10 most famous animal artists

Elephants, chimpanzees, dogs and other creators that do not belong to the human race, can earn thousands of dollars of his paintings.

Painting, our smaller brethren, are in great demand. Collectors give them hundreds of thousands of dollars, large galleries willingly spend large-scale exhibitions and Bobby Van Gogh Meow.

The following 10 artists who have to hold the brush is not in your hand, and leg or teeth.

Congo Chimpanzee

The cost of painting: $ 900-8500

10 most famous animal artists

Chimpanzee Congo - perhaps the most famous artist of the animal world. In 2005 at Bonhams auction three of his paintings were sold for a total of £ 14 400. Although this triumph of the Congo itself is not found - he died of tuberculosis at the age of 10 in 1964 - it has found fame during his lifetime. Among the fans of the talented artists chimpanzees were Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.

Creative abilities of the Congo found British zoologist Desmond Morris. He first proposed the chimpanzee pencil and sheet of paper. It soon turned out that the Congo is able to draw a circle and even has the basics of composition. With the colors of the Congo became friends at once: at first he just sprayed them on paper. However, two years later, enhanced training, he learned how to hold a brush and mix colors. Congo drew exclusively within the canvas, without stepping beyond it. He seemed to be keenly aware of when you need to make the last touch and the finish work on the next picture.

The first exhibition was held in Congo in 1957 and caused a great public outcry. During his lifetime, the chimpanzee has created more than 400 paintings and drawings, and in recent years he had become addicted to painting that could make a real tantrum when Morris was carrying a brush and paint.

Asian elephants (Thailand)

The cost of painting: $ 200-12000

10 most famous animal artists

The project for the development of creativity and the protection of Asian elephants (AEACP, The Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project) was launched in the late 1990s. In its origins was a creative group "Komar and Melamid" (Komar & Melamid). American artists of Russian origin, Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid developed a unique painting elephants education system and went to Thailand to give the animals a new job, was out of work after the introduction of restrictions on deforestation. AEACP expanded rapidly: today its divisions exist not only in Thailand but also in Indonesia and Cambodia, as well as in Sri Lanka. Elephants live in large camps, as a rule, in the forest or in close proximity thereto. They prefer different styles of painting: one creates abstract paintings, one can fairly reliably depict a tree or a bunch of flowers, and some of the strength to write a self-portrait. Animal output even in the open air and are taught to draw from nature. Works elephants artists can be purchased through the official website of the project. Along with a picture of the buyer receives a certificate of authenticity and biographical information about the author of the work.

Ocelot Pedfut

10 most famous animal artists

Pedfut - a favorite of visitors to the city of Phoenix Zoo, Arizona. Inhabitant of the tropical forests of Latin America, the ocelot is considered a rare species, and not every zoo can boast of such an exhibit. A Pedfut unique double: he also has the talent of the painter, who ministers opened it in 2004. Then this cat just went to the zoo and often missed. To entertain him, rangers decided to nail to the wall of the enclosure canvas and make it a few strokes of paint. Ocelot soon became interested in the canvas and began rubbing against his neck, head, and then the whole body. This technique among artists cats - rare: they usually use the front paws.

It is believed that domestic cats are more prone to painting than wild. Some people believe that this phenomenon originated in Ancient Egypt: in the 90 years of the twentieth century burial was allegedly found, which contained the papyrus with prints of cat paws. In 1994 he even published a book titled "Why cats paint?" Its authors told with humor that encourages pets to paint, describe the basic techniques and genres that they prefer. The book also contains brief biographies of the artists, purring. Pedfuta not among them, but that does not prevent him to please fans with new masterpieces and sell them at online auctions.

Choya Mustang

The cost of painting: $ 000 900-10

10 most famous animal artists

Choya Mustang received its name in honor of one of the varieties of cactus. On his own ranch cowboy methods we trained hard, and when Choya bought dancer Renee Chambers, he was severely injured both physically and psychologically. Rene few years won the trust of the Mustang, and eventually he started walking on her heels.

April 29, 2004 Rene painted fence Choyya as he was always there. The woman suddenly remembered that her pet likes to take in the mouth different objects. She decided to see what would happen if one of these items will brush. Rene nailed to the fence sheet of paper, dipped the brush in the paint and held it to the muzzle Choyi. Thus began a career mustang artist whose work has been exhibited and were acquired by collectors in America and far beyond its borders. Painting was for Choyi not only main hobby, but also a kind of therapy: the horse has fully recovered from the effects of ill-treatment. Moreover, according to the Italian scientist Danilo Mainardi, Choya creates his paintings, not because he taught it, and quite spontaneously.

Koopa Troopa

The cost of painting: $ 125-200

10 most famous animal artists

The owner of the turtle named Koopa - an eccentric artist from the US Kira Ayn Varzedzhi who writes his pictures of naked breasts. One day it occurred to her to attach to the work of your pet, and for a few months out of the ordinary land turtle Koopa turned into a world-famous artist. Each of the 50 states of America have at least one picture Kupa, leaving his work in Canada and Australia, Germany and the UK, Italy and the Netherlands, Belgium and Bahrain. Part of the proceeds from their sale, was handed over to organizations that are engaged in saving turtles.

Coupe helped draw hostess. Kira Ein Varzedzhi squeezed from a tube onto a sheet of paper dense ink that creeping Coop abdomen smeared. Thus he created the original fabric, which may well be attributed to the school of abstract expressionism, and Cyrus invented for them sonorous name - "Energy", "Symphony", "Lost in Translation." For 5 years Coop "written" more than 800 paintings: the creation of each of them he took an average of about 20 minutes.

