10 facts about the legendary songs

Interesting facts about well-known songs of the past, you did not know possible.

1. Queen "The Show Must Go On"

10 facts about the legendary songs

During the recording of this song in 1990, Freddie Mercury was already so ill that barely moved. Brian May recorded a vocal part for a sample of her singing falsetto, because the tone of the song was too high for his voice. "Fred, I do not know if you can even sing it," - he said Mercury. He said, "I used .. I can, my dear" (I'll f ... ing do it, darling), drank vodka and went and sang it in one take.

2. Iron Maiden "Two Minutes To Midnight"

10 facts about the legendary songs

"Two Minutes to Midnight" - a reference to the "Hours of the Day of Judgment" (Doomsday Clock), the project of the journal "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists" (Bulletin of Atomic Scientists), launched in 1947, the creators of the first atomic bomb. The magazine is published in the University of Chicago. Periodically they publish on the cover image of the clock, the hands which indicate midnight without a few minutes. The smaller left before midnight - the higher (according to the authors, including invited experts and as many as 18 winners of the "Nobel Prize") probability of a global nuclear war.

Who is the "clock" show five minutes (a value set in the year 2007).

Two minutes to midnight on the "Doomsday Clock" was only once, and it was the most terrible moment in their history: in 1953, the Soviet Union and the United States experienced its thermonuclear bombs.

This was the song. On the cover of the single with the age-old mascot Eddie the group sitting in the background of the nuclear "mushroom" can be seen and the Soviet flag.

3. The Doors "Light My Fire"

10 facts about the legendary songs

When The Doors were invited to the famous Ed Sullivan Show, the organizers asked them to replace the line "Girl, we could not get much higher" (Girl, kayfovo be could no longer) a more decent. Morrison promised, but still sang it.

After the speech, he told Sullivan that was nervous and forgot about the promise. However, the group is no longer invited to the show.

4. Led Zeppelin "Stairway to Heaven"

10 facts about the legendary songs

January 23, 1991, the year KLSK FM radio station in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has changed its format to classic rock. DJ John Sebastian decided to commemorate it by playing "Stairs to Heaven" for 24 hours. She sounded more than 200 times, causing hundreds of angry calls and letters.

Twice visited the police: the first time because the listener has decided, as if from DJ heart attack, and the second time (it was just after the Gulf War), because decide if a radio station is captured by terrorists who sent a Led Zeppelin fan of Saddam Hussein. The strange thing is that many people do not switch to another station, determined to find out when it will end.

5. Rolling Stones "Satisfaction"

10 facts about the legendary songs

the fifth of June 1965, the Rolling Stones played for three thousand people in the stadium in Clearwater, Florida. It was the third American tour group. According to the newspaper St. Petersburg Times, published the next day, 200 young fans came to blows with the police guarding the concert. By the time the band managed to play all four songs. That night Keith Richards woke up with a guitar riff in my head and stitching "Can not get no satisfaction". He wrote it on a portable tape recorder and went to bed. That same week, he brought to the studio recording. On the tape was a guitar riff, followed by the sound of snoring.

6. Pink Floyd "Another Brick In The Wall"

10 facts about the legendary songs

The school choir for the song found in the nearest school to the studio (in London, Islington area). Sang 23 children from 13 to 15. Singing was imposed twelve times that created a sense of where the larger choir.

After the release of records scandal. Because, firstly, the children were not paid. Secondly, on the subject of the song I was not happy with the school management.

7. Deep Purple "Smoke on The Water"

10 facts about the legendary songs

The song describes real events: the group was going to be recorded in the casino city of Montreux (Switzerland), which was located on the shore of Lake Geneva. After Kontserev Frank Zappa someone accidentally set fire to the room, having fun with alarm pistol (flare gun). As a result, the premises burnt down and the band had to look for a new recording room.

The lyrics describe the fire and the ensuing suffering from disc recording: the group moved into the theater space "Pavilion", but the sound of rehearsals prevented local residents. Recording only managed to finish in the room unoccupied and unheated "Grand Hotel".

One of these days, Roger Glover (bass-guitarist Deep Popl) woke up, speaking the phrase "Smoke on the Water": obviously he dreamed of a recent fire and smoke picture, stele above Lake Geneva. The phrase entered the chorus of the song, and became its name.

8. The Shocking Blue "Venus"

10 facts about the legendary songs

At the time of execution of this song the lead singer of Mariska Veres did not know the English language: it is to memorize lyrics as a collection of sounds and sang it that way, hence the "shisgara" (she's got it).

Literally the second word the soloist says wrong: she sings godness instead goddess (goddess). Word came in everyday slang English. Dictionary "English City" (Urban Dictionary) indicates the origin of the word is mentioned, and explains the meaning of a word godness as "very beautiful, perfect woman."

9. AC / DC "Back in Black"

10 facts about the legendary songs

The company Gibson Guitar Corporation, manufacturer of the most legendary guitar "Gibson" in 2010, has published on its website a list of the ten best guitar riffs 80s. The first place it took the riff from Back in Black.

10. John Lennon "Imagine"

10 facts about the legendary songs

Since 2006 Imagine sounds in the last minutes of leaving the "old", at Times Square in New York City.