5 horrifying facts about rats

At first glance, one can assume that there is nothing wrong in rats. But, of course, there are people who they do not seem cute and touching little animals - but that the sight of an unfortunate rodent heart-rending scream and scramble for tables and chairs ...

There are at least five reasons justifying this reaction:

1. They still will get to you

5 horrifying facts about rats

The monsters of classic horror movies afraid not only and not so much bloodlust. They are virtually unstoppable - this is what causes us to press in the chair. You can lock on any number of locks and take any precautions - but if Jason from the "Friday the 13th," Freddy from "Nightmare on Elm Street" or some "The Woman in Black" was announced on you hunt, the chances of you ... you you understand.

Otherwise, what's the meaning of a horror movie? I put the alarm and all the end of the film.

5 horrifying facts about rats

of a rat - a similar story. You want everything you can take to protect their home from them, but if a rat decided to come back to visit you - she does, to be sure.

Rat on a time can climb up any ventilation. Let's say you have calculated it, and plugged all the holes. However, as it turned out in one study, a small rat does not cost anything to lift an object weighing more than a pound (~ 0, 5 kg), if it suspects that the other side of parquet appetizing.

They can squeeze through tiny holes - diameter of not more than a quarter circumference of the most rats. It is almost ready to the T-1000 from Terminator second part: steel cover its network and it will seep between the bars, the eye does not have time to blink.

But the most favorite way to penetrate into our homes - the pipes. And four centimeters in diameter, it is enough. And yet - they are champions in swimming. Putting these two skills and get an animal that can come up from your toilet one day.

5 horrifying facts about rats

And such cases are not uncommon.

Let's say you and it is considered and blocked them and this opportunity - what next? If they took for you, they progryzut itself a separate entrance through the wall, do not lose anything with them.

5 horrifying facts about rats

Nature - probably to keep us on our toes - awarded rats are incredibly strong, even for rodents, the muscles of the jaw. And while some bunny peacefully eats bark of a tree, these small creatures Bring bricks, cement and even lead. Their incisors grow all my life, and they have no other choice but to constantly grind them.

2. They multiply at an incredible rate

5 horrifying facts about rats

Another feature kinomonstrov not in our favor - they have an incredible rate spreads population of their kind.

Usually this alien beings who intend in record time a flood the whole earth. They may appear as shapeless amoeba meat and teeth, breeding division or disgusting winged monster, lay eggs in the human body. Consistently one - they multiply very quickly.

This group includes "Aliens" by James Cameron, "Something" by John Carpenter and ... well, our rats.

One pair of rodents for 2-3 years of my life have time to give birth to cubs 6000. It does not take three months, as a new offspring, too, begins to multiply, and so on. And they have not accepted that the younger generation goes to look for a better life in foreign lands. If enough food, they will not move from their seats until the flood the whole city.

In fact, many regions that are saved on the control of pests during the recession, have experienced a real rat baby boom.

5 horrifying facts about rats

to date in the UK rat population is about 80 million, which is 200 percent more than in 2007. And even with all the modern methods of pest control in New York for one person accounts for at least one rat.

3. They are champions in the game of hide and seek

5 horrifying facts about rats

Kinomonstry - master of disguise: they either attack from behind a corner, or manage to go unnoticed in front of everybody. Cthulhu is hiding on the sea floor, Freddy Krueger exists as an abstract concept in the nightmares of his victims and predators can become invisible in the literal sense.

It is understandable - if we could find them in the directory, or to pile them under the door, it would have been a completely different genre.

And everything is written like a rat. This does not mean that finding a rat in your house settled - a difficult task. This means that there may be powerless even a team of trained professionals, armed with the latest technological developments.

We know whereof I speak. A group of scientists, hoping to learn something new about life and movements of rodents, drove one single rat named Rasputin on a lonely island near New Zealand, which until then the rats were not found. Pre-they took a DNA sample of the ward. Then put on a special electronic collar rat, and four weeks studying where the rat sleeps, eats where and what routes moves and stuff like that.

5 horrifying facts about rats

Then they decided for some reason that rat catch.

Despite the pitfalls (there were more than three dozen), arranged in a favorite place of Rasputin, all lures and tricks, despite the efforts of two specially trained and know their job the dogs, anything they did not. To make matters worse, at some point I ceased to do with radio devices attached to the animal, and hope to find a rodent vanished like smoke.

What is surprising - Rasputin still found: after 18 weeks, and absolutely on another island - about half a kilometer away from where he was released. No one knew that rats can swim that far.

They are indestructible 4.

5 horrifying facts about rats

This quality unites many kinomonstrov, especially serials: kill them, kill - and to enter the next part of it again as good as new.

So where does a rat, you ask. Conventional rodents. No hint of immortality. They can be anything, but I consider them invincible - this is too much.


What we know is the surest way to kill a rat? Poison? So. When the rats find food, which is not assured of safety, they first try it - just a little bit. And if you feel like something is wrong, more to this food not touch. They are well aware of our insidious plans, and know how to destroy them.

In addition, we are increasingly faced with a completely new kind of creature that scientists have dubbed "superkrysami mutants", which has little or no venom does not take.

And when even scientists have called their experimental names of characters worthy of a horror movie - it is bad.

5. They yearn for your blood

5 horrifying facts about rats

We got to the last one of the most disgusting kinds of monsters that have only one purpose - to drink your blood. All sorts of zombies, vampires, werewolves and even "Jaws" - the most motivated monsters presented in this article. Because they think you are delicious.

And then the rat is not an exception.

Everyone knows that the rat is not averse to profit carrion. And yet it is believed that they are completely illegible in the food. But it is not so. There's something to what they feed the special weakness - human blood. And if the rat once will taste this "goodies" that will not rest until he gets to it again.

Scientists studying rats 22 years old, say that the most likely to get a bite of the rat to the period between midnight and eight o'clock in the morning, while you are sleeping peacefully in his bed, not knowing that this contagious thing is about clinging to your face. And this is not an exaggeration: the rats often bite the face or hands.

5 horrifying facts about rats

And that you do not have spiders that bite once and all. If the rat bite you once, there is a really good chance that she will want to continue the feast.

And she bites are not necessarily for the sake of self-protection or fear, and not even because hungry.

She just wants your blood. Literally.

In 1945, Professor Karl Richter conducted a study whose purpose was to find out what this attracts rats to humans.

He gave rats access to a large amount of human blood. 24 hours in rodents drank every drop - and that was four times more than usual for them daily volume of food! That's the conclusion of Richter, word for word: "The rats can really develop a strong desire for fresh human blood."