Chimpanzees Chita

The cost of painting: from $ 135

10 most famous animal artists

Age Cheats - the oldest chimp in the world - has already passed for 75 years. It is old, but not old in spite of the "female" name, Chita - male. At first it was called Dzhiggzom and "female," a nickname he received after in 1930-1940-has played in several films of Tarzan of his faithful friend - a monkey Chita. Long acting career of Chita ended in 1967. After retiring on pension, a chimpanzee found refuge in a villa Dan Vestafalya in Palm Springs (CA) - a kind of a nursing home for the primates, which in the past were the stars of show business. Keep this private reserve Vestafalyu help revenues from sales of pictures of Chita and his grandson Jeter. Chita Works exhibited in the National Museum in London, and it was released in 2008. "avtorbiografiya" called "I read." The name of the author on the cover was not indicated: Chita guardians jokingly say that such a talented monkey could easily cope with the writing of the book alone.

During his long life Chita had become addicted not only to draw, but also hamburgers and Coke, and smoking cigars. Several years ago the eminent primate found diabetes, and now Dan Westphal keeps him on a strict diet.

dolphin Argasi, Gabija and Gloria

The cost of painting: $ 40-3000

10 most famous animal artists

Dolphins are among the most intellectually developed representatives of mammals family. Many of them are prone to creative activity, so the dolphins-artists - is not uncommon, and some achieve great success on the beautiful field. Such as the bottlenose dolphin Argasi, Gabija and Gloria - the inhabitants of the Dolphinarium at Lithuanian Sea Museum in Klaipeda.

Dolphins coach helps draw: he holds a sheet of paper on a solid substrate and the palette. But choosing the paint color dolphins themselves. Holding in teeth a brush, they put her chaotic strokes. Each artist has a special technique, and the viewer can easily recognize, whose authorship belongs to one or another picture. Argasi, leader of the pack, prefer bright colors and writes broad, confident strokes. Figures Gloria - airy and graceful, and paintings Gabii different special skill and agility. Dolphin trio works were presented at the "Message of Water" exhibition, which was held in 2010 at the Museum of World Ocean in Kaliningrad, and has them periodically put up for sale as part of charity auctions. Apart from Klaipeda, dolphins-artists can be found in dolphinariums Ufa and Gurzuf and dolphin island Key Largo (California) offers visitors even for $ 125 to participate in a session of painting.

Jack Russell Terrier Tillamook Cheddar

The cost of painting: $ 1000-2150

10 most famous animal artists

Jack Russell Terrier Tillamook Cheddar, or simply Tilley, may well compete with a two-legged artists. On account of Tilly - 20 solo exhibitions in the US and Europe. It repeatedly became a popular TV show, and of her articles have appeared in the pages of such prestigious publications like Esquire and The Guardian. In 2006 even out a biographical book, which was described by Tilley creative way. Its author - the writer F. Bowman Hastie III, to the part-owner of Tilly. He himself, however, prefers to call himself not the master, and assistant. Without Tilley assistant does not do: the masterpieces she "writes" on special canvas. To prepare a canvas must be secured to a sheet of copy paper watercolor paper and wrap the workpiece protective film. The protective film is required to Tilly has not destroyed in the process of creating a picture: it does not use brushes - only claws and teeth. Dog bites and scratches the upper layer preform - carbon paper, leaving imprints on the lower layer - watercolor paper. Thus Tilley creates something like lithographs, the cost can reach several thousand dollars.

In 2005, the artist quadrupedal whelp, but none of the six offspring did not inherit her talent. Bowman Hastie also claims that most Tilly craving for painting woke up as early as six months of age.

Boar Smithfield

The cost of painting: $ 50-150

10 most famous animal artists

In his native Richmond (VA) Smithfield boar given the nickname Pig-casso - from the English "pig" and Picasso's family. Hostess grunting painter Fran Martin quickly managed to teach a pig to keep inquisitive mouth brush and drive it across the paper. Martin says that the favorite color of her pet - blue: he often chooses a brush with blue paint it (scientists, however, argue that the pigs do not distinguish colors). Capable boar quickly managed to gain popularity in the country. Smithfield was often the guest of honor at major trade fairs and various charity events, it even invited to the Oprah Winfrey show. Fran Martin prudently Smithfield taught to smile and pose for the camera. Animal willingly speaks to the audience and enjoying the limelight. In 2003, Smithfield was diagnosed with nose cancer - or, in his case, the cancer Piglet. The artist had to go through chemotherapy and several operations. The disease was able to win, and now Fran Martin jokingly compares his pet to Vincent Van Gogh: the lost of the ear, and Smithfield - part of the snout.

Aardvark Stewie

The cost of painting: not sold

10 most famous animal artists

A resident of Oregon Angela Goodwin took the anteater Stewie from a shelter for abandoned animals. In her house by the time he lived another anteater - a female named Pua. In contrast to Stewie, who was born in Florida, Pua came to America from Guyana.

Stewie quickly made himself at home in the new location: began to open cupboards and tables, to climb into a drawer and ride on the refrigerator door. Angela trained anteater simple trick: to stand and walk on their hind legs, waving in front of farewell, kissing and even eat with a spoon. Following spoon Stewie took the clutches of the brush. Then Angela Goodwin wrote in her blog: "I very much hope that he will enjoy the pleasure of drawing. It is necessary that he began to use his intelligence to something other than pranks. "

Compared with pictures of other animals-artists work Stewie looks amateurish. We can not, however, exclude the possibility that could be developed over time, talent anteater. Stewie fans that could not be found: in 2008 Stewie died of autoimmune diseases.