How to escape from the heat - tips from the inhabitants of tropical countries

The sun's rays do not respect national differences and where to get, and there are baked on all without discrimination. Someone, of course, gets especially. Living the "someone" for many thousands of kilometers away from us, but we got them there. Because very well want to know how they have learned to cope with the scorching rays of the star.

For example, in Myanmar used as protection filings in India - mango. In China, eating jelly Tea in Italy insects distilled water with coins, and in Brazil quench thirst with coconut juice.


How to escape from the heat - tips from the inhabitants of tropical countries

Marco Perez, of Salvador, Brazil:

- We have only two features. The first - our "brand" alcoholic refreshing cocktail caipirinha. For him, we take 1 lime, 1-2 teaspoons of cane sugar, to taste the ice and 50 ml of rum, the national Brazilian strong drink (something like vodka). Lime slices cut, grind in a glass of sugar, add ice and stir. This cocktail - a business card of Brazil and King of all the hot parties.

The second feature - a cool coconut juice straight from the nut of the tube. You should have seen this in the series.

Doctor commented:

- Coconut Milk good thirst quencher, but only if it is not sugary, not too sweet. Ice does not hurt here. Coconut juice can be frozen at all and get out of the thermos icicles ... It was nice to just do it in a very Brazilian!


How to escape from the heat - tips from the inhabitants of tropical countries

Myint Naing, city of Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma):

- The Burmese have added a few tweaks and everywhere seedlings with broad leaves, under which in the most unbearable sun can always hide.

And our hallmark - homemade cosmetics tanathar. We grow a tree - Tanaka. We take sawdust, rub them in the dust and moisten with water to a paste. Apply it on the face, and it freezes on the skin. But it does not contract it, and soothes and cools. And, most importantly, it protects from the sun and drying, and also very good smell. Men rarely use this makeup, mostly - women and children. We sell these chips everywhere, can bring the sample to someone as a gift. Biologist commented:

- In powder, sawdust Tanaka has antibacterial bioactive substances and persistent oils with a delicate aroma. Paste this powder provides the perfect balance of fat and moisture of the skin. And cures pimples and acne and is used as a flavoring. Only use this for all trees at least 35 years.


How to escape from the heat - tips from the inhabitants of tropical countries

Elizabeth Goldenberg, of Rishon Le-Zion, Israel:

- If you move to Israel and have a permanent doctor appears, then the first advice that he gives - to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. In Israel, dehydration - the most common cause of headaches. In the army, if you have a headache, are literally forced to drink a lot of water.

We also have a national drink - Limonaev caddis. It is sold at every step. It is necessary to take two yellow lemon, mint stem 2, whole yellow lemon rind, 0, 5 cups of sugar, 0, 5 cup lemon syrup, 1, 5 liters of cold water, a few ice cubes, freshly squeezed orange juice. Peeled lemons and all the other ingredients you need to mix in a blender. The amount of sugar and lemons can be changed according to taste. The consistency of all it must be something of a slurry.

Doctor commented:

- The more ice the better. Instead, you can use lemon balm mint - from it is less heartburn in susceptible people to her.


How to escape from the heat - tips from the inhabitants of tropical countries

Girish Munzhal, New Delhi, India:

- In the heat we wear cotton shirts and dresses with long sleeves. Woman walking with umbrellas or cover his head c / b handkerchief exclusively white. When men do, especially in the villages, it looks ridiculous, of course. But what to do, hide somehow it!

In the heat in Delhi metro is better not to go. Although there is air conditioning everywhere, but everything is so clogged that the blood pressure rises. I'd rather walk. Of food from the heat in the first place saves mango. In all kinds and in all the dishes. In Indian homes, for example, a home superpopulyaren refreshing mango shake. For it is necessary to take one unripe (this is important!), Mango, 1 cup unsweetened natural yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and 0, 5 tsp cardamom seeds. Mango cut into cubes and rushes with the rest in a blender. That's all! Very refreshing, we drink it all and everywhere.

Doctor commented:

- cocktail with mango recipe is ideal for those countries where the heat is accompanied by high humidity. Here it and asks the same ice cubes.


How to escape from the heat - tips from the inhabitants of tropical countries

Simon Moronchini about. Sicily, Italy:

- We, the residents of the south, from early childhood know that from 11 to 16 hours to appear on the street can not. In the summer we eat more fish than meat.

Due to the high humidity we have a lot of mosquitoes. Therefore, all put on the window glass with water and throw back a coin (1 euro cent, or 5). Metal is oxidized, and evaporation create deters mosquitoes for the environment.

Oh, and another thing: you can be sure that in every Italian home meet Aloe - juice it saves us from sunburn.

Biologist commented:

- In case of burns make good use of aloe arborescens. Its juice is easily and penetrates deep into the skin, restores the metabolism, stimulates the regeneration of cells, reduces inflammation and irritation, cleanses and opens the pores, moisturizes and tightens the skin.

Home aloe juice is obtained as follows: cut the lower and middle leaves of aloe over 5 years old, carefully washed with boiled water, cut into small pieces to 0, 2-0, 3 mm, is wrapped in cheesecloth and squeeze by hand or in a juicer.

Juice loses properties within a few hours after cooking, so it should be done only when necessary. But it can be frozen to preserve or alcohol (mixed in a ratio of 8: 2) and store in the refrigerator. For the treatment of sunburn should be twice a day for 3 hours to make compresses of juice diluted in half with water. Or lubricate the burn fresh juice.


Zhang Xiaoyu, Wuhan City, China:

- We do not forget about our traditional fan, carry with them all the time. Sunburn we still considered the "privilege" of the working class, so the richer ladies walking around with umbrellas. And in the hot season, all shops simply swamped with sunscreen, even tones make a high level of protection from ultraviolet radiation (50 SPF).

And the most important thing for us - to drink green tea liters. We always sell special glasses Containers for him to get around everywhere. Almost all cafes water is supplied free of ice, which constantly attentive waiters pour. In the heat eat sorbet instead of ice cream and refreshing desserts jelly (from green tea, too).

Doctor commented:

- cold and warm green tea perfectly quench thirst and high humidity, and air dry.