"Barge Haulers on the Volga

• "Boatmen" on the Volga

Photo report about the shooting of a future transmission "Galileo". transfer the plot was as follows: athletes involved in powerlifting will try to repeat that depicted in his painting "Barge Haulers on the Volga" artist Ilya Repin, created in 1870-1873, respectively.

Although the boatmen in the picture 11, triathletes were 8 (some of them will go for two), or 7, 5, because one of them is my aunt.

Initially, the athletes shooting in one of the halls of Tushino, where they have demonstrated their abilities in weightlifting, and generally introduced with the concept of weightlifting or power lifting.

The owner of the hall and one of the "Boatmen".

One of the "boatmen" that something is discussing with leading television.

All athletes in the photo have a rank at least the master of sports, some champions of Russia, Europe and the world, and the girl a couple of months ago, Russia has set a record in the bench press bar laying.

Go to the most interesting part of the filming. The shooting took place on the river Volga Kimry.

Arrival in Kimry. It Predportovaya (or whatever it's called) platform.

There we were met by evil uncle-watchman and at first did not want to start up, even though the agreement was at the highest level. Apparently he wanted to show who's boss.

White Volkswagen cars - a CTC machine, they brought all the heavyweights and their support group (in the photo are not all visible - will not wake up some more in the car).

Some "haulers" a little closer ..

This is the place from which sprang evil uncle - his picture there, because the camera refused to take it off :)

"We came today to the port, we are today in the port ... We stand open-mouthed ..."

The only "Burlachkov".

So, winning an unequal battle with the evil uncle, we finally went to the port. The way to the pier. As you can see, the state of our navigation right now - not a fountain ...

This is how ...

berth and there is something worth rusty. I do not know whether or not it goes.

The footbridge leading from the shore to dock. Sagged dangerously under our boatmen.

As a person who had never been on a ship, everything seemed fine and good.

The hatch in the engine room.

Bottom. And by the way, is a tow.

Let us move away from the dock. Frankly, was quite noticeable the moment of "waste". Just at some point, it became clear - this is it! Let us swim!

to sail further. Of course, the pictures do not convey all the beauty.

The guys from the crew. Beautiful people!

In the background stands Main Zadumschik and holds a jacket with the words "Galileo" on the back.

Even some large floating piece.

View our tug from below. At the top stands another comrade with STS.

And here is the engine room in all its glory, and not just any there hatches!

pricked Towelie neatly hung out to dry.

"Boatmen" acquainted with the barge size.

By the way, at first there was an agreement on the draft of the barge only, but then it happened that had to pull and tug.

By the way, the displacement of the barge - 700 tons, tug - 400-500 ..

barge nose.

What are these letters? ..

A bit of seagulls to give romance post.

A little Burlachkov, to give beauty post.

A little bell to give the post of sonority.

In general, this whole damn should drag 8 (or 7, 5 to sexist and a misogynist).

has started distribution of elephants, tow rope that is.

Main haulers. And that will give a major impetus to the barge with a towboat. The main burden will fall on them.

Went heated discussion - how to properly to harness to the cable.

First, we decide that it is necessary to fully simulate the boatmen in the picture, but try once realized that it was not very comfortable and decided to stay on a rope over his shoulder. Rope hitched to the rope at intervals of about 1, 5 meter.

All gathered and waiting when the tugboat with a barge drive off away from the shallows.

And a fig stranded. Guys are trying to withdraw from the port barge with sand.

Finally, everything is ready and set off haulers! Iiii TOOK !!!

The main hauler (by the way, and most heavy) pulls this crap hells. And it's true hells.

Feet sink into the sand below the ankle ..

the water resistance prevents to go and barge with tug resistance downright rips leg from the pelvis.

And the bastards from the tug still yelling in megaphone antics like: "Come on, lean not sleep Hey there, on the beach!!!"

We did it! Do you doubt?

40 meters per minute.

Boatmen satisfied thrown off the yoke and try to pour the sand out of my shoes, pants, and some even from the, excuse me, bra.

Frankly, it was very hard. The main impulse to ask the most big guys and the rest asked stable traction.

Photo report on this transfer must come out before the end of August this year.