The dark side of Steve Jobs

From Steve Jobs US media made a real icon of IT-a kind of unattainable ideal human-seeker, creative guru, the great visionary and successful businessman and innovator in one bottle.

The dark side of Steve Jobs

In fact, of course, the real Steve was far from all of these epithets (at least most) - It was in many ways an ordinary person, however, with his eccentricities. As one of his close friends: "The real secret lies in the fact that success is guaranteed not to come to the clever and quick-witted, and a preoccupation with obsessions psychopaths."

Below is the translation of some passages Steve Jobs biography, published in the US in October 2011. Written by a former editor of "Time" by Walter Isaacson 600-page work is based on more than 40 interviews with the author's own Jobs, as well as many interviews with his family, friends and colleagues - again, exclusively on real facts.

Isaacson followed the advice of his wife's head of Apple, and did not conceal the unpleasant aspects of life and personality traits Jobs. And although we do not talk bad about the dead, break this unspoken tradition - so the memory of Steve Jobs, a man ...

About Furniture

From the memoirs of his wife.

"Jobs has always been difficult to arrange their own housing. Still a bachelor, he lived in a house with a mattress, a table and a couple of chairs. And even when he had a family, little has changed. He strove for perfection in everything, and to perfection takes time. "Eight years, we discussed our future furniture in theory - tells his wife Lauren Powell Jobs. - For example, Steve a long time wondering why you need a bed "?

About compromises

Jobs found out that the European washing machines use less detergent and water, and softer than their American counterparts, cleaned of contamination. But their washing cycle is twice as long.

Jobs himself said: "We discussed with the family, we can go for a compromise. What is more important: clean sheets in just one hour and a half instead of, or nice clothes to the body, which will last longer? Does it matter how much water we use at the same time? We've talked about it every night for dinner for two weeks. "

About the complex nature of the

"He had an uncanny ability to determine your weak spot, to understand how you can be humiliating," - says one of his friends at work.

Jobs has refused to recognize his own daughter, are often held in the parking places for the disabled, he yelled at subordinates, and cried like a baby, if something did not work. Remember it furiously signaled policeman hesitated to extract fines for exceeding, then chased with the same speed.

The restaurant he could change did not like the dish three times.

But once in the room New York hotel is ten o'clock in the evening it suddenly occurred to me that the piano is standing in a room in the wrong place and it urgently needs to move, local strawberries good for nothing, and the colors are not the ones he demanded calla . And when at midnight, all his quirks finally completed, and breathless aide brought him the desired color, he finally stated that her suit "disgusting."

About perfectionism

"Machine tools and machines in his factory were painted and repainted many times, until he fanatically chosen color scheme - Isaacson writes about the launch of the production company named NeXT, Jobs created in the late 1980s. - As a result, there were snow-white, as in a museum, the walls, black leather seats for $ 20 thousand and custom doroguschy unique staircase.. He insisted that the equipment on the iPhone assembly line length of 165 feet set the unnatural way for collectors, but by any visitors to the factory was now conveniently observe the PCB process. "

And even at the end of his life, while in the hospital, he revised 67 nurses before choosing three favorite, which allowed to care for themselves before dying. And when the pulmonologist tried to put Jobs under the influence of a strong sedative, mask, he tore it angrily and muttered thickly that he does not like its design, and asked for five other options masks to choose the most successful.

About borrowing

Steve Jobs Isaacson's interpretation - not so much the great inventor and visionary, and talented proofreader, who was able to bring to perfection created by other people.

Thus, the characteristic features of the Macintosh, the mouse and the icons on the screen, Jobs engineers borrowed from Xerox PARC, where they went on a visit in 1979. The digital players came on the market in 1996, five years before the advent of the iPod, but, according to Steve, We were "suck."

From smart phones to sell back in the 1990s, "sick as well as on the players' - the iPhone was introduced in 2007.

iPad idea at all belonged to the engineer of Microsoft, whose wife was a friend of Jobs. "This guy just got to me - Steve said. - He said that Microsoft is going to change the world by destroying their laptops tablet, and Apple simply has to get a license for Microsoft software. But they did everything wrong. Their unit was with a stylus, which is death. And when the man from the Microsoft, with whom I had to constantly interfere in the social circle, started this conversation, probably, for the twentieth time, I was so angry that when he returned home, he decided, "Fuck all of them! I'll show them how to be a real tablet. " And even within your own company, Jobs often borrowed ideas. Jonathan Ive, Apple designer who developed the iMac, iPod and iPhone related how Jobs often attributed to himself his ideas by selecting the best of several.

About Creative

Jobs clearly sensed that it will be successful, but not always imagined what it might be. Once he said copywriter James Vincent that his texts for the iPad advertising - "sucks."

"What do you want? You do not say what you need "- he began to argue. What Jobs has just exploded. They shouted at each other, until Vincent asked: "You have to say what you want." "That you have to show and I understand that this" it "when I see it!" - angrily retorted Jobs.

"Understand that when I see it" - his credo. Jobs could satisfy only the absolute perfection.

He did not like the headlines in the first command line the Macintosh, and it has forced software developers to come up with one option after another, only about twenty. When they get it started slowly and they argued that they have better things to do, Jobs cried because that was heard throughout the floor: "Can you imagine what to look at this misery every day! This is not just a breeze! This is what we need to do perfectly well. "

About the Google

Jobs himself did not like to speak of another source of inspiration. Isakson says that in the worst state of mind he had seen Jobs in the day when phones started selling Android-based touch screen. Jobs found them a copy of the iPhone and sued the developer of the operating system - Google.

According to the head of Apple, Steve initial draft of the claim referred to them in the legal department of the company at the end of the day, he looked so: "Google Hell, you all stole from the iPhone. Until his last breath, until the last penny out of $ 40 billion. Apple's accounts, I'll fight for you to be punished. I will start a nuclear war, if necessary. I will destroy Android, because you, the devil stole it ... "

About Bill Gates

Similarly, Jobs responded to Windows in the 1980s. the same graphical user interface has been used in the operating system, and Macintosh. Furious Jobs called Gates from Seattle to Silicon Valley, and that's how to describe their communication Isaacson:

"They met in the conference room, which was attended by a dozen Apple employees who wanted to see how the boss attacks Gates. Jobs did not disappoint his army. "You robbed us! - he shouted. - I trusted you, and now you have steal "Gates quietly looked at Steve Jobs - all knew perfectly well where actually picked interface:" Well, Steve, I think that what is happening can be viewed differently. The situation is rather like this - you and I have had a rich neighbor named the Xerox, and when I climbed into his house to steal the TV, found that you - have stolen it! ".

The structure of the Apple software has always been a taboo subject. Jobs did not want in your iPhone, iPod or iPad someone poking his nose. According to Jobs, his creations were perfect, and mere mortals should not have their ports.

The new office, he forbade Apple designers to do the windows open, even though the heat was excellent. Jobs do not think that the common people should be given the opportunity to discover something - else they can all break down, he thought.

Sverhzakrytaya architecture Apple iOS - it's flowers, compared to the same time, how hard conservative rules had to live his subordinates.

Another look at the life of

In fact, Steve Jobs is not so unique. The question is, who will be able to catch barely nascent fashion and have time to ride it on a full-wave-heaving trend. For example, right now in the streets of New York City just a squall fashion fashioned and fairly uncomfortable retro handset for mobile phones (primarily for the iPhone) under the Chinese name moshi moshi, which would seem to contradict all the highest aesthetic views Steve - but their sales Now in New York, just a rod with great force!

I would like to finish the recognition that Steve, of course, is great, and it is great to shake the entire global electronic industry, as it were, in many ways it does not include many people.