - went for the woman from the CIA. Led her watch and said: "This was do you want?" She burst into tears. Then I unhooked from the machine shop, and handed her a souvenir. It was 27 rounds.

Then we accompanied the body in Bagram, and there is one point I particularly remember. I have breakfast at the base, eat a sandwich, standing next to the corpse of Bin Laden and stare at the television screen, where the president announces that we have done during the night. I listen to it, then look at the body, then the president, chew a sandwich with sausage, egg, cheese and bacon, and I think to myself: "What the hell was I brought here? There are things going - and I who is? "