5 most cowardly acts committed in a critical situation

We all know and remember the heroes who saved the lives of others, forgetting about her. But the history of cowards and scoundrels are sometimes no less instructive ...

1. We're sinking! Quick, lock the passengers!

5 most cowardly acts committed in a critical situation

In the ocean, it would seem, and now is not so closely to the ships faced each other how much in vain. To say nothing of the XIX century. However, one night in 1848, during a small storm, the command of a passenger ship "Anne" still has managed to crash into another ship - it was called the "Hampton". In this Hampton was more or less normal, but Anne promptly sank.

On board the sinking Anne were more than 100 passengers, peacefully rest in their cabins. We had to make a decision. And then a sinking ship's crew realized that the lifeboat at all will not suffice. In general, anyone not enough. Because on board any boat Anne was not at all. Salvation was possible only after moving to the second vessel affected.

And the team Anne had a quick word, took the only possible in this situation, in their view, a decision they nailed hatches holds passengers to their whining in the face of imminent death did not prevent the gallant team to save their skins.

But this story is, oddly enough, turned out to be a good end. Passengers managed to escape from his alleged "grave". They all picked up a miracle to be in these places of the ship - the third in this story.

Once in the safety of the passengers gladly gave in court testimony against them doomed to certain death team.

2. This is just an earthquake, children ...

5 most cowardly acts committed in a critical situation

Being a teacher - a great responsibility. Everyone knows about it. I knew about it and the teacher of the Chinese province of Sichuan on behalf of Fan Mezong. So when an earthquake (meaning events of May 12, 2008), he did what he should have. He said to his disciples: "Keep calm. This is an earthquake. " Perhaps the words of the teacher to take effect, if not one small detail: in the time of their utterance, he ran out of the audience. Do not look back.

So, without stopping Mezong reached the middle school football field. And there is only slowed down, realizing that doing something wrong. China, of course, is not particularly encouraging its citizens to have children, but also throw them, too, as it is not accepted in a dangerous situation on their own. Especially if the care of children - is your direct responsibility.

To honor Fana must be said that when it came time to explain his action, he did not play up and get out, and said with all sincerity: "I have a very developed survival instinct. I've never been a daredevil, and I, in principle, does not care at all. " Honesty is for the teacher also, of course, a valuable quality, but the work of Fan Mezong still lost.

3. The plane let on as something myself. And I'm here to molt

One day in July 1989, NATO radar installation operators have recorded a Russian fighter jet approaching the border between East and West Germany. After a couple of minutes in the air up two fighter-interceptor US Air Force squadron based in the Netherlands. Even a few minutes later the pilot reported that the Russian MiG-23 cuts through the air space ... without a pilot. The situation was catastrophic - not because poltergeists have learned to manage the aircraft, but because this huge piece of metal, stuffed with weapons, sooner or later, was bound to fall to the ground, and the bottom was Belgium and the space on the whole route were quite densely populated.

It happened like this: fighter pilot Colonel Nikolai Skuridin lifted my car up in the air from a military airfield Pomeranian Red Regiment. The aircraft was in full combat readiness. After about a minute after takeoff Skuridin recorded a decrease in engine speed and cotton in the left air intake. The plane began to decline. Skuridin decided that the engine explosion occurred and, without thinking twice, ejected.

Later, when the recorders have been found, it appeared that a plane had everything in order. Six minutes after the bailout, he again began to climb until it reached position 12 kilometers. Sound, which so frightened pilot, was just a small glitch works afterburner - nothing serious.

MiG continued automatic flight until it ran out of fuel - in the end he fell on a residential building on the border of Belgium and France. One person was killed.

4. mosey! Others save iceberg

Titanic - the ship is not the only one who has suffered from a meeting with an iceberg. In 1849, a ship with a beautiful name "Hannah" is sent to Quebec, suffered a similar fate.

Hannah quickly plunged into the water, on board - 200 passengers, and, as usual, lifeboats lacked. Rather there was only one, small. Realizing the hopelessness of the situation, the captain of the team jumped into the only rescue vehicle and were as follows. Unfortunately, passengers Hannah fared far less than the passengers of the aforementioned Anne - no other ships in the area were observed. The only hope for salvation, ironically, turned out to be ... the same iceberg, which was responsible for the death of their ship.

Passengers moved to the block of ice, sat tight-tight waited for the miraculous rescue. And it came - after a few hours of being picked up by a ship sails past. After all the mishaps passengers found themselves in the same port, which later brought them cowardly and team - the last to hang out in the ocean for two days. It is difficult even to imagine how "warm" had this meeting.

5. The boat is no place for the passengers! I do not throw I my bags!

In July 1880 Jeddah steamer with Muslim pilgrims on board was heading in the direction of Mecca. It was a modern vessel with four roomy lifeboats. So that if anything could save everything. It would seem. But…

The third in early August storm, but so strong that the ship's boilers jumped up. This meant that to move the ship could no longer, and it ceaselessly rolling a giant steel cylinders. On top of that there was a small leak and the ship slowly began to sink.

Despite the fact that 900 pilgrims tirelessly pumped water, the situation was more than serious. The captain decided to prepare the boat. And suddenly it became clear that there is enough space only for the team, with all its household and belongings. The next morning the captain ordered to lower the boats. But only managed to leave the captain. Two other boats of angry pilgrims repulsed and left on the board, a fourth dropped into the water without passengers.

On the way, the captain, confident that everyone else is already resting on the ocean floor, came up with the story of the sunken ship and the pilgrims, all of a sudden turned into a gang of brutal murderers.

A few days later the captain and his family picked Scindia steamship, and he was able to tell his story in colors and paints. And when, on August 10th Scindia reached the nearest port, the captain got a big embarrassment - at the port was abandoned by them ship that turned out to be dragged in tow vessel called "Antenor".

At trial, the whole team tried to stick to the version of Captain, but nothing they did not.